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We Couldn’t Wait !

Posted by Susan on May 13, 2009

My husband Matt and I celebrate our 2 year Wedding Anniversary on June 2nd. We took the week of that date off from work to spend together . We have a whole lot planned and it will be so nice not be together ! I can’t wait !

I told Matt what I wanted as an anniversary gift and I knew he got it ! I wanted to get him something that he would like without asking him what he wanted . I ordered his and it came on Tues. night .

The excitement of knowing he had mine hidden somewhere , and knowing I finally had my gift ready for him got too much for me ! I talked him into exchanging gifts early (about 3 weeks early ! ) !! The suspense was just too much for me ! It took some persuading but he finally agreed .

The top picture is my gift ! A new camera that takes awsome pics ! Out old one stunk for blogging but this one is the best ! The photos above are the last stinky pictures this blog will be seeing ! I can’t wait to start using it tomorrow .

I got Matt a Wii Fit ! Matt is the best guy in the entire world and I love him more than anything …….but ……. although he is my biggest suporter during the ups and downs of this weight loss journey, he has no interest in exercise . I got him back into hiking , and we are even looking into bikes to ride together . Since he is a huge, HUGE , video game freak , I thought this would be a great way to get him to move a little more and who knows ? Maybe he this ” game” could help cultivate an interest in other sorts of exercise options for him . I consider it a decent start ! Because you win points for doing the exercises , I think the gamer in him feels compelled to do it all the more ! So far (keeping my fingers crossed ) , he has been coming home from work and doing it first thing . I am really happy ! I don’t care what he looks like physically , my big concern is for his health so anything that will keep him moving is worth it for me . For the first time I think I surprised him with this one . He had no clue !

I am glad he let me talk him into our early gift exchange ! And I can’t wait to take photos of everything in site ! the camera is great !

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