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Taking Advantage Of The End Of Summer !

Posted by Susan on September 6, 2009

Since the weather today was close to perfection, we decided to make the most of it ! We piled in the truck and went for a hike !

We went to a Nature Center in our town. My husband and I hiked the trails there this past spring, and thought my niece would like it . She has never been hiking before and this was a perfect beginners trail for her.

After hiking we went to lunch. Matt and I decided to visit one of our favorite places. We love to have breakfast here , so we thought it would be fun to try it for lunch.

It always reminds us of something out of “The Andy Griffith Show “. It’s really small town and old fashioned. It’s usually full of regulars , because the waitresses always seem to know everyone by name.

We were all starving. It was almost 2:00 and none of us had eaten since breakfast. I ordered a flame broiled veggie burger and sweet potato fries. It was excellent ! The fries were the best part ! I have to admit I ate every bite !

Matt and Katie had ice cream for dessert , I opted for a home made brownie. It was warm and delicious. I only ate about 2 bites, I shared it with everyone.

After such a big , late lunch I wasn’t hungry when dinner rolled around. But when it got to be around 8:00 I was . I had a sandwich thin filled with a laughing Cow Cheese Wedge, and some whole wheat pretzels.

And …….. a single slice of carrot cake !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love carrot cake and this slice was perfection ! It was moist and the cream cheese frosting was light, not super heavy, just like I like it !
It wasn’t the best eating day I’ve ever had. With all the unexpected things we did, I wasn’t able to plan like I do during the week. But that’s OK. I still did better than I could have done. We went food shopping tonight , so my fruit and veggies are restocked . As long as I am getting the workouts in and being mindful of my portion sizes I should be fine.
Tomorrow we have plans that include unknown food choices for me, but that doesn’t stress me anymore. I eat what I want but keep everything moderate !
I may have a surprise after the Holiday weekend is over (Tues.) so stay tuned !!!!!!!

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Sunday Morning / Monday Mini-Goals

Posted by Susan on August 9, 2009

As I say every Sunday morning ………. I love them ! We slept in this morning , and it felt GREAT ! I really needed it ! I’ve been up late this weekend because I have become addicted to to Bejeweled 2 ! So the extra sleep was definitely welcome.

We went to a local diner for breakfast . I did some research and found that having 2 eggs over easy, Canadian Bacon, an English Muffin, and potatoes is less calories than my usual omelette’s. Plus it is a LOT of food ! I am full , but not in a gross bloated way. I forgot to bring my camera into the diner (duh !) so not pics of this yummy meal. But it was a perfect Sunday breakfast .

After we ate , we decided to get in a hike before it started to rain. We did about 1 and 1/2 miles in. Nothing big , but it was still nice. Plus I worked off some of my breakfast !

Right now I am relaxing with a cup of green tea, and planning out in my head what I will do for the remainder of the day.
I have most of the preparation for the week done, so I will be doing some “personal maintenance” , touch up my roots ( I need to do it myself between colors), give myself a facial, whiten my teeth, etc…… I also want to get in some easy SS cardio, make lunches for tomorrow, and finish a book I am reading.
If I don’t get to all of it ……. oh well ! It is Sunday ! They are made for relaxing !
Monday Mini-Goals:
  • Keep trying to maintain 3 meals a day : I did OK last week with it. A few times I had to break into my lunch and eat the fruit I’d packed for dessert, but all in all I did OK. At least I was eating because I was hungry , not just because it was time !
  • Drink 3 cups of Green Tea per day : I read an article in Oxygen Magazine about the benefits of green tea. Sounded good , so I figured I would give it a try. I already drink 2 cups a day so I will just add one more.
  • Get to bed on time !: Not doing to well with that lately ! I really need to get back to it. I will make an extra effort to do it this week.
  • Go back to one 24 hour fast a week : I did it twice a week when I was reducing. My weight has been all over the place lately. I am definitely fluctuating ! I am just going to try it one day a week again and see how it goes.
  • Get in all of my water : I do pretty well , I always get in at least 8-10 glasses, but I like to get in 24 glasses a day. My goal this week is to get in all 24, every day.

