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Random Tuesday

Posted by Susan on July 14, 2009

This Week’s Mini-Goal :

I mentioned last week that I wanted to phase out some of the processed foods I’ve been eating and replace them with more unprocessed foods. When I went food shopping on Friday night I stocked up on more fruits and vegetables and began on Saturday . So far , this is what I have noticed from this change:

– I have more energy

– I am fuller and stay satisfied longer from the meals and snacks I’ve replaced

– I do not miss the processed foods I’ve replaced

– my skin feels better (more hydrated)

– My body seems to be in shock sort of……….I am not used to this much fiber !

– To my surprise , buying more produce did NOT make my grocery bill higher, it actually made it lower

– I am motivated by this overall good feeling to phase out even more processed foods

Now this is not to say I will phase out processed foods all together, because frankly, I enjoy a 100 calorie pack of cookies now and then ……… but I can definitely see myself eating them less. I am striving to balance the 2 things, because for me personally, I could never commit to saying I will NEVER eat anything ! But if I can keep my meals during the week on the lesser side, and allow myself some flexibility on the weekends , that would be just fine with me. I am done with doing anything to the extreme as far as eating goes. But it is great to know that I enjoy the healthy stuff just as much as the “could be healthier ” stuff ! I am really excited to have both Incorporated in my new lifestyle !

7 Weeks !

It will be 7 weeks this Saturday that I have successfully maintained my goal weight ! Wow ! I was so scared at the beginning, paranoid actually ! But as each weeks progress I am little by little getting the hang of it. I am getting to know my body better and better. I am able to relax a little while still keeping myself mindful of what and how much I am eating. This maintenance is in spite of a few family gatherings that included food I don’t normally eat. I feel that I can handle these situations, I plan ahead for them and I make up for them afterward.

My ultimate goal is to be able to say at 12:00 midnight Jan. 1, 2010, that losing weight is NOT one of my New Years Resolutions ! That would be the first time it wasn’t on the top of my list of resolutions since I was old enough to know what a resolution actually was !!!!!!

Over all I think that the life I am leading right now is absolutely sustainable. I can live like this forever and not feel like I am missing out. I still track portions and calories and I don’t know when that will end. For me, it is like a security blanket. It makes me feel more in control of my eating. I may not do it forever , but I don’t mind keeping it up for as long as I have to in order to feel comfortable enough to go without it.

I am excited right now with how my new healthy lifestyle is progressing. I feel confident that I will not slide back into my unhealthy and destructive behaviors of the past. I may slip here and there , but I will NOT slide ! And I have an 8″x 10″ of my before and after picture posted on the fridge door to remind me where I’ve been and how far I’ve come !

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Weekly Weigh In : 137.6 lbs.

Posted by Susan on June 13, 2009

My weigh in today has me confused. I never thought I would say this but I am still losing and that has me a little concerned. This morning I weighed in at 137.6. Not that I don’t like this number, because I do ! I just need to stop losing now.

I am 5’9″ tall . I had no intention of going into the 130’s at all. I must say I am liking the fact that I am begining to see some muscle definition due to the fact that there is a lot less fat covering the mucle now. But I do beleive there is such a thing as too skinny!

Wow ! I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be worried about a weigh in that is too low ! All these years of worrying about how high the number on the scale was………now I am stressing over how low it is ???

I had a long talk the other day with the dietitian at work. (you remember, the one I never listened to?) I wanted to thank her for the great advice she gave me last year. We got to talking about how to maintain. She told me she beleives I should be eating at least 2000 calories a day ! What ???? I almost fell off my chair ! That seems like such a high number !!! As it is , it has been really hard this week trying to eat 1700-1800. She explained that with the circuit training /HIIT that I do plus my very active job, I need to eat more. She said that if I cut back on the exercise I would need less.

Well, I love my workouts. They are quick, easy , and for me , the workouts have become a mental thing. They help me keep my head at work, they help keep my mood steady and they help tremendously in the management of stress. I do not want to cut them back.

This week I will experiment with the 2000 calorie thing, because I don’t want to lose anymore weight , I just want to stay right where I am. I just need to get over that paranoid feeling as I see the total number of calories climb higher !

The most difficult thing about maintaining is switching my mind out of diet mode ! I have been on some kind of diet for what seems like my entire life on and off. Turning it off , I am finding, is is extrememly hard ! I worry that I will slip back into bad habits, I worry that if I get out of the “zone” I will end up right back where I began.

