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Sunday’s Hiking Adventure : Lover’s Leap Park

Posted by Susan on May 4, 2009

Yesterday morning we got up early and put on our hiking boots , grabbed a granola bar and headed out , we hoped before the rain started . It was not the most beautiful day , sort of cold and damp out , but the sights were still specatcular !

We first took a trail the lead past some old ruins of homes owned by a woman who at one time owned all 160 acres of what is now the park. It lead all the way up to some cliffs that over looked Lake Waramaug . It was a pretty great walk , so quiet and peaceful.

The second trail we took was much more of a challenge . It was an uphill , climb up to the cliffs on the opposite side of the trail we took the first time . The views from the top were amazing !

We hiked for a good 2 hours . I love these hikes because I always do my cardio on machines. Doing it outside is so much more of a challenge . The hills, the different kinds of terrain , and just being outdoors not matter what the weather is so nice for a change.

When we got home it we were tired ( a good tired ) and hungry ! The rain held off until an hour after we got home . We will definately do these trails again on a sunny day . It was beautiful yesterday in the cloudy , overcast , on a sunny day it must be incredible !
Next weekend we are revisiting the place we hiked last week because my mother in law will be with us and that place was not as much of a climb . But we are already researching our next hike together for the Sunday after next .

I am so excited to have rediscovered my love of hiking and even more excited that my husband is looking forward to our Sunday outtings . I figure it is great exercise , plus it is a nice way to start the week .

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Sunday Hiking

Posted by Susan on April 27, 2009

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful outside so my husband and I decided to go for a hike at a local farm turned nature preserve a few miles down the road from our home .

I’ve always loved hiking. A few years ago I put together a little hiking club with some girls I worked with . Since that time I’ve had the hiking bug , but could never get anyone to go with me ( I am afraid to hike alone for some reason ). When I first met my husband we used to go hiking every Sunday morning and then we would go out to breakfast afterward . I always tease him about the fact that once we moved in together, the hiking ended and I always said that he just pretended to love hiking ot impress me , that he never really liked it . (Not really true , we got engaged a few months later , and once that happend I became consumed with wedding planning and hiking was not even a thought ! )
I was thrilled when he suggested a hike yesterday ! We had such a great time we decided to hike every Sunday from now on , trying different trails each time . After we decided to treat ourselves to breakfast out ! I am so happy about this ! It is a nice way to reconnect after a long work week , great exercise , and I love being outdoors !
We did about 3 miles and it was so beautiful ! Half the trail is in open fields, the other half was in the woods . There were bird watching stands here and there to look at birds without disturbing them . There was also a butterfly meadow ! I love butterflies , and will be coming back to this trail as soon as the meadow blooms later in the season . We took a ton of pictures . It was a perfect day as far as I am concerned ! I definately have the hiking bug again ! Big time !
Next weekend we are planning to visit another local trail called Lover’s Leap. I can hardly wait ! I even dug out my hiking boots ! Next time we are taking the pedometer so we can see how many miles we actually traveled .

This weekend was awaome ! I got so much done on Saturday , and Sunday I was reunited with a long lost love ! Hiking ! Going back to work this morning was tough. But I have next Sunday to look forward to !

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The Aftermath :

Posted by Susan on March 22, 2009

Yesterday I was disappointed in my small loss in weight. Today is a new day, and I am feeling less disappointment and much more determined to pull a bigger number next week. I have all the time in the world this week to do extra cardio, and really take my time with my circuits. I feel like I am going to do better next week, I feel positive and definately more motivated. I can not turn back now, I worked too hard to get here and I am not going to allow myself to get discouraged.

I have tons of plans for the coming week. Today, I plan on doing a good long cardio session. I want to do a 30 min. warm up walk on the treadmill, then a 45 min. spin class, followed by a 45 min. elliptical session. I know it is kind of extreme, but I feel the need to take advantage of this week of free time, use it well. My yard is a total mess, so I plan on taking the nice days and working outdoors, getting fresh air. I also have a few closets in my home that need organizing, for the rainy days that are possible. I plan on working out in the mornings as I usually do, and adding some extra cardio at lunch time, I have plans with friends I never get to hang out with too. I feel like all this planning will help me NOT eat out of boredom. I am using this vacation time to teach me some lessons. Aside from wanting to lose weight, I also want to teach myself new behaviors. I know very well what my food issues and triggers are. The trick , I think, is to find ways to re-route my thinking. I am excited to see how I handle it all. I can remember when I hated taking time off, because I would always end up weighing more when it was over. I need to enjoy the time off and not sabbotage all of my hard work at the same time. A challenge, but I am up for it !

So the week to come, I predict, will be good. It will be fun, relaxing , and very interesting . I will see how far I’ve actually come in changing not only my eating and exercise habit, but my behaviors as well.

*** Blog Update: I did the extra cardio today. I did 30 min. power walk, 45 min. elliptical, but just 30 min. of bike, not time for a spin class, not to mention I was pretty tired ! But I am really happy about doing what I said I would do . Food was good today too.

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