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Vegetables…………… found love?

Posted by Susan on May 27, 2009

All of my life , I’ve hated vegeatables . I would do an iceburg lettuce salad , but that was about the extent of it. In the last few years I’ve branched out a little . I stated eating Spring Mix , cucumber salads a few years ago , and again ….. for a long time that was it !

Lately I have been “trying” new things. Guess what ? So far , what I’ve tried has been pretty good ! I now eat raw spinach as my salad veggie instead of lettuce. I’ve tried and loved butternut and spaghetti squash. I now love peppers and onions in my turkley meatloaf , anf this week the plan it to try sugar snap peas !

It is exciting to try things and find that I actually like them . I am proud of myself for staying open minded to them. I am noticing that I feel better because of eating them. What a difference I see in myself when I put “good food ” into it !

I hope that year from now , I be eating even more of them !

I am also proud of myself for trying new recipes. I never bothered to even try before. Now I try to fins a new on to try (and incorporate veggies in them) every week. I love the Hungry Girl recipes the best because I am able to take my fattening favs, and making them low cal and healthier !

This week I am so out of wack ! The weekend of erratic sleeping and totally being off schedual has left me feeling sluggish, and energy depleted . I am once agian going to bed early tonight in hopes to catch up a bit and feel better !

Getting enough sleep has been a huge part of my weight loss program. I like to go to bed early and wake up early, even on weekends. This weekend I was unable to stick to that , and in return , I feel like crap now ! Either that or I am just so anxious to be on vacation, that I just have can’t function ! Only 2 more work days ! That’s it !!!!!!

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Recipe Review :

Posted by Susan on May 19, 2009

This past Sunday I decided to give spaghetti squash a shot. I baked it in the oven , rind side up, for 40 min. at 375 degrees. Easy enough. Once it is cooked you just take a fork and run it threw the squash stem to stern ! It was not a huge squash , but it made a ton !

I’ve never had it before and wasn’t sure if I would like it or not. In the past I’ve had an aversion to anything vegetable, but in the past few months I’ve been trying different recipes and things to try to get myself aquainted with them.

It was great ! I put some butter spray on it and some fat free parm. cheese , a little bit of garlic powder and it was delicious, filling , and low in calorie ! ( 30 calories , per one cup ).

I had some left over and had it again last night . I dressed it the same as I did on Sunday night , but this time I added some turkey pepperoni and it was even better !

I was afraid the texture would bother me, it is a bit crunchier than actual pasta , but I didn’t mind it at all ! It is pretty tasteless on it’s own, it sort of takes on the flavor of whatever it’s dressed with . I want to try it with a red sauce next time , maybe with some ground turkey added in to make a meat sauce !

I am excited to have found something new . I will definatey having it again ! Maybe even next weekend ! I it is so fiberous I was satisfied all night ! I definately recommend it if you haven’t tried it before . It is simple so simple to make , the hardest part is cutting it in half !

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Recipe Review :

Posted by Susan on May 12, 2009

This weekend I tried two recipes from the first Hungry Girl Cook Book . One recipe I tried was the Butternut Squash Fries . The recipe is really simple , the only thing that takes time is the prep. Butternut squash is really dense , and hard to cut and peel . Other wise , once the prep is done it is so easy anyone can do it .

They we sooooo delicious ! They tasted a little bit like sweet potato fries , but not quite as sweet . I took a pic of them but for some reason it didn’t come out so I had to search for another pic, but the one above is exactly what the finished product looked like.

The portion was huge , and I really felt like I was eating fries ! It was great ! I will definately be making them again very , very soon ! I definately recomment this recipe to anyone who misses french fries and want to put more veggies into their lives ( I know I do ! ) .

Another recipe I tried was the Pepporoni Pizzas . Yes , I know you hardly need a recipe for these, but in follwing the recipe you get the perfect 190 calorie portion . These little pizzas were easy, delicious , and kept me full and satisfied for hours . They are the perfect Saturday lunch for me . I have been wanting pepperoni pizza now for months ! I finally got to have it for very few calories , but still a lot of taste ! I will absolutely be making them again and often especially on the weekends.