I will make an effort to get myself up to 2000 calories this week. I need to experiment with it and see what happens at the end of the week next week.

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First Day Back To Work……..

Posted by Susan on June 8, 2009

Today wasn’t too painful …… but painful enough ! I spend the work week clock watching. I get up, watch the clock while I am working out to make sure I don’t run late, watch the clock when I am getting ready so I have time to eat, watch the clock to make sure I get there on time. When I get home it begins again ! Watching the clock to make sure I get all the chores done, get my shower in, get my dinner, so I can get to bed before 8:00 pm !

Last week I didn’t watch the clock at all ! I had no real ime constraints, so I did what I had to do without any worries about the time ! Oh well, welcome back to reality Sue !!!

Today I needed to get in my extra calories , and it was hard to do at times because I was busier than usual doing all the backed up work I missed last week. One of my co-workers made a comment that I was “eating a lot today”. I should have just brushed it off, but it got me worried about possibly gaining back my weight ! I swear, I am still really paranoid about that possibility. I suppose that is normal, I was really heavy for a really long time ! The thought of ever going back to that place in my life is really scarey to me ! It makes me sweat just to think about it !

In my head I know that with the exercise I am fine , and I am truely not eating that many calories yet ! I’ve only upped them 200 , and that is still on the low side. But I am still insecure about it ! I was fine when I weighed myself this morning, hopefully tomorrows weigh in will help ease my mind.

I know I said this was easier than I thought , and it is in some ways. But my mind still messes with me ! The fear of slipping backward is always there. I am hoping in a few months I will get used to my new body, and I will have a good idea exactly what my limitations are. Until then I am going to keep my extra SS cardio day on Saturdays ( I skipped it last week) just as an insurence policy !

It amazes me how my mind works, how I stress over the dumbest things, and how I still can’t seem to believe that I am going to be able to hold on to this loss long term. Sometimes I just feel like I am hanging on for dear life waiting for it all to slip away. I’ve even had dreams that I wake up in my old body, and none of this ever really happened at all ! I think I am nuts sometimes !

Well, off to bed. Tomorrow is another day !

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Anniversary Pat 2 : What I Ate

Posted by Susan on June 3, 2009

I was not as worried and completely stressed out about the prospect of eating out today as I usually am. I’d already told myself that it was a special day, and I was free to eat what I wanted, but within reason ! In the past , the within reason stuff was usually where I fell short !

I’d never been to this restaurant before and wanted to really experience it and eat something good. I decided on the greek omelet, with rye toast and fried potatoes. It was soooo good ! Nothing was greasey like your usual diner food, everything was fresh. The fried potatoes were new potaotes with the skin on them with a little bit of onion.

I ate the entire omelet, half of the potatoes, and on slice of toast. I was stuffed ! But the idea of ME , ever leaving food on my plate is totally unheard of !!!!!! I never listen to my body when it is trying to tell me it is full. NEVER ! If something tasted good I would eat it until it was gone……no matter how stuffed I felt !

Now this is progress ! It is the New Me begining to surface, and I am soooo glad to see her ! I was full and I stopped ! ME!?

Anyway, that meal kept me satisfied the entire day. I didn’t need to eat, I wasn’t hungry……so I didn’t eat ! Another milestone ! In the past I would use the excuse of celebration, and eat all day long !

We went out for dinner around 7 pm. I has one dinner roll with butter. Then I ordered my favorite meal. Eggplant Parm. with a side of spaghetti. I ate about half of it and started to feel that full feeling again. So I stopped ! I took the rest home.

