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The Mystery Of Maintainance

Posted by Susan on May 28, 2009

I have been scouring the internet looking for sites with information on maintaining weight loss. What I’ve found is there are millions of sites on how to lose the weight, but nothing about how to keep it off ! It is like some big mystery that no one wants to give you a clue about !

If I’ve learned anything during this half of my journey it is this ……………….. I need to do what works for me , and maybe this absence of information is a blessing in disguise for me , in a way . In the past I have been known to over-research things, and get utterly confused by all the advice . I would jump from this to that , and never really get anywhere at all. The way I lost the weight in the first place was sticking to the basics . No crazy programs or diets ( maybe because I tried them all and nothing worked !) , just IN vs OUT !

So I have decided to go at this alone using my own common sense and the knowledge I’ve gained during the losing phase of my journey. Here are the things I know work and I know I can live with :

– Keep balence in my life while maintaining, if I know I will eat heavy at a certain meal, (because of a holiday or special occasion) eat lighter at other meals .

– weigh myself regularly (maybe daily at first ) to keep track of how I am doing

– Keep calories between 1800 – 2000 per day , upping my calories (with healthy foods ) slowly , maybe 100-200 every 2 weeks , keeping track of my weight fluctuations

-Keep tracking calories and portions

– Plan whenever possible ! When it is not possible , keep portions under control and make the best choice possible

– Continue to try new healthy recipes

-Live life ! If birthday cake is being served , and I want a piece , eat it, just keep it a small piece, enjoy , but keep under control. If I go over board once in a while , or I eat something not so great , forget it and move on !

-Continue my current exercise routine. I love it and it works for me ! I understand that working out is a must if I want to maintain this weight loss and I am willing and committed to keeping a up .

– Continue to keep active as much as possible with hiking , biking and anything else I feel like trying !

So that is the plan for now . It is really important to me to keep this up and never slide back to my old habits. I never want to be in the binge cycle again , I never want to be up nights with reflux issues because I over stuffed myself at a meal, I never want to be crying in a dressing room because everything I try on makes me look as big as a house , I never want to be afraid to wear a swim suit in public, and I never want my over weight body to be an issue again.

I want to make this maintainance thing my life. I want to live by this indefinately ! So that means it has to be sustainable . It has to be something that I can live with. I read a lot of blogs written by “former fat chicks ” and they have learned to balence life with healthy eating and I am determined to do that too ! ( with a little chocolate thrown in ! )

I guess what I need to do is to throw the same amount of work and focus into this phase of the diet game as I did the first phase ! To decide and commit to it . Yes I can be more flexible ( not at first, but once I get the hang of it ) , but I also need to keep mindful of where I want to spend calories. What is worth it and what is not. I will get the hang of it eventually.

Having a little plan in my head makes the prospect of maintaining a little less scarey, and a little less mysterious. Whatever doesn’t work I will just tweek until it does. There is always a solution if I think it through and I will find the solution to this as well !!!

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Portion Control

Posted by Susan on April 14, 2009

I was always the queen of huge portions. If I went out to eat I always went for volume. Huge cheeseburgers served with a pile of french fries, massive plates of eggplant parm. with pasta. On top of that I would stuff down
dessert , hungry for it or not.

Lately I have been paying close attention to portion sizes. Because I am tracking everything that passes my lips, I need to weigh and measure foods to get an accurate calorie count. I am noticing that I am satisfied completely with less food and smaller portions. When I ate pasta I would have 1 cup. Last week I decided to see if I felt any difference satisfation-wise if I ate only 1/2 cup. I did it all week and felt nothing. I wasn’t more hungry after the meal, nor was I a few hours after the meal. I was fine.

I am starting to think that eventually there will come a time when I can eat just about anything , as long as I keep control over the portion. In the past year or so I have been noticing that my body rebells agains over eating anyway. I always suffer terrible bloating, an uncomfortable fullness that keeps me from sleeping, and a literal food hangover the next day that is hardly worth the slurge.

How would it be to be able to enjoy my food, eating one portion instead of numerous portions piled on to one plate? I think it would be not only liberating, but would allow me to live a much more comfortable existance. (ie. no more tummy aches!)

The biggest struggle I would have would be eating out. I , for some reason ,have this paniced ” better eat it while I can, because I will never get this chance again” mentality the minute the food is put in front of me. Right now I try to make healthier, low calorie, low fat, menu choices. But I have to be honest, I do not want to spend the rest of my life eating nothing but grilled chicken salads ! I want to enjoy rich, decadant foods once in a while, but I don’t want to over do it to the point of feeling sick !

I need to work on reminding myself that I don’t need to eat it all….I can take what’s not eaten home. I also have to listen to my body when it tells me I am full. I am so much into the mindset that I can’t waste it , or I don’t want it in the house because I do not want to eat it tomorrow. I just need to relax and not get so stressed and weird about it.

This is definately something I will need to work on. I plan on NEVER gaining back this weight. At the same time, I want to live my life and enjoy food…………..just not ridiculous amounts of it !!!! It is just not worth it , and just not necessary.

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