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I am spending my vacation with……………….

Posted by Susan on March 24, 2009

These guys ! It is nice to have extra time in the day to do some extra working out. Yesterday I did an extra 1 hr. cardio session plus my regular circuit training and HIIT session. Today is a cardio day, and I don’t think I will have time for 2 sessions, but I will definately get in 1 hr.of SS cardio. I am also fasting today until dinner, because tonight is dinner out with some friends I used to work with. We’ve stayed in touch now for like 5 years I think, seen each other through 2 weddings, a new baby, and numerous other ups and downs in our lives. We try to get together for dinner every few months. Lately though, especially since I have been seriously working tward my weight loss goal, I have been avoiding the whole dinner thing. This dinner date with them is long over due.

I researched the restraunt we are going to, it is called Maggie McFly’s. It is a chain , theme restraunt, with a whole bunch of very fattening crap on the menu. I think I found something suitable though, but I need to do something I have never really done before………ask for something the way I want it ! Yes , as silly as it sounds I have never done this. Aside from asking for dressing on the side, or hold the fries I’ve never ordered food to my specifications. Tonight will be a first. I found a really nice salmon salad: salmon on a bed of organice baby greens, but it comes with red potato salad in the actual salad…………I want them to hold the potatoes and give me a different dressing than the one it is tossed with on the side…….I have this thing about not putting people out on my account, and it extends into restraunt ordering for some crazy reason. But I am seeing that people do this all the time…so why not get things how I want them right? I also don’t like drawing attention to the fact the I am on a diet……..but too bad, who really cares anyway.

One thing that I don’t like about this vacation thing are the nights…I’ve mentioned before that one of my issues is night time eating. Last night I had my niece until close to 9pm (my sister works Mon. nights). when she left I was starved , I tryed to sleep, but mentally knowing that I did not have my to get up at my usual ungodly hour in the morning, I wasn’t able to sleep. I got up and ate 3 cookies !!!! I know no great tragedy, I did not go over my calories , it was really no big deal, but it pissed me off just the same ! I have got to get to bed earlier, not give myself a chance to get the “night munchies”. Tonight I will be home a bit late , but I will (hopefully) be full from dinner and be able to take a shower and relax without temptation.

Tonight will be fun, and I am excited to catch up with friends. I bought a new top to wear, because I am finding most of my tops are big and look really sloppy because of it. I bought simple , navy, fitted blouse I will wear with my new smaller size jeans (yay! I’ve had those suckers for 3 years and FINALLY they fit well). When I was bigger I would just wear my scrubs out when we went out, since I was usually going out from work, it was never a big deal. It was easier, too , than agaonizing over what to wear that would not make me look like a line backer (remember, I am 5’9″ and 200 lbs. doesn’t make you look just fat, but BIG !) . It is so nice to feel a little better about how I look and not take the “oh who cares what I look like anyway” approach to dressing because nothing looks decent !!! I think I will have a good night !

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