Another thing I have never done ! I always kept eating to the point where I felt as if I would bust ! And then have dessert on top of it ! How in the world did I eat all of that ?????? No wonder I would spend most nights after dinner out with reflux that kept me up all night long !
I had every intention of having dessert with dinner…… was a celebration after all. Matt is not one for sweets but he agreed to share one with me. By the time the meal ended , I was not wanting dessert. That never would have stopped me before. I would have had it anyway! And I would not have shared either ! I instead opted to have something at home if I wanted something later ……..but I never had it……. I wasn’t hungry for it, and I listened to my body.
When I got home I tracked the calories I had for my “free day” just for the heck of it. I wasn’t going to stress about it, I was just curious. I went a little over 2000 for the day. Not bad ! In the past when I allowed a day of freedom it would undoubtedly become a free for all ! I would stuff myself beyond the point of stuffed just because I could ! I had the mentality of “here is my chance ! who knows when I will get to eat whatever I want again !” and end up sick by the end of the day !
I have been telling myself that I was going to try to maintain my weight, and still live my life. To find a balance. What I learned today is that if I listen to my body when it tells me it is full, if I don’t overdo just because I can, and I make chioce that I really enjoy eating, I can occasionally splurge a little. I can live my life and enjoy celebrations. I can give myself some treats now and then.
What a great discovery ! I may just get this maintaining thing down after all !

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Day Trip

Posted by Susan on June 2, 2009

This morning I got up at 5am to get my workout in before we went away for the day. I did 30 min. of circuit training, and 30 min. HIIT on the treadmill. Then I got myself ready to get on the road.

Our destination for the day was Mystic , Connecticut. It is about 2 hours away from home on the coast of Connecticut. On the way we stopped at this cute little diner. I had 1 egg , 1 slice of cheese, and one slice of ham on an english muffin. I aslo had a bite of Matt’s home fried potatoes! (YUM!)

That meal pretty much held me for the entire day ! I packed snacks just in case, we ended up breaking into them on the ride home.

We first stopped in this cute little town called Stonington. Matt went there for work a few times and told me all about it and I really wanted to visit it. It was quaint and beautiful. Right on the ocean, definately my kind of town ! It was a perfect day today , aside from the wind. We stopped and walked the beach and took tons of pictures.

Then we were off again ! To Mystic. Our first stop was the Mystic Aquarium. We’ve been there before with my niece Kate, and always wanted to go back. We had fun wandering around all the exhibits, and watching the whales, and seals be fed.

From there we went to the Mystic Seaport. That was beautiful. Like stepping back in time. It is a huge museum, a recreation of a fishing town that was once there in the 1700’s. We walked all over and visited all the exhibits, went on all the refurbished fishing boats.

My husband is a history buff, and loved it ! I loved looking at the homes that were furnished as they would have been during that period of time. the entire place was magical.

We had a great day ! When we got home we did some more work on the yard. It’s really coming together and I am so happy ! We bought our house from an older couple who didn’t do much with the yard. It looked really shabby. I am really happy with all the progress we have made.

Tomorrow is our 2 year wedding anniversary! We have a special plan to celebrate the day, and I am looking forward to it !

Today was ok food-wise, until tonight. Sunday I bought some trail mix and tried some. Well trying turned into going overboard. I ended up throwing it out. I am not over my calorie range for the day , but I could see myself stepping into the danger zone and I just could NOT let that happen ! I have come way too far to fall back into bad habits !

I am really finding this balance thing tough. I feel weird upping calories, I am nervous about it. I am not even sure what I am doing ! Ugh ! Dieting was so much easier !

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First Day of Maintainance

Posted by Susan on May 31, 2009

The first thing I did yesterday morning was workout. Knowing that I’ve reached my goal weight (FINALLY!) it was motiviation to get my hour of exercise in. Then I decided to clean out the closet in our bathroom. This picture is embarassing to say the least ! I am usually a very organized person, but my closets need some help!

Anyway I needed a place to put my scale so that it was accessable to me every morning so that I can get into the habit of weighing myself every morning before my workout, so I decided to clean out the closet and put the scale in there out of sight.

I ended up throwing away one HUGE trash bag full of junk ! Below is the end result :

And here is the new home for my scale. (excuse the dusty corners, I took the pic before I vacumed the floor in there !)

I did my first weigh in this morning when I got up. I kind of worry about the whole daily weigh in thing. I don’t want to get obsessive about it, but I need to keep tabs on it somehow, so for now this is the only solution I can think of.

I upped my calories yesterday about 150 yesterday. I felt really weird eating more , but I am doing it and will continue to.

My sister gave me a bunch of cute tops yesterday that she doesn’t wear anymore. A few had tags still on them ! (she works in retail ) As I pulled each one out I looked at them and my first thought was…….oh this won’t fit. But when I tried on each shirt, sure enough, they all fit ! I am glad to have a few new things to add to my wordrobe !

