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I am not a very fun date……….

Posted by Susan on March 7, 2009

Sometimes I feel sorry for my husband. I was so obsessed this morning about what I was going to order for breakfast this morning. And as always he was forced to listen to me the entire way there. (thankfully it was only a 10 min. ride to the diner from our house) I get there and look at the menu, praying they have a lite section……..but no they do not. The only thing they do offer is anything cooked with with Eggbeaters for .50 extra……ok, something to work with. I ended up ordering a mushroom omlette with Eggbeaters and rye toast…..probably should have skipped buttered toast, but I did ask for them to hold the potatoes (and I adore them !) I guess that wasn’t too bad.
What I hate about eating out is that no matter what you order, you can definately make it at home for a lot less calories. I end up eating a larger amount of calories and especially when it is breakfast, it throws my entire day off. Oh well, I best get used to it, this is life and I need to live it. As a very wise, wonderful new friend reminded me……this is for life and it would be unrealistic to think I can live the rest of my life avoiding eating out. So, all in all I did well, it was yummy and although it caused some panic, (sort of a dumb reaction, but oh well!) I did ok.
My knee feels much, much better, and I plan on resting it until Monday morning. I cannot wait to workout again. I miss it for so many reasons. I am excited to get back to it ! Part of me wants to start tomorrow, but I want to be sure it is 100%, because I do NOT want to miss another week of exercise.

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Posted by Susan on March 6, 2009

I am finally in a position where it is possible to rest my knee. Three days off to not have to be on my feet 8+ hours a day……I am off for the next 3 days and the plan is to do some chores, hang out with Hubby, and let this knee thing resolve ! Monday will definately be buisness as usual. I HATE not working out in the mornings !!!!!!

This week has definately been a challenge, but the one good thing is that I’ve not used it as an excuse to binge, so that is progress. We will see what tomorrow morning brings.

Tonight my Hubby and I are going out for his birthday dinner…pizza, I’ve planned my calories around this dinner so I can enjoy some pizza.

Aside from dinner I am unsure about todays plans, it’s his day (Hubby) so he gets to call the shots. I personally like to have a plan …he on the other hand likes to do whatever ….so cool. It will be a great day because it is time spent alone together….I know corney but true !

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