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I Love Fridays !

Posted by Susan on August 8, 2009

I am the happiest human being on the face of the earth come Friday at 3:30 pm ! I came home from work and Matt and I went to BJ’s Whole Sale and did some shopping. We just got the membership so we were pretty much just feeling the place out, and seeing what they had. I found a ton of great stuff I will be buying in the future !

Then we went over to Big Lot’s where I made a killing on healthy breakfast options for CHEAP ! I bought Fiber One Cereal , Zoe’s Granola, Kashi Granola, all to add to my oatmeal. Cereal, especially healthy stuff is really expensive ! When I get it for $2.00 a box I feel like I’ve really made a major score. We didn’t make it home till almost 8:30 pm , and I finally had dinner just a few minutes ago.

I had an Annie’s Organic Burrito , my favorite Friday night treat. Right now I am stuffed and ready for a shower and to watch some of the shows I DVR’ed during the week, and catch up on some blog reading before hitting the sack !

Tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful day! ( that makes 3 days in a row !) The plan is regular food shopping in the morning , then out to breakfast. After that I am heading down to the beach again with my Favorite 8 yr. Old ! I have to fit in as much sun and lake time as I can before the summer is over.

The last week of the month I have a 4 day weekend scheduled. (Fri. , Sat. , Sun. , and Mon. ) By then all the kids in the neighborhood will be back at school. The kids in my town go back to school August 26th. I plan on ending the summer with a four day beach weekend , weather permitting that is !

For the first time in too many years to remember, I will be sad to see the summer come to an end. This is the first summer I didn’t have to walk around trying to cover up fat and stay cool. The first summer I felt confident enough to wear a bathing suit in public. The first summer that I didn’t have to agonize over what I would wear to social functions. It felt so liberating ! I hate having limits set on myself, and especially limits that I set on myself.

The summer has opened so many new doors for me !We began hiking again, I got a bike and we started doing that on weekends. I participated more socially than I ever have before. I really feel like I’ve broken out of a shell.

Weight loss is so much more than numbers slowly lowering on the scale. It gives you the satisfaction of knowing you can do whatever you set your mind to. It gives you a different outlook on who you are. It even gives you the freedom to accept yourself as you are , and make the most of what you have.

I can honestly say this has been one of the best summers of my life, as far as personal satisfaction goes. I feel like I am ready to make more changes in my life, set new goals for myself, to try new things , take a few more risks, and just enjoy with out that self conscious feeling that comes with being unhappy with what you look like.

So although this summer may be ending , there are so many wonderful new things ahead, I am excited to see what is next !

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Ready For A New Week

Posted by Susan on August 2, 2009

Monday Mini-Goals :

  • Eat 3 meals a day : I am trying something a little different this week. I have been doing the 3 meals/2 snacks thing for a while now. I feel like I am eating , not because I am hungry, but more like because I am supposed to ( I am used to the eating every 3 hour rule). I want to experiment this week and see if I can train my body to eat just 3 good meals and see if it works. I am afraid the snacking will end up being my undoing. It gets out of control very easily for me.
  • Get to bed on time : This is something that is very easy for me in the winter months, but summer, with it being warm and lighter out later, it has been more of a challenge. Especially on nice evenings. I need to be in bed at my usual time, no ifs, ands or buts this week.
  • Get in my water : I will say 3 out of 5 days at work I get it in, but if I am busy, the water suffers. I need to make a conscious effort to get it in every day this week.
  • Take a multi-vitamin every day : This is something I always did, but this lately I don’t even think about it ! I need to put the bottle on the table so when I have breakfast in the morning it is right in front of me , so I remember to take it !
  • Absolutely NO food after dinner: Big problem lately ! I just finish dinner and an hour later I am picking ! This week I will not pick after dinner. I am not even hungry. I do it out of boredom? I was really good about it when I was trying to reduce my weight, but now that I am maintaining I have this warped sense of it being OK. It is not OK, and it was one of the things that got me up to 210 lbs. in the first place ! This week I end the cycle before it gets out of control !
  • Work out every morning : Something I do anyway, but it doesn’t hurt to make it a goal. It is a something I need to continue for the rest of my life so I may as well include it !
  • Continue “On Program” mentality: Lately I have kind of slacked off on the “on program” way of thinking. I have sort of allowed myself to relax , which is a good thing in some ways, but I need to remind myself that there will never come a day when I can just be mindless when it comes to food. I am still on program and will always be ……. it is just not a weight loss program. If I want to keep this weight off , I need to adopt the same attitude toward eating as I have toward exercise. I will always have to keep things in moderation, I will never again be allowed to eat a whole box of “Little Debbie” snack cakes (or two) and have it be OK ! Yes I will over eat, but that has to be the exception NOT the rule !
  • Mix up cardio workouts: (Check out tomorrow’s blog post to see how I plan to do it!)