We finished the front yard edging yesterday. It is coming together nicely. Now we have to wait for the shrubs I ordered to come in and mulch. Since we worked all day yesterday, we decided to make today the first offical day of vacation ! I am not sure what we are doing , but we are doing something fun! We are just going to relax and see how we feel before we decide.

I got up this morning after a good night’s sleep , and enjoying my green tea , waiting to see how the day unfolds. It feels good to know that I don’t have to run around preparing for the work week !

Look what I got this week ! I won this cookbook plus various goodies ! Amy ‘s blog “Fatty McButterpants ” had a give away and I won! My first time ever winning a give away ! The cookbook is great ! Thanks Amy!

I hope every one has a great Sunday !

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Weekly Weigh In : GOAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Susan on May 30, 2009

I did it ! Can you beleive it ???????? I hit it exactly ! I lost 2.6 lbs. this week making me 140 lbs. It is early Saturday morning and I am slightly in shock but extremely happy all the same !!!!
Wow ! I have been working on this since I got engaged in 2006. At the time it seemed like every pound I lost was just a drop in the bucket …….. a gigantic bucket ! I struggled , I made mistakes , I stopped and started, for 3 years. It wasn’t until the begining of this year, 2009, that I “got it” ! Finally ! Now I am doing a workout I love , and eating food , and not depriving myself , and everything has changed !
I know this sounds dramatic , but losing this weight has completely changed who I am . For the better ! I feel a shift in , not only my body, but my mind. I am different, and I like it !
Now I enter the next stage of my journey……..maintaining my weight and living my life using all the tools I’ve gained in these past 3-4 years . I feel as though I know what works , and what does not work for me. I feel differently toward food and exercise.
On to a whole new adventure ! I am up for it, and I plan on making it work !!! Here are my Goal sats for this week :
Weight : 140.0 (2.6 lbs.- Loss !!!!!!)
Fat % : 30.5 ( 30.5 – Loss )
BMI : 20.8 (o.4 – Loss )
Stay tuned as I figure out maintainance ! I am sure I will experience tons of ups and downs , because I have literally never done it before ! As of today (and for the next 2 weeks ) I am adding 200 calories to my daily total. That will bring me up to 1700 calories per day . It is kind of scarey , but I am just experimenting here. These calories will not be cake and cookie calories !!!! ( I wish !) They will be healthy calories in the form of fruit , veggies, whole grains, and protien. I will continue my workout programs 0f circuit training, SS cardio and HIIT mixed, and active rest days. Let’s see what happens !

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The Mystery Of Maintainance

Posted by Susan on May 28, 2009

I have been scouring the internet looking for sites with information on maintaining weight loss. What I’ve found is there are millions of sites on how to lose the weight, but nothing about how to keep it off ! It is like some big mystery that no one wants to give you a clue about !

If I’ve learned anything during this half of my journey it is this ……………….. I need to do what works for me , and maybe this absence of information is a blessing in disguise for me , in a way . In the past I have been known to over-research things, and get utterly confused by all the advice . I would jump from this to that , and never really get anywhere at all. The way I lost the weight in the first place was sticking to the basics . No crazy programs or diets ( maybe because I tried them all and nothing worked !) , just IN vs OUT !

So I have decided to go at this alone using my own common sense and the knowledge I’ve gained during the losing phase of my journey. Here are the things I know work and I know I can live with :

– Keep balence in my life while maintaining, if I know I will eat heavy at a certain meal, (because of a holiday or special occasion) eat lighter at other meals .

– weigh myself regularly (maybe daily at first ) to keep track of how I am doing

– Keep calories between 1800 – 2000 per day , upping my calories (with healthy foods ) slowly , maybe 100-200 every 2 weeks , keeping track of my weight fluctuations

-Keep tracking calories and portions

– Plan whenever possible ! When it is not possible , keep portions under control and make the best choice possible

– Continue to try new healthy recipes

-Live life ! If birthday cake is being served , and I want a piece , eat it, just keep it a small piece, enjoy , but keep under control. If I go over board once in a while , or I eat something not so great , forget it and move on !

-Continue my current exercise routine. I love it and it works for me ! I understand that working out is a must if I want to maintain this weight loss and I am willing and committed to keeping a up .

– Continue to keep active as much as possible with hiking , biking and anything else I feel like trying !