So on to another week ! I hate to see the weekend end …….. but another one is only 5 days away, and the way the weeks are flying it will pass in no time !!!!!

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Mission Aborted : Lesson Learned

Posted by Susan on July 18, 2009

We haven’t hiked in over 3 weeks because of an over flow of social obligations. Since this weekend, yet again we have plans, we decided to get up early and get in a hike before the mad rush began.

It stormed all night , but this morning I was up at 5:30 am, ate breakfast, threw in a load of wash, packed some snacks and water, and woke the Hubs. We were on the road by 7 am. I was so excited ! We were headed to White Memorial Park in Litchfield, CT. I have been dying to check this place out for a while now. It has over 300 acres of trails, a museum (that wasn’t open yet when we went) and we had planned a trail that had a boardwalk a like long right in the center of a marsh.

It started out great ! Absolutely beautiful ! I was really looking forward to our 4.7 mile trek through the woods. We got on to the trail and were immediately attacked ! ( I am not bring dramatic here, I swear we were literally attacked !) All sorts of deer flys , tons of mosquitoes, like clouds of them ! I stopped at one point to take a picture of a beautiful ruby red mushroom and literally had 3 mosquitoes biting my face !

After about a half mile into the trail it was getting to the point where were not enjoying the beauty anymore ! We were swatting and yelping, and smacking each other on the back and in the head ! It was crazy ! Unfortunately I couldn’t take it anymore ! We turned and went back to the car !!!!!!

I am so disappointed ! I hate quitting, and I hate being a baby about things, but this was horrible ! ( am still scratching and swatting invisible, non existing bugs as we speak !) I was pretty bummed out about our aborted mission.

Lesson leaned: If we are going to do this on a regular basis, we need to be prepared. I plan on packing up a backpack that we will take turns carrying from now on. It will contain bug repellent, a first aide kit, hats, water, snacks, rain ponchos, and anything else I can think to make out hikes safer and more comfortable ! I don’t ever again want to waste a beautiful morning like this .

I was using our hike as my workout for the day, but since we only got in about one and a half miles, I don’t think that really cuts it ! We are taking my niece bike riding later tonight at a school down the road, and I am planning a circuit workout at the play ground while we are there. I also have an entire house to clean so that will be some active rest thrown in as well.

At the moment I am sipping tea, and catching up on blogs, and scratching the bites I acquired on out ill fated attempt at hiking. Then it is to work I go !

I made the decision that I am not getting all stressed and crazy about this luncheon tomorrow. I put a ton of pressure on myself when we have people over. I want everything to be perfect because I feel it is a reflection on me. I also have this (embarrassing) secret desire to be the Martha Stewart of the family ! My mother used to entertain effortlessly, and everything was always simple and perfect. Many times she would go out in the backyard and pick up things she found growing around and create beautiful center pieces, and many times she used old place mats and napkins and mix and match them so that every time she set a table it looked different and unique.

For some strange reason I strive for that when I entertain. But today I have decided that while I will still strive for everything to look nice , I am not going to be crazy, drive my husband nuts over it, and be in a bad mood while I try to get it all done ! I always go into panic mode for some stupid reason, even though I always find time to get everything done ! Yes, I know, I am a little bit of a control freak, but at least I am aware of it and I am trying to work on it !

I will take pics of my play ground circuits tonight, I have a lot of things planned ! Have a great Saturday !

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The Last Day of a Wonderful Vacation !

Posted by Susan on June 7, 2009

Well I never made it down to the beach this weekend as planned. It was supposed to be another thing checked off my “When I Get Skinny List” but our hike ran longer than expected this morning (5 miles longer !!!!!!!!!!) and I got home so late that my sister ended up going to her own beach and I just sat on the deck for a while.

Just long enough to get a little color so I look like I’ve been on vacation ! I will shoot for a beach day next weekend, I guess.

