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Fun Family Sunday !

Posted by Susan on September 6, 2009

We had a blast at my mother in law’s today. A lot of food and laughter as usual. The party began outdoors but moved inside on account of bees and it was really chilly out there ….. for me at least !

By the time the party got underway it was after 1:00 and I hadn’t eaten since 8:00 so I was starving !

We had some munchies until dinner was served . I had some , but didn’t want to go crazy just because I was hungry , so I snacked and walked away (far away ) from the table so I didn’t go overboard before dinner was even served !

For snacks we had some crab salad, it was delicious !

Along with chips and dips ……..

As I mentioned ……… I did indulge !

Finally dinner was served.

My sister in law made her famous Notorious B.I.G. Salad ……….. No matter the occasion, all of us request she bring this salad ! It is amazing. A bunch of chopped veggies, apple, dried cranberries, sometimes almonds, sometimes walnuts, and feta cheese. It is the best salad ever !

This was my plate. I has a little bit of everything ( more than a little salad). In having a little of everything I was able to get a taste of all that was offered , so I didn’t feel deprived. The one thing I cam extremely careful of is over eating. It literally makes me sick. I feel bloated, and gross and usually end up with heartburn. Having made the mistake so many times I am extra careful to try to listen to my body and obey the signals when it is trying to tell me I’ve had enough.

For dessert , my special brownies ! I like them chewy as apposed to cake like so that is how I always make them. I also like them frosted because that is how my Mom always made them.

This is what the end of my meal looked like ! And it was worth every single calorie ! Yes is is big, and yes I ate the entire thing !!!!!

Right now it is about 6:00 and I am still full so I doubt I will eat anything else for the remainder of the night . (maybe a lite snack later, maybe not) The plan for this evening is to relax , watch some TV and get to bed !
Nothing planned for tomorrow. I am looking forward to sleeping in, and having a relaxing last day of freedom !
Have a happy everyone !

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