These are the points I am going to concentrate on this first week of August. I think writing them out and posting them will help keep in accountable. I also find that writing them down gets them out so I can see them and helps ingrain them into my mind ! I am one of those crazy people who writes out shopping lists and then leaves them home on the kitchen table when I go to the store. But I always find that just writing them down usually helps me remember everything (almost) I need !

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A Day At The Beach

Posted by Susan on August 2, 2009

Yesterday was one of the very few true summer days here in Connecticut. Sunny, gorgeous summer days have been few and far between this year and I wanted to forget about housework and laundry for once and celebrate the perfect day!

I packed a cooler with lunches and healthy snacks and cold drinks and brought my niece to the beach for a day together. We lounged in the sun and swam in the lake, and had lunch. We talked about things 8 year old’s like to talk about . We had a blast together !

The beach in our neighborhood , on Candlewood lake.

Kate , showing off her swimming skills !

Kate getting some sun !
It was the kind of day I’ve wanted since I moved here. I am so happy to be using the beach finally after 2 years ! It was the best day ever !
I am hoping to fill the remainder of this summer the same way ! There is not much left , and I will definitely making the most of the time left. I sometimes get really bogged down with all the house hold chores I have to get done. But, there are many more important things in life than the perfectly clean house ! One of the most important being spending quality time with the kid I love most in the world ! I am increasingly aware of how quickly time passes. Time you can never have back , so it is important to make the most of every minute !
When Kate went home, Matt and I ordered a pizza ( yes I ate PIZZA, without any stress or drama !) and watched some episodes of ” True Blood” . We even had some mint chocolate chip ice cream ! I had a little splurge night, but kept it all very moderate and didn’t end up over stuffed and feeling like crap afterward !
It was definitely a great way to spend a Saturday !
Today , a hike is planned, but I am not sure it will happen. The perfect summer day has turned gray, and threatening rain. (is it so much to ask for 2 nice days in a row ?) I’d originally planned to go to the beach after hiking but the weather kind of put a stop to those plans.
Instead, I will do some easy cardio this morning, and some cooking for the week, give the house a vacuum and the bathroom a scrub, and spend the afternoon continuing our ” True Blood” marathon !
Not such a horrible day ! All in all the weekend has been a great one ! I am so grateful for it. Just the recharge I needed before starting another work week.
My goal for this week is to eat as cleanly as possible, to get in my workouts and water each day, and put a halt to the new bad habit I thought I had licked, but apparently have NOT!
I’ve started snacking before bed again. And not good , healthy , snacking. More of a “grazing” type. A little of this , a little of that. such small amounts that in my mind I figure it is not enough to track …..but little bits add up quick, and the calories are not necessary ! I am going this after a good healthy dinner that includes dessert. So that needs to be worked on. I need to do what I used to do ……. brush my teeth and get in bed ! I need the sleep more than I need the extra calories !
I hope that the weekend was a good one and that everyone got to spend a little time with the people they love most and allowed themselves time to relax and enjoy the little things……it is just as important as workout schedules and calorie counting !

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A Better Day

Posted by Susan on June 16, 2009

This morning I weighed myself , and I was the same thing I was on Monday……138.8lbs. I’ll take it ! I had a really good workout this morning , after a good night’s sleep last night so it definately helped set the tone for a better day !

I used to resent the fact that I had to run my butt off all day at work, but now I see it as a blessing. Weight loss and weight maintaining would be a lot more difficult if I sat at a desk all day. I now see work as exercise. It not only helps my periodical panic attacks about calorie counts and scale readings, I am sure it makes me a lot easier to work with ! So it is a win/win.

I joined a challenge on You are supposed to set a goal to be reached by August 1st., set a reward for yourself , and if the goal is not reached by Aug. 1st, commit to sending $50 to a charity of your choice.

I set a goal of maintining my goal weight within 2 lbs. over or under 140 lbs. I chose a new bike as my reward for meeting the challenge, and a donation to the American Cancer Society if I do not meet my goal.