Hiking this morning was fun. We bought a book this week of best hiking trails in Connecticut and decided to try as many as we can this summer. We chose a hike that is the second half of the first hike we tried back in March. This was located in Bridgewater, a neighboring town.
It was beautiful, perfect…….until we got lost. It seems that the trails have changed since the book was published, and the map in the book was way off. So we ended up getting lost ! Five miles later we finally finished the trail ! We are both wiped out ! It was fun though.
We learned a something ………..check the internet for an updated trail maps before starting out, and bring water !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, we will be seasoned hikers by the time this summer is over ! Here are a few things I saw on my hike this morning.

We did a lot of climbing up hills, and a whole lot of walking , so I think I got my workout in anyway !
Tomorrow I go back to work after the best week ever ! I wish we were rich and we could live like we did this week forever……but I guess then it would not feel like such a treat!

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Anniversary Part 1 : What We Did

Posted by Susan on June 3, 2009

Yesterday was a great day ! Nothing crazy, or exciting, but just the kind of day I love spending with Matt. A day of “whatever” !

We started the day visiting a cute little Breakfast/Lunch place in our town called Theo’s. It was the first time we’d been there, but definately not the last ! We moved here , to New Milford , CT, 2 weeks after we got married. We are still exploring the cute little town we live in. With work and life being busy, we haven’t had a chance to really see what the town has to offer.

Breakfast was sooooo good ! The atmosphere was clean and homey, the food was fresh and not overly greasey like most diner food.

After breakfast we walked around the town center. We stopped at the little shops , went to the Art Center , and even went and got library cards . Silly stuff but it was fun !

Next we revisited the scene of the crime ! This is where we got married 2 years ago under this grape arbor. The reason we chose this place was it was our favorite place to hike when we were dating. We came up here on Sundays mornings and always loved it !
We went for a hike on around the property. It was beautiful ! I forgot how much I loved those Sunday mornings there. It was really nice to revisit it.

We went home got cleaned up and then went to our favorite restaurant for dinner. After dinner we came home and watched our wedding video . We laughed over all the silly things we missed the other times we watched it ! We spent the rest of the evening having a movie marathon of True Blood.

It was a great day ……. nothing fancy, just a day spent remembering and being together. It was nice .

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Sunday’ s Hike : Pratt Center

Posted by Susan on May 18, 2009

We like to hike on Sunday mornings , but yesterday was rainy and cold in the morning . I was ready to scrap the hike altogether until next weekend and hit the treadmill . (I was NOT looking forward to that !) But the weather cleared and , although it was still cold out , we decided to go anyway , just not out of town like we had originally planned .

We decided to visit The Pratt Center in New Milford , Connecticut . It is a 193 acre nature preserve and enviormental center. The East Aspetuck River runs through the property. It has mountains and meadows, woods, wetlands , gardens and a farm. There is also a climb up MT. Tom where there is a breath taking view of Litchfield County .

The hike was amazing inspite of the overcast skies . We climbed to the top of MT. Tom first. It was beautiful up there. The sun even came peeked through the clouds a few times . The climb was challenging , but felt great ! (At least to me … Hubby not so much !) It was definately better than a treadmill session !

I have a fascination of these twisty tangles of tree branches . To me , it looks magical , like something out of a fairy tale or something . I take pictures of them whenever I come across them.

These woods were the home and hunting ground of many of the area’s Native Americans , and to us, this tree looks like the profile of a Native American Indian Chief . I am not sure if it really see it in the photo.

I never realized before I started hiking agian how attracted I am to all the natural textures in the woods . I loved this bark for some reason, and half of the photos I took yesterday were of the intricate textures in nature . I guess I am weird…….I just love the whole woods thing . When I was a kid I would spend all day in the woods with the neighborhood kids making forts , or playing hide and seek . Hiking reminds me of childhood.

We ended up hiking 4 miles yesterday and it was awsome in so many ways . For one thing , between all the climbing and all the different terrain , we got an incredible workout ! I am also glad we decided to wait until noon to do and and didn’t scrap the idea all together . I find it a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors, appreciate nature, and spend quality time with my husband . I find peace when I hike , and I know I say this after eevery hiking post , but I will say it again ! I am so glad I got back into this ! I missed it more than I realized . I love exploring new trails and seeing such beauty that I usually am too busy running around living life to notice !

