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Don’t Over Think It !

Posted by Susan on May 6, 2009

I’ve been thinking a lot about motivation when it comes to working out . In many of the blogs I read , people find daily exercise routines a struggle . It is understandable when you consider the reality of it all . In order to keep up the body you are and have been working so hard to get , you have to commit to this lifestyle for life ! That sounds so daunting sometimes .
I have to honestly say that I do not love working out , but I do love how it makes me feel and what it does for my body and how it makes my body look . I think that my actual workout program that keeps me excited . I do a program called Turbulence Training and I love it ! It is fast paced , and time efficient and has totally changed the way I think about exercise . ( I plan a blog post on it tomorrow )
I also am in the habit of working out first thing in the morning . For me , it gets me in and out and done . I don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the day . I have my alarm on the other side of my bedroom so I have to get up in order to turn it off. Then I go straight into the bathroom where I have my clothes set out and waiting for me . I brush my teeth , get dressed and go straight downstairs to my exercise room and get to it . I am very fortunate to have a little mini gym in my basement. If I had to drap myself to the gym I am not sure how I would do it !
I have accumulated a lot of equipment over the years . I have a decent sized room downstairs that houses the equipment and my TV / DVD player . I workout while watching VH1 reality show crap , and it is one of my favorite times of the day . Of course at first I am a little sleepy , but after about 15 mins. I am warmed up and feel great .
I think the most important thing about working out is not to over think it . If your anything like me at all, you can think of enough excuses to not workout at all given enough time to do so. If I do it first thing , I don’t have time to think. At this point I feel like working out is just a habit. I wuldn’t start the day without brushing my teeth, I wouldn’t think of just skipping work for a few weeks , and I workout in one way or another everyday .
To me , this is a small price to pay . It is my insurance policy . I never , ever want to be a fat chick again . THAT is what I hated ! I will continue to do it for that reason alone !

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One Party Down, One To Go !

Posted by Susan on March 15, 2009

Yesterday was fun ! I threw a birthday party for my niece Katelynn. She turned 8 yesterday. I made the cake, it came out really cute I was very proud of it ! We had pizza and cake and ice cream. I figured the cake and pizza into my calories for the day, I skipped the ice cream with my cake. I didn’t go over the higher end of my calorie range, but i felt so bloated and over full at the end of the night ! Yuck ! But at least I got to eat like everyone else and didn’t feel deprived. I am in this for life and parties and things that include food are inevitable. I need to learn how to participate without blowing up my diet. It is way easier to plan ahead when you are the one throwing the party or get together, because it makes it a lot easier to plan out the food you eat.

Today another party. This one is for my husband. We are having pasta and meatballs , and ice cream cake. I’ve planned out all my calories for the day, and I am ready. I know exactly what I will have, how much, and I feel good about it. I will be happy to get back to the food I am comfortable with, but this weekend is a good lesson for me. I need to learn to manage my calories.

The week ahead will be nothing different. I will be doing my circuit training 3x this week, HIIT 20 min. afterward. Two days this week I will be doing SS cardio for 45 min. I will be IF 2 days this week, Tues. and Fri. I will be tracking all food and calories as usual. I am ready to get back into my routine.

This week is the last week for me before I am on vacation for a week. I am not sure how that week will go. I will be off routine, and my husband will be working, so I have to fight “boredom eating”. Another one of my many eating issues. It will be good for me to figure out ways to keep busy and NOT eat out of boredom. I have PLENTY to do around the house and in the yard. It should not be too hard to find things to do. Plus it will give me a chance to do some extra workouts, take a yoga class or a spin class and add it to my regular workouts. We’ll see how it goes. I think I will be ok……I just need to think before I eat something.
Anyway, I am off to straighten out the house and get myself ready for another party day ! Have a great week !

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Things I can not live without…….on this journey.

Posted by Susan on March 8, 2009

There are so many things that contribute to the 11 pounds I have lost this past month. I decided to make a list of some of them :

1. The constant love and support of my always tolerent husband (love you)

2. My trusty notebook, calorie counter book, and my calculator, I would be eating too much without those three items.

3.My HUGE water bottle. It holds 8 glasses of water , and I drink 2 of them a day

4. My I-pod shuffle, I can’t do cardio without music.

5. 100 calorie snacks………a lot of people don’t agree, but I NEED something sweet now and then and this is the safest way for me to have my sweet without throwing off my calorie count for the entire day.

6. 8 hours of sleep. I go to bed early, and wake up early. Every night, even weekends (unless something is planned and makes it impossible)

7. AM workouts. I work very early in the morning so I have to get up extremely early to workout. I do this because if I wait until after work I will never do it !

