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Another Day of No Workout

Posted by Susan on March 5, 2009

When I woke up this morning , all the bravado of last night was a distant memeory. My knee looked less swollen, and knowing I had a full day of work ahead of me, I decided to give myself another day off. I am really unhappy about it but it is looking better and I really want it to continue.
My eating has been good inspite of the exercise dilemma. I’ve continued to track my calories and stay within my calorie range. I’ve not binged with TOM as an excuse. I do worry about Saturday morning’s weigh in. It may not be so hot after this past week. I am tempted to skip it and just weigh myself next week……but I think I will just do it like I am supposed to with no expectations. Take into account that this week has not been typical, and that next week will be better.
Today is offially my Hubby’s bithday, but we are celebrating it tomorrow by taking the day off to spend together. I am really looking forward to it. Hopefully my knee will, continue to improve !!!!!! Stay tuned……

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This Sucks !!!!!!

Posted by Susan on March 4, 2009

This week started really well……..but has changed drastically !!! I was worked out my regular AM’s Monday and Tues. Monday my knee felt weird. It was doing some funky clicking when I walked , no pain….just weird. Like the fool I am, Tuesday I did a 30 min. HIIT session, was fine afterward, no pain. I went to work and couldn’t bend my knee by the afternoon and when I got home my knee was the size of a grapefriut. Now I am scared. I iced it, took anti-inflamitories, and went to bed. This morning it was still swollen…….so I didn’t workout. Right now I am resting it and have ice on it, but it is impossible to rest and ice at work… I just wrapped it and dealt with it.
I am working out tomorrow I decided , I am just not doing any running for a while, I will stick to the elliptical and bike for now. I will have a 3 day weekend to rest it and ice it. I just have to make it through tomorrow. On top of all this knee stuff, today I recieved a very unpleasant gift……TOM!!!! I am starving……….I want to eat anything and everything I can get my hands on. BUT, I am NOT! I made it through today with in my calorie range and plan on fasting tomorrow. I want to have pizza with my Hubby for his birthday Friday, and I may even allow myself a sweet, decadent dessert as well. Maybe.
Anyway, this set back really upsets me. I want so badly to keep up this roll I am on. I have been doing excellent, eating has been great and workouts have been as well. Now I am afraid to push myself. I will take it easy on my legs tomorrow , but I NEED to workout ! It effects me so positively, it helps my mood, and it helps my attitude at work, and when I am PMSing, it helps me even more. Now I am a little frustrated. That’s ok though…I refuse to give up. I will get this knee thing resolved and I will work around the injury as much as possible.
This situation would be the perfect excuse to quit, to say…oh well I will just fall off the wagon for now, pick it up again when I feel better……but no. I will not use excuses, I will not turn back now (especially after a 9 lb. loss, that is just too far to have come ). So tomorrow I will do what I can, lay off the treadmill for now and move forward as best I can….it is my only choice………….giving up is not an option.

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