When we got home we both showered before we got dinner started . We both brought back little souvenirs from The Pratt Center . Matt ended up with a little tic on his leg . When I got out of the shower I found a tic on my arm ! I kind of freaked out (Matt will say I TOTALLY freaked out but that is an exaggeration ! ) Oh well ! Something to be expected I guess !

It was an excellent Sunday for me ! I got in my outdoor workout , and had fun with my husband ! It helped me begin the week refreshed and ready to get back to the old grind !

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Rainy Sunday

Posted by Susan on May 17, 2009

The cold rainy weather has put a halt on our Sunday hiking plans . The weather has been nuts this spring in Connecticut . They are predicting frost tonight and tomorrow night , then 70’s and 80’s by Thurs. and Fri. We are going to wait until noon and see if things clear up any , if not I am torn between taking a day off from working out ( I haven’t taken one for 2 weeks now ) or doing a some treadmill work and possibly trying a yoga class . ( I have a great collection of yoga videos I never use ) I guess I will see how things go .

My biggest fear is always boredom on Sundays . Boredom is one of my eating triggers. I got all of my work done yesterday because our planned hike for today was going to be a long one, and I didn’t want to be rushing around trying to get everything done . When I am bored , and not active , I start picking at things , I feel “hunger” that is not really there , and I hate that ! It is in my own best interest to stay busy !
I’ve been doing a lot of research on weight loss maintainance . There really isn’t that much out there , unfortunately ! There are millions of weight loss tips and articles , so many it could make you dizzy ! Maintainance ……….. not so much !

I did learn a few things though. Maintaining weight loss , and weight loss are pretty much the same thing ! I still need to keep track of calories , and portions . I still need to workout everyday for an hour ( I knew that anyway ! ) and I need to weigh myself frequently to keep things balenced . I guess what I am realizing is , that this journey is far from over ! It will be just as much work to keep it off as it did to lose it in the first place !
I am begining to accept the fact that this is my reality ! This is my life from now on . I will always need to keep myself in check , and always keep active . Thankfully , I like working out . I like trying new ways to incorporate physical activity into my life .
I also like eating healthier . I am enjoying trying new recipes , trying new veggies, ( I never liked vegetables , but I have been making myself try them , and they are better than I thought ! ) I especially love when I can find a recipe that remakes a junkfood into a healthy option ! I can live like this . I don’t feel deprived when I can exchange a squash frie with a regular french frie !
I am not saying I will never have junkie food again . That would be unrealistic . But I think that if healthy foods are the norm for me ……. a treat now and then won’t hurt me . I am still afraid of restaurants, vacations , family gatherings , and holidays . But I am hoping to plan as best I can , and learn along the way .
Next week should not be too bad . The knowledge that there is a 3 day weekend at the end of it will make it a lot less painful !!!!! Then we work a 4 day week and we are FINALLY in vacation ! Well actually it will be a “stay-cation” ! We are taking off the week of our wedding anniversary. We have a whole bunch of little day trips planned and a special Anniversary Day plan for the actual day . I am sooooooo looking forward to it ! Nice to have things to look ahead to.

I hope everyone has a good week ! Keep focused and active !

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Sunday’s Hiking Adventure : Lover’s Leap Park

Posted by Susan on May 4, 2009

Yesterday morning we got up early and put on our hiking boots , grabbed a granola bar and headed out , we hoped before the rain started . It was not the most beautiful day , sort of cold and damp out , but the sights were still specatcular !

We first took a trail the lead past some old ruins of homes owned by a woman who at one time owned all 160 acres of what is now the park. It lead all the way up to some cliffs that over looked Lake Waramaug . It was a pretty great walk , so quiet and peaceful.

The second trail we took was much more of a challenge . It was an uphill , climb up to the cliffs on the opposite side of the trail we took the first time . The views from the top were amazing !

We hiked for a good 2 hours . I love these hikes because I always do my cardio on machines. Doing it outside is so much more of a challenge . The hills, the different kinds of terrain , and just being outdoors not matter what the weather is so nice for a change.

