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Care Package

Posted by Susan on April 18, 2009

My sister-in law was talking to my husband earlier in the week, upset about her weight. She was comparing the weight she is at now to some footabll player, making a joke about it. I felt really bad for her. My husband suggested that she talk to me. I’d said earlier in the week that I was never helping anyone with weight loss suggestions again because it frustrated me. Then , a comment on the post I’d writtien made me rethink my stand on that issue. I decided to do something different this time.

I decided to make my sister-in-law a care package filled with some things that have helped me so far on this jounrney. I took a box, filled it pretty colored tissue paper, and filled it ! I put in a Calorie King book, a pretty notebook and pen, a huge water bottle, a calculator, some recipes, some snacks that I eat (all under 150 calories), a body weight workout book with some great beginner routines, a copy of an article I have about HIIT that has a sample workout in it, and a can of diet coke and a reduced sugar cake mix with the Diet coke Cupcake recipe , oh and green tea bags………I wrote her a short but sweet note telling her that these were some things that work for me, and an itemized list of what the box contained and an explanation of each. I left it on her doorstep for her to find when she gets home.

My thinking is that I am giving her help, without actually getting myself emotionally invested, and if she uses the stuff , wonderful. If not I won’t know about it anyway, and at least I tried to help ! I felt good about it !

She got the box and called me crying. She said she was touched that I thought of her. I told her I was just hoping to give her a little motivation ! I feel like I helped , without really pushing.

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