I REALLY want a bike. I see all you guys enjoying yours and I am sooo jealous !!!! What a fun way to get some exercise ! My husband has one already and I’ve already picked mine out ! I am making myself wait until August 1st though ! It is good incentive to reach my goal , knowing there is a nice prize waiting for me at the end of it !

I haven’t got much to say tonight, so I will make this short and sweet ! Off to bed so I can have another good workout tomorrow !

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Size 14 to Size 6 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Susan on June 3, 2009

Today was HUGE for me ! I am so elated at this moment I am not even sure I can write this post clearly ! My hands are actually shaking as I type this! I had a re-cap all ready to post about my wonderful anniversary day with my hubby, but this new developement just could not wait !

Let me start at the begining. I love clothes. I always have. But in the past 8 years I’ve bought nothing except what was desperately needed. Whenever I was in the mood to splurge I would do so on shoes and handbags. I hated how I looked in clothes and had myself convinced that I just didn’t care anymore what I looked like anyway ! I lived in track pants and sweats , sneakers, and most of the time I would steal huge , shape hiding T-shirts from my husband. I HATED the Mall more than anything in the world because I would see so many cute things that I knew I could not wear.

Today, all that changed ! My sister and I planned weeks ago to go to the Mall today. As I posted a few weeks ago, I recently tried on all of my clothes (both winter and summer) and nothing fit ! I gave them all away and that left me with literally NOTHING ! My sister gave me a pair of size 8 jeans that I got into and wore with pride. (they no longer fit her) I have not been a size 8 since High School so I was extremely proud.

I have been hoarding a $50 gift card from the GAP for 2 years now. I got it for my birthday, but could not bring myself to use it then knowing I would be crying in the dressing room yet again. My sister and I planned to go out today and spend it , seeing I didn’t have any clothes anymore after my closet overhaul.

I was excited this morning, but a little scared too. I haven’t shopped in so long, the few times I’ve tried of late, left me frustrated , confused, and completely lost ! This time would be different I knew because my sister has incredible taste in clothing, and she is always honest with me about what looks right on me.

We walked into the Mall and you would have thought I was walking into the dentist office for a root canal ! I was nervous and terrified !I was immediately intimidated when we walked into the first store. It was a store full of junior sized clothes, but we heard that the prices were great. The sizes were really weird, everything cut really small .I tried on my first pair of cute denim capris and could not even get them over the top of my thighs ! I could feel a lump in my throat begining………oh no ! not again !!!!! My sister insisted I try on other sizes until we figured out how they ran. Finally, a pair fit and they looked really cute ! (not to mention they were only $10.99!) I bought them.

Next we went to the Gap . Now from the last store I had myself totally prepared for sizes to run small and that I probably would not be the size I expected I would be. We went straight for the sale rack and there were soo many cute things. I started to feel a little nervous again. I kept going fot the size 8’s, but my sister kept insisting that I take size 6’s into the dressing room too because Gap pants are cut bigger than the last store we were in. I kept saying no way but finally did as I was instructed !

Guess what??? I was a size 6 alright ! A SIZE 6 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was a size 16 forever, and then a size 14 forever too ! I ended up spending every single bit of my gift card on 2 pairs of jeans and a pair of shorts (all on sale !).

Now I was on a roll ! Full of adrenaline and ready to SHOP ! We headed over to Old Navy because my sister needed a new pair of skinny jeans. We took tons of things into the dressing room, and again we had the same arguement about sizes……..I took in both 6 and 8 to try, she brought in her usual size 6 !!!! Then the weirdest thing happened…..something that has never happened with us before. I discovered that again, the size 6’s fit best and my skinny sister and I were literally handing clothes back and forth over the dressing room divider . We fit in the same size ! For the first time since we were in our teens, and even then her pant sizes were almost always smaller than mine ! I am still in shock when I think about it !

I walked out of Old Navy with 2 more pairs of pants and 2 T shirts……………. Then I had to stop ! I was getting to the point where I was on such a high I wanted to shop and buy all day long !!!!!!!!

I am , at this moment the happiest with my body than I have ever been. I accept some of the loose skin and the imperfections. I am just happy to finally be out of the “fat suit” I felt trapped in for the past 8 years !