Next weekend I plan on trying my hand at Spaghetti Squash and I will be making Spinach, Mushroom Mozzarella Supreme from the second and most current Hungry Girl Cook Book so stay tuned for the review on those .

I love trying these recipes . I am always looking for new things It is especially rewarding when I find a recipe the mimics something I love but can’t eat because they are too calories for my budget and it is just not worth it ! I am finding that for the most part, I can replace old fattening foods for these low-cal substitutes , and not even feel it . That is a relief for me, because I need to make this lifestyle change sustainable , and not feeling deprived is a big part of it !

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Recipe Review :

Posted by Susan on May 5, 2009

This past weekend I did some cooking from the first Hungry Girl Cookbook. Both of them were super easy to prepare and not too expensive as far as ingredients went. I will review the best recipe first ! Onion Rings !

Every Saturday night my husnabd makes french fries for my niece and himself in the deep fryer and I am usually drooling. This weekend I had something yummy too ! These onion rings were awsome ! First off , the portion is huge and only 153 calories . I had my grilled outdoors turkey burger , (they had regular burgers ) and while they are fries I had onion rings and a spinach salad. I felt like I ate something bad , when I actually had something good ! I will definately make these again , soon !

The next recipe I tried was the Peanut Butter Fudge . These were simple to make . The problem was that they are made with pumkin puree, and I could taste the pumpkin , it over powered both the taste of the chocolate and the peanut butter . I love pumkin , but not with this combination . I had 2 , but ended up throwing the rest away . I wasn’t thrilled with the texture either . Instead of tasting like fudge , to me they tasted more like really undercooked brownies . I would not make them again. If I am going to have chocolate , Ineed it to taste like chocolate , ya know ?

This weekend I plan on trying the Butternut Squash Fries , and the English Muffin Pepperoni Pizzas. Stay tuned for reviews of both recipes next week !

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Look What I got !

Posted by Susan on April 30, 2009

I won a $25 gift card at work last week and I decided to do something fun with it ! I have been a huge fan of the Hungry Girl web site / newsletter and have wanted the cookbooks for the longest time. Since I had some unexpected “found ” money I decided to slurge !!!!
I bought them BOTH ! and love them . For me this book is perfect . Simple , easy , and most of the recipes are one portion . Since my husband likes absolutely nothing , when I cook I only cook for me . I decided I am going to try to make at least one recipe a week (sometimes two , like this week ) and pencil in notes about it , like how yummy it was ……… or not !
This week I am going to make Onion Rings , made with Fiber one cereal , and egg substitute . I love onion rings and haven’t had them in forever ! The picture looks incredible, and they are only 153 calories for a whole large
onion’s worth ! I am also making Peanut Butter Fudge . It is only 65 calories per piece , and super simple . It is made from a brownie mix , canned pumpkin puree and and reduced fat peanut butter . I am making these delicious treats on Saturday , so I will post with pictures and reviews on how they tasted .
On the workout front , this morning was so great ! It was a cardio day for me . I did 30 mins. of SS cardio on the elliptical . Then I decided to do 30 mins. of HIIT on the the spin bike. That was intense ! I’ve done it before , but not in a while . This time for the 1 min of alternating intense riding I did it super hard tension and stood while I rode. It was tough , but my mantra when I am doing intervals is ” I can do anything for 1 min ” . I made it through and I felt amazing afterward . Great workout ! I am thinking about adding an extra workout session on Saturday this week because I know the last 10 lbs. will be a bear to get off . Some extra cardio can’t hurt . I will do it first thing and get it over with ! I know I need to step it up . I figure the extra day of cardio, coupled with the Sunday morning hike and all the work I need to do around and outside of the house will be enough to move this weight loss along .

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