8. My little home gym. Over the years, I have tried sooooo many fitness programs. I’ve bought equipment, weights, bands, all kinds of things. When we bought this house I snagged an extra bedroom and made it into a little gym. If I couldn’t roll out of bed and walk downstairs to workout in the mornings I am not sure I would workout at all !

9. Breakfast. It is my favorite meal of the day, and I eat the same thing every day and love it. Egg whites (I buy them in little cartons, like Eggbeaters), with 1/4 cup of low fat cheese, and oatmeal….

10. My job. I am lucky enough to have a very physical job. I literally run all day for 7 therapists, doing all their filing, faxing, bringing patients to and from their therapy sessions……and a ton of other thing. I do complain about it sometimes, but I should be grateful that I don’t have to sit at a desk all day….it doesn’t help the weight battle.

11. Blogs. I get so much out of the blogs I read regularly. Inspiration. Motivation. It is so great to know that others understand the struggles, especially when when you don’t have a lot of friends who get it !

12. The Internet. There are so many resourses available . You can find the answers to so many diet and nutrician questions. It is a excellent tool.

13. Green tea. I love this stuff. It takes the edge off my hunger and it has saved me many times from eating when I thought I was hungry.

14. Small plates. I serve myself all my meals on small plates. It makes me feel like I am eating a full plate of food, when I am actually not…..dinner plates are massive, and if I were to fill one with food it would be a days worth of calories………it is all an optical illusion….but it works for me.

15. Old pictures of myself. One especially…it is from Christmas 2004, and I am huge. I remember when I first saw it…. I was heartbroken. I keep it on my fridge as a reminder of where I never want to be again.

16. My blog. It keeps me accountable, gives me a place to rant, to celebrate victories, it helps me stay on track, I am not sure anyone really reads it , but it is ultimately for me anyway.

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I am not a very fun date……….

Posted by Susan on March 7, 2009

Sometimes I feel sorry for my husband. I was so obsessed this morning about what I was going to order for breakfast this morning. And as always he was forced to listen to me the entire way there. (thankfully it was only a 10 min. ride to the diner from our house) I get there and look at the menu, praying they have a lite section……..but no they do not. The only thing they do offer is anything cooked with with Eggbeaters for .50 extra……ok, something to work with. I ended up ordering a mushroom omlette with Eggbeaters and rye toast…..probably should have skipped buttered toast, but I did ask for them to hold the potatoes (and I adore them !) I guess that wasn’t too bad.
What I hate about eating out is that no matter what you order, you can definately make it at home for a lot less calories. I end up eating a larger amount of calories and especially when it is breakfast, it throws my entire day off. Oh well, I best get used to it, this is life and I need to live it. As a very wise, wonderful new friend reminded me……this is for life and it would be unrealistic to think I can live the rest of my life avoiding eating out. So, all in all I did well, it was yummy and although it caused some panic, (sort of a dumb reaction, but oh well!) I did ok.
My knee feels much, much better, and I plan on resting it until Monday morning. I cannot wait to workout again. I miss it for so many reasons. I am excited to get back to it ! Part of me wants to start tomorrow, but I want to be sure it is 100%, because I do NOT want to miss another week of exercise.

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Do I love working out?

Posted by Susan on February 26, 2009

I just got finished reading my favorite blog (Prior Fatgirl), and she posed an interesting question today………will there ever be a day when I love working out? I have already accepted the fact that this is a lifestyle and in order to keep what I have worked so hard to attain, I need to workout FOREVER ! I try to keep it in perspective, I try to look at it as a day at a time. Get through todays workout, and think about tomorrows, tomorrow.

I workout in the AM because I know myself, putting it off only makes me think of too many excuses why NOT to do it. I get up every morning at 3am, and change into my gear and hit the basement. (I have a little gym I set up down there) I do it all on autopilot….I don’t think about it, just do it. I get it done and I give it all I’ve got and I am done !

Do I love doing it ? No. Will I be consumed with guilt if I don’t do it…..absolutely ! I would rather do it than deal with knowing all day long that I let myself down. And of course, when it is all over with, I am soooooo glad that I did it. I feel good, I have more energy, my mood is better and I feel accomplished.

Working out is tough, even people who love it have times where their motivation is lacking. But the most important thing is that you work through it…this is, as they say, a jouney not a destination. It is a fact of life in order to keep the body you want the working out aspect is crucial. There are certain pieces of the diet puzzle you just can not skip if you want to reach the ultimate goal.

I personally love routine. I find comfort in it. I have my routine right now exactly where I want it. It works for me, and my AM workouts have become a habit for me now. So I would feel off if I just blew it off. So I guess in my way I do love it . It is a part of my life at this point……..I don’t start the day without brushing my teeth, taking a shower, doing my hair…..and I don’t start my day without a work out……..except on Sunday, that is my day off, and I find myself missing it on that day as well.

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