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Finally ! Real Summer Weather !

Posted by Susan on August 11, 2009

Summer has FINALLY arrived here in my neck of the woods ! It is hot and sunny and gorgeous, just like summer is supposed to be ! Better late than never I guess.

I am happy to report that I woke up this morning with no toothache and no headache ! Hurray ! yesterday I was miserable ! Talk about a rough start to a new week ! I am so glad that I was back to normal today.

I decided to track and photograph my food today. I thought it would keep me more accountable and give me a visual of what exactly I am eating and how much.

For breakfast I had one hard boiled egg , plain oatmeal, with 1 serving of Go Lean Crunch, and a teaspoon of chocolate peanut butter.

For snack at work , ( I know I vowed not to snack, but in the morning I need a little something to get me through till lunch at 2:00) I had a banana, and a yogurt.

Lunch was one tortilla, a single serving can of tuna made with broccoli slaw, carrots, and 1 table spoon of lite mayo, some whole grain crackers and a nectarine.

Dinner was a 4 oz. chicken breast with a cup of enriched pasta, some fat free parm. cheese, and some Olivio Spray. For my vegetable, a salad made with : romaine lettuce, baby spinach, carrots, zucchini, broccoli, broccoli slaw, reduced fat cheese, and lite dressing.

And last but not least dessert ! A slice of Diet Coke Cake with a drizzle of lite Hershey’s syrup. I ate roughly 1700 calories today.

Some Interesting Stuff :

I subscribe to Oxygen Magazine . Although there are way too many ads in it for miracle fat burners, I usually walk away with some good information. Not all of it I agree with for myself. I just take what I can use, and forget the rest.
I did find an interesting article about green tea. It listed the benefits of 1, 2, and 3 cups per day. According to the article drinking 3 cups per day can in one year, result in 38,000 calories burned, equal to 11 pounds of fat.
They also claim it blasts belly fat. A study claims that three days of exercise combined with 3 cups of green tea a day can lead to abdominal fat loss.
It is also good for your bones, your heart, and helps control insulin levels if combined with exercise. Also it boosts metabolism.
I am not sure I completely agree with it all, but since I drink it anyway, I figured I would add and extra cup to my usual 2 cups a day and see what happens ……. can’t hurt right ?
Something else I found was an ABS program consisting of 3 moves, so I decided to give it a whirl, adding it to my regular exercise program. It claims ” Three weeks to a stunning midsection. All you need are three effective abs moves.” I started it on Sunday, and will do it for 3 weeks to see if the claims are at all valid. The moves are simple but I am definitely feeling some major DOM’s from it . I will let you know how I do after three weeks. There is an e mail address at the end of the article , so I will also be letting Robert Kennedy , the publisher of the magazine and the supposed creator of the program, what I think of it.
That’s all for today ! Only 3 more days till the weekend ! ( thinking in those terms make the week that much easier to get through ) Hope everyone is plugging along, doing what has to be done and being good to themselves !

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Busy day ahead, and I am so thankful for green tea……………..

Posted by Susan on November 28, 2008

Today is my typical day after Thanksgiving. I always have my niece for the day bacause my sister works (she’s in retail). And I usually spend the day cleaning and decorating for Christmas. I would also like to get my Xmas cards started today, and work on the vision board I haven’t had time for, and of course do laundry. Too ambitious? We’ll see what I can accomplish. The more I get done today the less I need to do this weekend so that is definately motivation.
I recently quit smoking (2 weeks ago). I am doing ok with it, my moods tend to be a little erratic , and I have cravings here and there but for the most part it is manageable. I am using the patch, and they work well for me, the only problem with them is they burn my skin. I end up having to alternate arms and legs each day and it gets confusing. I have replaced the smoking with a green tea habit. I drink it all day long. It curbs my appetite and it seems to be effecting my skin, it feels softer lately, and for some reason I am much less bloated. Since I am doing nothing different except the tea I am figuring the tea is the reason……and I’m glad !
I am trying to decide what to do . It is time to change up my workouts. This summer I did a 3 month Body for Life Challenge. It worked well for me, although I lost very little weight, I lost some inches and have kept them off ever since. The reason I think I didn’t do as well as I could have because for one thing I was smoking, that definately limited my ability to reach my “10’s” with my cardio. Another reason was my “free days”. I really had a free for all. I ate all day, crazy things just because I could. I think I undid all the good I did all week in that one day. If I had either not take the whole day or at least limited it I think I would have done a whole lot better.
I have been dying to try it again, using the knowledge I gained from the last challenge but I can’t decide when I want to start. Do I want to begin it Dec. 1st, or Jan 4th????
I need to workout today (weight training) before I start cleaning,not that I feel like it, but I need to snap out of this holiday mode and get moving. I have until Sunday to make a commitment to what I want to do next. B4L was the only thing I actually stuck with this year. I spent a LOT of time resarching different programs, trying new things and never sticking to any one thing long enough to get any real results. I am so impatient. I did stick to B4L and did see some long term results. I am thinking it is a good way to begin the year. It is easy, it doesn’t take alot of time, and it works. I guess that would be my answer huh?
Ok, enough sitting around, time to get to work. A full days ahead and it is already 9am……….

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