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New Goal :

Posted by Susan on April 21, 2009

I’ve decided to set a new goal for myself …………………………… I really want to master the jump rope . It is an excellent form of cardio . I’ve had one for a few years now but everytime I try it I get frustrated and give up on it . I want to master it completely and add it to my cardio days . I am pretty uncoordinated so this should be intersting …………… Will keep you updated on my progress.

As I have posted in the past , I am really nervous and insecure about posting progress pictures . I feel like I am leaving myself wide open and vulnerable if I show people the good , the bad , and the ugly . After thinking about it for a while now I decided to just do it ! It is time to step out of my comfort zone and put myself out there . Right now I feel like I am talking the talk , without walking the walk so to speak . I am working it , and plan on posting them on Saturday .
I am on track with my diet and my exercise so far this week, the only thing that is suffering is sleep . For some reason , since it gets dark later , I am unable to get my butt into bed as early as usual , the evening jusr gets away from me. I need to put in more of an effort .
The eating and workouts have become such a habit that it doesn’t take much effort anymore . It is just what I do . I am so glad that it has gotten easier . But I must admit , the first 15 minutes of every morning workout is taken up by the little voice inside my head. It keeps telling me to go back to bed, this is insane . The voice usually runs out of steam after a bit , (thankfully) and I just carry on with my routine.
I am so glad tomorrow marks the offical middle of the week . I love weekends even though they are almost always more work than weekdays !

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