I am so glad that I did the work. The 3 am workouts, because it is the only time I have the time. The giving up friday night dinners out. The not eating any goodies at family gatherings. The going to bed early every night because I had to get my 8 hours of sleep in. The choking down gallons of water each day when I really wanted soda. It all boils down to this very moment in time. This moment where I can honestly say that I am where I have wanted to be for so long ! And it only motivates me all the more to keep myself in this place from now on !!!!!!

I hope all of this makes sense. I am still kind of on a shopping high !

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New Goal

Posted by Susan on May 2, 2009

Today my ( skinny ) sister gave me these really cute jeans . They are too big for her ( of course ). They are a size 7 but a teeny-tiny size 7 . I tried them on and I was able to get them on and zipped and buttoned , but they were skin tight ! I decided to make them my new goal pants . I love them , they are so cute !

I was so inspired by these that I pushed myself into doing 60 min. of extra cardio today ! I usually take Saturday as an active rest day , but these jeans changed that plan ! I did 30 mins. of SS cardio on the spin bike , and 30 min. of elliptical on one of the fat burning programs .

I realize that the best way to combat supposed hunger between meals ( you know , you just ate but are still hungry type of hunger ) is to do some cardio . I was not hungry anymore once I started moving .

Once I fit into these jeans I will wear them to Casual Day at work . I have avioded casual day for years because some thoughtless co-worker commented on how big I was once when I wore jeans . I never wore anything but scrubs ever since . When I fit into these well , I will wear them though ! The co-worker no longer works for our company , but I will still feel like I have accomplished something if I am able to wear jeans and finally look good in them !

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Never the same again ………

Posted by Susan on April 23, 2009

As I get closer to my goal weight I have been thinking a lot about all the things that will never be the same. My life will be different . It has to be in order to maintain the weight . I will need to live differently than I have in the past. I will not be on a ” diet ” anymore , but will be trying to live ” normally ” . Normally , but with a twist.

I will never be able to look at food the same again. No more mindless eating , no more stuffing my face until I am so full I feel sick . No more eating out of boredom , or stress , or any other emotion I don’t want to deal with . Never going back to the binge mentality , because I know now it never really helps a situation , it may numb it temporarily , but whatever feeling I am trying to numb will be there regardless . I will always have to pick the healthier choice , I will always have to practice portion control , I will always have to eat mindfully .

I will always have to exercise . I will always have to make it a part of my life , even when the weight loss goal is met . I will never maintain the loss without it , so it is juat a fact of life for me . Thankfully I like working out for the most part .

Life after weight loss will still hold it’s challenges , and still have it’s slip ups I’m sure . But what I most want to make perfectly clear to myself is that it is not over when it is over. It is something I will have to get used to living with , and it is something I have to accept if I am going to maintain. I never ever want to go back to the woman I once was . It is so important to me not to allow that . I figure as long as I keep my eyes open , pay attention , and continue good habits , like exercise , eating healthy , and watching how much I eat , I can somehow pull it together and live my life as a non – fat person.

The thought of the next stage in this jouney scares me a little . The best I can hope for is that I’ve learned something from where I’ve been . One thing I know for sure , my life will never be the same again ………….. If I plan on maintaining what I’ve earned .

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Weekly Weigh In : Hit My First Goal Weight !!!!!!

Posted by Susan on April 18, 2009

I am one happy gal this morning ! I am officially at my first goal weight ! I am 150 lbs ! The last time I was this weight I was a sophmore in high school ! (and oddly enough thought I was fat !!!!!) I can’t beleive I am here ! Finally ! This week I upped my calories a little (by about 100-150 calories) because I was worried that I was losing too fast and worried about the potential of gaining it back just as quickly with one slip up down the road. Here are my stats for this week:

Weight : 150.6 = ( 2.2 lb. loss)

Fat % : 33.9 % = (0.8 % loss )

BMI : 22.4 = ( 0.2 point loss)

Last night I wore jeans and a T shirt in honor of the warm beautiful weather…….. definately could see a difference. The protruding belly and lovely muffin top over the jeans is gone (YAY!!!). I am really happy with my progress and I am ready to tackle goal # 2 : 140 lbs.

I want to work this weekend on possibly taking some progress pics, but honestly I am nervous about it. I am so afraid when I look at the pictures I will not be able to see the progress that shows on the scale. I see it in the mirror, but I worry that there will be nothing to be seen on film. I need to do it sooner or later……..I may as well just do it !