So that is the plan for now . It is really important to me to keep this up and never slide back to my old habits. I never want to be in the binge cycle again , I never want to be up nights with reflux issues because I over stuffed myself at a meal, I never want to be crying in a dressing room because everything I try on makes me look as big as a house , I never want to be afraid to wear a swim suit in public, and I never want my over weight body to be an issue again.

I want to make this maintainance thing my life. I want to live by this indefinately ! So that means it has to be sustainable . It has to be something that I can live with. I read a lot of blogs written by “former fat chicks ” and they have learned to balence life with healthy eating and I am determined to do that too ! ( with a little chocolate thrown in ! )

I guess what I need to do is to throw the same amount of work and focus into this phase of the diet game as I did the first phase ! To decide and commit to it . Yes I can be more flexible ( not at first, but once I get the hang of it ) , but I also need to keep mindful of where I want to spend calories. What is worth it and what is not. I will get the hang of it eventually.

Having a little plan in my head makes the prospect of maintaining a little less scarey, and a little less mysterious. Whatever doesn’t work I will just tweek until it does. There is always a solution if I think it through and I will find the solution to this as well !!!

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Never the same again ………

Posted by Susan on April 23, 2009

As I get closer to my goal weight I have been thinking a lot about all the things that will never be the same. My life will be different . It has to be in order to maintain the weight . I will need to live differently than I have in the past. I will not be on a ” diet ” anymore , but will be trying to live ” normally ” . Normally , but with a twist.

I will never be able to look at food the same again. No more mindless eating , no more stuffing my face until I am so full I feel sick . No more eating out of boredom , or stress , or any other emotion I don’t want to deal with . Never going back to the binge mentality , because I know now it never really helps a situation , it may numb it temporarily , but whatever feeling I am trying to numb will be there regardless . I will always have to pick the healthier choice , I will always have to practice portion control , I will always have to eat mindfully .

I will always have to exercise . I will always have to make it a part of my life , even when the weight loss goal is met . I will never maintain the loss without it , so it is juat a fact of life for me . Thankfully I like working out for the most part .

Life after weight loss will still hold it’s challenges , and still have it’s slip ups I’m sure . But what I most want to make perfectly clear to myself is that it is not over when it is over. It is something I will have to get used to living with , and it is something I have to accept if I am going to maintain. I never ever want to go back to the woman I once was . It is so important to me not to allow that . I figure as long as I keep my eyes open , pay attention , and continue good habits , like exercise , eating healthy , and watching how much I eat , I can somehow pull it together and live my life as a non – fat person.

The thought of the next stage in this jouney scares me a little . The best I can hope for is that I’ve learned something from where I’ve been . One thing I know for sure , my life will never be the same again ………….. If I plan on maintaining what I’ve earned .

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Family Dinner

Posted by Susan on April 18, 2009

Tonight we hosted a family dinner and the first official cookout of the season. I served hamburgers, hotdog, a big green salad, and potato chips. It was fun to be with my family (this was my side of the family) and we were lucky enough to have planned it on what turned out to be the nicest evening so far this year….it was in the high 60’s and breezy in Connecticut today.
I did well with my eating, I knew what we were having and planned out my food today to accomodater tonights dinner. I even had Pop Chips instead of regular chips….but I did end up picking at real full fat chips here and there, so that wasn’t so good. I hate when I eat things I shouldn’t the night before a weigh in, it stresses me out. I guess I will see what happens in the morning.
It is really tough to eat only a certain amount of food when everyone else is eating whatever. It is so much easier when I am on my own. But I need to learn to be around food and people and not go nuts. I was tempted to eat an extra hotdog, but I didn’t……….I just wish I never opened the second bag of chips, I ended up picking and I know from experience that picking is dangerous. You have no idea how much you are eating, picking tends to be mindless and mindless is dangerous for me.
The good news is I am not bloated or over full. I know when I feel like that I went terribly wrong ! I feel fine right now, and it could have been a whole lot worse. It is something I need to work on. I am just not good with eating around others who eat as much as they want…..I tend to want to follow their lead. I need to eat what I planned to eat and no more. I did ok this time, will do better next time.
Tomorrow is my weekly weigh in. I would love it if I could hit my first goal weight tomorrow….that would be 150 lbs. My second and ultimate goal would be 140 lbs. But I will cross that bridge when I come to it. For now I will be completely happy if I lost 2 lbs. tomorrow. I guess we shall see…………

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