When we got home it we were tired ( a good tired ) and hungry ! The rain held off until an hour after we got home . We will definately do these trails again on a sunny day . It was beautiful yesterday in the cloudy , overcast , on a sunny day it must be incredible !
Next weekend we are revisiting the place we hiked last week because my mother in law will be with us and that place was not as much of a climb . But we are already researching our next hike together for the Sunday after next .

I am so excited to have rediscovered my love of hiking and even more excited that my husband is looking forward to our Sunday outtings . I figure it is great exercise , plus it is a nice way to start the week .

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Week In Review / Week Ahead

Posted by Susan on May 3, 2009

I just got home from our Sunday morning hike . I am very happy to report that it has become a Sunday Morning ritual for us now , and I couldn’t be happier about it ! Today’s hike was totally different , but just as beautiful ! I will blog more about it tomorrow . We decided to skip breakfast out today and just eat at home . I was glad because I stress about what to order and at least at home I know what I am eating and how it is cooked . I like that control . Plus, I love what I eat for breakfast so it is not a big deal .

Looking back on the past week I feel good about it . I was active every day , between work ( I don’t work a desk job , I am on the move all day ) , my daily workouts , and on weekends a whole lot of active rest activities , as well as the extra cardio I added yesterday , and our hike this morning , I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot !

As far as food goes I pretty much have a routine . I do get hungry here and there but by the time I do , a meal is an hour or so away. I can honestly say I think I have my food down . I still get the munchies at night . But I am better able to push it aside and not give in . I try to stay busy all day, active , so that I am tired at night and ready for sleep . If I feel that urge to eat something , I go to bed , read for a bit (it takes my mind off the snacking and makes me sleepy ) and just go to sleep .

I think that I did well this week all in all . I think that even though the actual number on the scale doesn’t show it , I can see it . I have to also remember that my fat % and BMI has definately been going down and that is also a victory .

This coming week I plan on keeping up working up hard , keeping active , and eating well . We have a Mother’s Day thing next weekend that I am kind of stressing about , but I will figure out something out when it comes closer. I beleive in planning whenever possible . I know that there will be times when things will be out of my control , like eating out unexpectedly , or going to someone elses house for events . But when I can plan , I do . Since the Mother’s Day thing next week will be within my control , I will plan something out that works for me .

So off we go into another week ! They pass quickly ! I hope everyone has a good one !

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Sunday Hiking

Posted by Susan on April 27, 2009

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful outside so my husband and I decided to go for a hike at a local farm turned nature preserve a few miles down the road from our home .

I’ve always loved hiking. A few years ago I put together a little hiking club with some girls I worked with . Since that time I’ve had the hiking bug , but could never get anyone to go with me ( I am afraid to hike alone for some reason ). When I first met my husband we used to go hiking every Sunday morning and then we would go out to breakfast afterward . I always tease him about the fact that once we moved in together, the hiking ended and I always said that he just pretended to love hiking ot impress me , that he never really liked it . (Not really true , we got engaged a few months later , and once that happend I became consumed with wedding planning and hiking was not even a thought ! )
I was thrilled when he suggested a hike yesterday ! We had such a great time we decided to hike every Sunday from now on , trying different trails each time . After we decided to treat ourselves to breakfast out ! I am so happy about this ! It is a nice way to reconnect after a long work week , great exercise , and I love being outdoors !
We did about 3 miles and it was so beautiful ! Half the trail is in open fields, the other half was in the woods . There were bird watching stands here and there to look at birds without disturbing them . There was also a butterfly meadow ! I love butterflies , and will be coming back to this trail as soon as the meadow blooms later in the season . We took a ton of pictures . It was a perfect day as far as I am concerned ! I definately have the hiking bug again ! Big time !
Next weekend we are planning to visit another local trail called Lover’s Leap. I can hardly wait ! I even dug out my hiking boots ! Next time we are taking the pedometer so we can see how many miles we actually traveled .

This weekend was awaome ! I got so much done on Saturday , and Sunday I was reunited with a long lost love ! Hiking ! Going back to work this morning was tough. But I have next Sunday to look forward to !

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