Today I decided to make a weight loss care package for my sister in law. I know I said I was not going to invest my energy trying to help friends on the path to weight loss…..but I’ve had time to rethink it……(thanks for the comment Jessi, it made me think ) I am going to do this differently this time though…. I will explain in a later post……. so stay tuned !

Today I have tons to do. I promised my niece a bike lesson today….she is totally embarassed of the whole training wheel stigma… my husband and I are taking her to a local school parking lot to get her on two wheels.

We also have a TON of yard work to do ! I want to change a lot of things in our yard and I will be pulling things up and replanting things. I figure that is great exercise……plus there are the normal weekend chores……food shopping, laundry, cooking for the week, cleaning the house….it never ends ! A full weekend ahead ! Have a good one !!!!!

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Remind me to never…………

Posted by Susan on April 16, 2009

…………………. try helping a friend along on the road to effective diet and exercise ! When I offered to help a friend I knew it would be a disaster. I knew I would get frustrated with her lack of motivation, (although she swears she is scared to death because the pound are piling up so quickly ), and dedication. Today a friend who I have spent a lot of time helping, by shopping with her, showing her body weight circuits, showing how to do interval training, and anything else I thought she could use, proceeded to tell me about how she ate everything and anything she could get her hands on over Easter. (Fri., Sat. , Sun., and Mon.) It was almost like she was bragging about it ! Then she told me she didn’t have time to exercise all week…she was TOO BUSY !

That is the one excuse I hate the most ! I hate when someone tells me they have not time to workout. Her big argument with me is always………..I have a husband and kids ! Because I don’t have kids I could not possibly understand. Well news flash ! I have no kids it is true, but I have a household to run just like everyone else, and a full time job, and my niece 2 times a week after school.

I make time because it means enough to me. Do not think for one minute that I love getting up at 3am every weekday to get a hour workout in before I go to work because I don’t ! I also don’t love going to bed before 8pm everynight so that I don’t night time snack. I do it because I want this THAT bad.

I think next time someone asks me how I’ve lost weight I will just tell them diet and exercise……and just leave it at that. If someone is not ready, then they will not hear what I am saying anyway. If they don’t want it badly enough, they can never commit to it, and never do the work involved.

I am just so very grateful that I found the resolved within myself to set a goal and stick to the road that will lead me there. I ask myself, during times when I feel doubtful, and the end seems to unattainable…………..and I am thinking I just CAN’T do this anymore ! Is it that I CAN’T do it? Or is it that I WON’T do it? Most of the time can’t means won’t , so I switch my mind set and just do it !

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Dieting can be a lonely place…………

Posted by Susan on February 22, 2009

Sometimes I am just sick of being on a diet. I have been on one for almost 3 years now. Always worried about what I am eating, how much I am working out, what am I doing workout-wise, how many calories are in this and that, what are they serving at this party we are going to, or what will I be able to order at this restraunt we are going to. My mind is always trying to think a head, always trying to plan a head. I wish I didn’t think it was so important…..but I just do.

But it can be a very lonely place sometimes. There are times when I feel out of place. I am not surrounded with like-minded people. I know a lot of people who complain about their weight, TALK about doing something about it, but I don’t know anyone who actually DOES anything about it. People also feel the need to comment about your passing on goodies. They call you obsessed. They sometimes even look you over as if to say….”.well your always on a diet, but I never see you look any different”. I often wish that I could find someone who understood why it is important, who didn’t keep saying …”oh your fine, just enjoy yourself”. I would love to have someone to talk food with, to swap calorie saving ideas and workout programs with. I wish someone would just get me, and understand my goals.

Alas… is what it is. I am in this, committed to it. Even if nobody understands the importance of this journey, I need to make that all the more reason to suceed. My husband trys to support me, he actually does a pretty good job at it, but he still doesn’t get it. He tells me all the time that he wishes that I could be as happy with me as he is….but it all goes deeper than that. It is more about how I feel about myself, how awful I feel when I see pictures of myself, or when I have to go some place special and I am going nuts looking for something that looks halfway decent to wear. It is about feeling good in my own skin.

So yes, it is lonely right now. But I can’t help believe that in the end, when all the pieces finally fall into place, I will be glad I did it, and I will show all the people who refuse to understand and support me, and I will feel that it was all worth the trouble. I will just keep trudging along, doing all the things I know work. I believe in what I am doing, and I see all the time through blogs that it can be done….and I will do it too !

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