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Recipe Review :

Posted by Susan on May 12, 2009

This weekend I tried two recipes from the first Hungry Girl Cook Book . One recipe I tried was the Butternut Squash Fries . The recipe is really simple , the only thing that takes time is the prep. Butternut squash is really dense , and hard to cut and peel . Other wise , once the prep is done it is so easy anyone can do it .

They we sooooo delicious ! They tasted a little bit like sweet potato fries , but not quite as sweet . I took a pic of them but for some reason it didn’t come out so I had to search for another pic, but the one above is exactly what the finished product looked like.

The portion was huge , and I really felt like I was eating fries ! It was great ! I will definately be making them again very , very soon ! I definately recomment this recipe to anyone who misses french fries and want to put more veggies into their lives ( I know I do ! ) .

Another recipe I tried was the Pepporoni Pizzas . Yes , I know you hardly need a recipe for these, but in follwing the recipe you get the perfect 190 calorie portion . These little pizzas were easy, delicious , and kept me full and satisfied for hours . They are the perfect Saturday lunch for me . I have been wanting pepperoni pizza now for months ! I finally got to have it for very few calories , but still a lot of taste ! I will absolutely be making them again and often especially on the weekends.

Next weekend I plan on trying my hand at Spaghetti Squash and I will be making Spinach, Mushroom Mozzarella Supreme from the second and most current Hungry Girl Cook Book so stay tuned for the review on those .

I love trying these recipes . I am always looking for new things It is especially rewarding when I find a recipe the mimics something I love but can’t eat because they are too calories for my budget and it is just not worth it ! I am finding that for the most part, I can replace old fattening foods for these low-cal substitutes , and not even feel it . That is a relief for me, because I need to make this lifestyle change sustainable , and not feeling deprived is a big part of it !

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Stressing !

Posted by Susan on March 7, 2009

I am totally stressing. We went to dinner tonight and I ate pizza. I figured it into my calories, I stayed within my range, but I am feeling so guilty. I hate this. It makes me feel like eating it wasn’t at all worth it. Knowing that tomorrow is weigh-in day, and that because of a stupid injury I was unable to workout most of the week, makes me feel even worse.

On top of tonight’s bad eating I am stressing over tomorrow morning. We are going to breakfast with my monther inlaw and I need to find something at the diner I can eat. I counted up the calories of what I would usually order for breakfast at a diner and I am shocked !!!! It is like an entire day’s worth of calories. I need to really look at what I am odering. It means NO potatoes ! NONE! It means trying to order as cleanly as possible and pay attention. I am praying they have a lite section to the menu, where I can order something decent.

I am so nervous about it, and I am so scared to get on the scale tomorrow. I hope that when I wake up tomorrow morning I will just see things differently. I just feel like I’ve worked so hard, and have been doing so well, I just don’t want to take steps backward. I guess this whole calorie counting thing has gone to the extreme, but I just don’t care. Not paying enough attnetion to the food I put into my body got me into a whole heap of trouble in the past, and I do not ever want to visit the 200’s again ! I want to wear a swimsuit this summer and I want to finally conquer this weight thing once and for all.

Boy, if I had known that one night of pizza would make me feel this anxious I would have passed and had a salad instead !!!! But the thing is, I need to live my life too. Celebrations will come along, so will holidays, so will situations when good food just is not available, and I need to learn to not only live with it, but to also enjoy it too. Right now I feel so conflicted.

I guess I just have to wait and see what happens, and keep my eye on the prize . I will be fine no matter what, that much I believe.

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