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Monumental Decision

Posted by Susan on June 14, 2009

Two weeks from this Thursday (July 2nd) I am going to do something that in January of this year I vowed I would do. I wasn’t sure I would make it to this point , but since I have it is time to make good on this promise.

I lived in a lake community, and part of our yearly fees includes beach rights to the community beach. I’ve lived here for 2 years this July 2nd and since I’ve lived here I’ve never used the beach. I’ve gone down there in the evenings with my niece or visiting family to swim but always sat on the shore in sweats and a t-shirt, I’ve never been down there in a swimsuit, and never ventured down there alone , and not during the day.

I’ve decided that on that date I will do it ! I am going to pack up my book, some lunch, and put on my swimsuit and go down to the beach to spend the day ! I’ve been putting it off long enough ! Making a million excuses, and now it is time to just do it !

I am going to ignore my loose skin, my stretch marks, not to mention the left over cellulite on the back of my upper thighs, and just bite the bullet ! I look better than I ever have and although that does not mean perfect, I am smart enough to understand that there really is no “perfect”. I am normal, I am just like everyone else. I need to face this fear once and for all so that I can enjoy my summers and my home ……. Lord knows we pay enough for the privilege so I may as well take advantge of it ! Plus I love the lake, I love sitting by it on the sand, I love swimming, it was one of the reasons I was excited to move here in the first place.

I need to do this. Just break the ice and get over it ! So I’ve marked it on my calendar , no more excuses. This was one of the first things on my “Things to do when I get skinny” list and I am not letting this summer, another summer, pass me by.

So pray for nice weather on the 2nd of July…………….. I’ll keep you posted !

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Things I can not live without…….on this journey.

Posted by Susan on March 8, 2009

There are so many things that contribute to the 11 pounds I have lost this past month. I decided to make a list of some of them :

1. The constant love and support of my always tolerent husband (love you)

2. My trusty notebook, calorie counter book, and my calculator, I would be eating too much without those three items.

3.My HUGE water bottle. It holds 8 glasses of water , and I drink 2 of them a day

4. My I-pod shuffle, I can’t do cardio without music.

5. 100 calorie snacks………a lot of people don’t agree, but I NEED something sweet now and then and this is the safest way for me to have my sweet without throwing off my calorie count for the entire day.

6. 8 hours of sleep. I go to bed early, and wake up early. Every night, even weekends (unless something is planned and makes it impossible)

7. AM workouts. I work very early in the morning so I have to get up extremely early to workout. I do this because if I wait until after work I will never do it !

8. My little home gym. Over the years, I have tried sooooo many fitness programs. I’ve bought equipment, weights, bands, all kinds of things. When we bought this house I snagged an extra bedroom and made it into a little gym. If I couldn’t roll out of bed and walk downstairs to workout in the mornings I am not sure I would workout at all !

9. Breakfast. It is my favorite meal of the day, and I eat the same thing every day and love it. Egg whites (I buy them in little cartons, like Eggbeaters), with 1/4 cup of low fat cheese, and oatmeal….

10. My job. I am lucky enough to have a very physical job. I literally run all day for 7 therapists, doing all their filing, faxing, bringing patients to and from their therapy sessions……and a ton of other thing. I do complain about it sometimes, but I should be grateful that I don’t have to sit at a desk all day….it doesn’t help the weight battle.

11. Blogs. I get so much out of the blogs I read regularly. Inspiration. Motivation. It is so great to know that others understand the struggles, especially when when you don’t have a lot of friends who get it !

12. The Internet. There are so many resourses available . You can find the answers to so many diet and nutrician questions. It is a excellent tool.

13. Green tea. I love this stuff. It takes the edge off my hunger and it has saved me many times from eating when I thought I was hungry.

14. Small plates. I serve myself all my meals on small plates. It makes me feel like I am eating a full plate of food, when I am actually not…..dinner plates are massive, and if I were to fill one with food it would be a days worth of calories………it is all an optical illusion….but it works for me.

15. Old pictures of myself. One especially…it is from Christmas 2004, and I am huge. I remember when I first saw it…. I was heartbroken. I keep it on my fridge as a reminder of where I never want to be again.

16. My blog. It keeps me accountable, gives me a place to rant, to celebrate victories, it helps me stay on track, I am not sure anyone really reads it , but it is ultimately for me anyway.

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