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Not Good !

Posted by Susan on April 22, 2009

Today I did something I haven’t done in a long time ………….. When I got to work this morning there was this lovely gift from a former patient sitting on counter in the Rehab Kitchen . Usually I am ok with temptation , I think about the calories , is it worth it ? Today I reverted to old habits and ate some . Not enough to make me sick (thankfully) but enough to have an adverse effect all the same ! For the past few months I have eated “tastes” of yummy sweets , but haven’t eaten much more than that. Today I would say I had about 6 of these little beauties (same as picture above ) .
The first thing I noticed was that the peaceful , calm , mood I have been in of late was not so peaceful . I felt jittery and nervous , like I used to. I felt terrible . I felt like I was rushing around for no reason and getting nowhere . I felt that my temper was short . There were moments that I literally went into the bathroom , or was alone in the elevator , and had to talk myself down and take deep breaths because I was feeling stressed. I used to feel this way before I got on track with me eating , before when I used to binge all weekend and try to make up for it during the week . I definately did NOT like the feeling , and the only thing I can think of that was different was the large amount of sugar ingested that I was not used to .
I don’t think I will indulge like that anymore , especially first thing in the morning ! Wether the reaction I experienced was from the actual chemical reaction to the sugar in my body , or just plain old guilt , I do not think a moments pleasure was worth a day of nervous energy and short tempers ! I like myself better (and I am sure others do too ) when I am balenced and even feeling . I guess it is good to mess up now and then . It teaches about what foods effect your body for the better , or for the worse !

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