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This Weeks Food Finds

Posted by Susan on April 28, 2009

1. Kombucha Citrus Tea

2. Hershey 60 calorie Chocolate Sticks

3. Special K Crackers : Original and Tomato Basil Flavor

I found a few new things while food shopping this week . I am was getting tired of the “same old thing ” and decided to try a few new things .

The first thing is Kumbucha Tea . I read about it in the book ” Naturally Thin ” by Bethany Frankle . She said she drinks a bottle every day . It is a hand made tea that originated in China , there is literally has some sort of fungus growing in it , I suppose that’s what makes it so special. It has been called the ” Fountain of Youth ” by some and I am all for jumping on that bandwagon ! It has a whole list of supposed benefits including aiding in weight loss and appetitie control . I got a citrus flavor. It had a strong taste , smells almost like apple beer . It tastes (to me )a little like Red Bull . I drank some over the weekend , but I am sad to say it made me feel really hungry all day ! I did find a green tea infused with Kumbucha . It is a LOT less expensive than the drink I tried (16 oz. bottle for $3.69 ) . I will see how that effects my appetite .

Next, I was in the local Dollar Store and found Hershey ‘s Chocolate sticks. I got each package for $1.00 ! Each stick is 60 calories . I NEED a sweet at the end of the day ! This is a great option for dessert or even a snack when I am craving chocolate ! They are portion controled , and they taste great ! I felt like I really scored with those . ( I do keep them downstairs in our store room , because I don’t think keeping them in easy reach would be safe !I love chocolate way too much ! )

Lastly, I decided to try Special K Crackers . They were on sale so I figured now was the time to see how they are . The serving size and calorie count can’t be beat ! 17 crackers for only 90 calories , or 24 crackers for 120 calories . They are really good ! Perfect for when you want something salty and crunchy. They are snacky and sometimes I need something like that to get me through between meals . I like the tomato basil flavor , but prefer the original .

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Weekly Weigh in: STELLAR !!!!

Posted by Susan on February 28, 2009

Today was my weekly weigh in. I am so happy ! I worked out all week, I ate well, and I feel excellent ! Here are my results for this week.
Wgt. : 164.4 = 4.4 lbs.
Fat % : 38.0 = .6
BMI: 24.5= 1.5
That makes a 9 pound loss for the month of February !!!!!!!
Yes ! A great week ! After the 3 lb. loss of last week I was not expecting anything this big this week. I realize that realisticly, the less you have to lose, the less you lose each week…….but it looks like I am still on a roll……and I am grateful, extremely grateful !!!!! I kept track of all of my food and even had a cheat meal last Sunday. ( I made sure to calculate the meal and still kept the portions in controll).
Needless to say the loss of this week will definately motivate me to keep myself in check this weekend (another challenge for me is weekend eating). Today will be a full day of house cleaning, laundry, and cooking for the week.
It feels so good to finally be making some progress. I have been stuck for so long……my own fault of course. I am so glad I woke up and decided to get serious. The summer will NOT sneek up on me this year ! I may even make it to the beach this year !!!! I have been here for 3 summers and have not been to the beach in my community once in a swim suit. Will this year be the year?????? Looks like there is a good chance !!!!

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