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Freedom Is Just A Day Away !!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Susan on September 3, 2009

Hurray ! Almost Friday ! And a Holiday weekend to boot ! Can’t get much better than that right ? We have no plans aside from a small get together with Matt’s side of the family on Sunday. It should be fun .

This weekend is my last weekend of the summer. I will be busy with an extra job all month, and by the time I’ve finished it it will be October ! I plan on enjoying it as much as possible !

Here are today’s food choices:

For breakfast , an egg sammie and a banana ……….. for whatever reason it tasted especially good ! I was starving this morning after my workout !

Work today was crazy busy. I had an apple and a granola bar. That held me until lunch because I was way too busy to even think about if I was hungry or not ! ( a good thing I guess)

For lunch I had some granola in Greek yogurt, and a nectarine.

Dinner was a HUGE veggie salad with a chicken breast, some sunflower seeds, sesame sticks, and reduced fat cheese.

I was really low on calories today ( making up a little for the cake splurge yesterday) so I had this concoction …… DC cake, FF frozen yogurt , lite chocolate syrup , and whipped cream. A dark chocolate kiss instead of a cherry !
Shred Update :

Day #3 / Level 1 : complete , along with 20 min. HIIT on the treadmill !
I know it is probably my imagination , but I sweat I FEEL leaner ! I know, it has just been 3 days , but I can feel my body responding and even if it isn’t , this illusion is keeping me extra motivated !!!!!
Onward fellow Shredders !!!!!!!!

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Wednesday : Two More Days ‘Till The Weekend !!!!!!

Posted by Susan on August 12, 2009

Ah ! Home at last ! Can you tell I hate my job ? Nah ! ( but Yeah !). I love coming home , getting my chores done and then sitting down to read blogs and write my own.

I drank my 3 cups of green tea today, I drink it anyway so it is no big sacrifice. I just finished my last cup today.

Here are my eats for the day :

This morning before I worked out, I had 1/2 an lite whole grain English muffin, with a smear of reduced fat peanut butter. I used to workout fasted, but I find that I have more energy when I when I eat a little something before I get started.

Breakfast this morning was plain oatmeal, Reese’s Puffs ( yeah I know ! I bought them for my niece , but tried them and they were yummy ! I wouldn’t eat them everyday, but once in a while can’t hurt. And they are whole grain !) with a teasp. of Chocolate Dreams Peanut butter. I also has a hard boiled egg.

Snack at work consisted of a yogurt and Fiber One cereal ( I got a large box for $2.00 at Big Lot’s , love that place !)

For lunch I had the other half of the tuna, carrot, broccoli slaw salad I had yesterday, some whole grain crackers, (I packed 4 but only ate 2) a nectarine, and some Special K crackers.

For dinner I had a huge veggie salad consisting of spinach, Romain lettuce, broccoli, zucchini, carrots and some broccoli slaw thrown in. I added reduced fat cheese, sunflower seeds, and a 4 oz. chicken breast. I had some dressing on the side. I dip the tines of my fork into it , just to get the taste on the veggies, but not drown it in the stuff. It works well for me.
Again for dessert it was Diet Coke Cake ! I ALWAYS have dessert. Even when I wasn’t maintaining, I had it. I need it ! I have to end my day with something yummy and sweet , but I try to make it low in calorie and keep the portion reasonable.
I make it with reduced sugar cake mix (Pilsbury makes it) so I save a few calories there. It is much denser than cake made the conventional way, but to me it is more like a fudgie brownie, and I am all about that !
I used to buy 100 calorie cakes but for one thing they are expensive, and they are teeny tiny ! I find the Diet Coke Cake to be both cost effective and it satisfies my need for sweet. I like is as much if not more than real cake. ( I LOVE cake ! Any kind, any flavor !)
I am so glad the week is winding down, the weekend is in sight ! I need to get ready for sleep. I haven’t been too good about getting to bed on time the past few nights because of the beautiful weather. Tonight is raining so no excuses ……. off to bed I go !

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Typical Sunday : Planning

Posted by Susan on July 12, 2009

As I’ve mentioned before, I am a planner. Almost to the point where I tend to go a little overboard ! But I hate running around last minute in the mornings, and when I get home from work I am always too tired to think about cooking !

This morning I got up at 4:30am to run over to the house I was sitting for (they came back this afternoon) to let the dogs out and feed them. When I got home I did something I NEVER do ! I went back to bed ! It was 6am, and I was exhausted for some reason ! Usually I love my early mornings , especially on Sundays, but today my body needed rest. I ended up sleeping until 9am , in my world that is like noon ! I probably would have slept later but the phone woke me up !

I think the reason I needed extra rest is that I haven’t taken a rest day from working out in about a month. I decided this weekend to take the whole weekend off . That’s right…… no working out at all ! I didn’t think I could do it, but I did …….but I am looking forward to getting back into it tomorrow.

This is what a typical Sunday looks like for me. I always cook for the week and get lunches and snacks ready so that packing them at night is easier.

I made pasta for the week’s dinners.

Hard boiled some eggs for snacks or to use as protein in my lunches.

I made 2 turkey meat loaves, one to freeze , and one to eat for dinners during the week.

HG Spinach, Mushroom, Mozzarella Supreme for dinners this week.

I sliced up watermelon to use for breakfasts, lunches, and/or snacks.

I prepared a big salad with spring mix, broccoli, and carrots for lunches and dinners.

Sugar Free Jello Pudding for desserts during the week.
I also made a spaghetti squash, and have enough left over to have it tomorrow night for dinner ! So I am ready for the week ! All I have to do when I get home from work is make lunches for myself and the Hubs, shower , and heat up something that I made today ! That leaves me time to relax, read some blogs and get to bed early !
I find that planning ahead like this helps me stay on track calorie-wise, and stops me from grabbing something unhealthy and fatty just for the sake of convenience. It also allows me more time to relax after a long day at work. I don’t mind eating the same thing during the week, I save variety for weekends !
So another weekend comes to an end , and another week begins ! Have a good one !

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