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New Project

Posted by Susan on May 24, 2009

My husband Matt and I have a new project . For months now we have been looking for some sort of edging to go around our yard. We priced different kinds of stone blocks and everything was sooo expensive, and we need a LOT of it ! I came up with the bright idea of using natural stone but that was expensive too ! So we decided to hit everyone we know up for rocks ! Today we went on our first rock hunt on my sister-in-laws property. I’ve already exhausted every rock in my own yard !

We did pretty well with today’s haul. Tomorrow we are off to search my mother-in-laws property for more. It is kind of fun, and a pretty good workout too ! The stone looks good in the yard and we are not spending a ton of money, so now we can concentrate on what we want to put inside the edged off areas and don’t have to be as limited. I am thinking Boxwood shrubs, we will be looking into it.

We had a fun time rock hunting , but we need a lot more to finish the yard ! I am just happy we are getting it done. My goal was to have the yard in order by our July 4th Party ( we host the July 4th and Christmas Eve family get togethers every year ). I didn’t think we would make it but now I am thinking we just might , by the skin of our teeth……….

This morning we helped my brother and his family move into their new home before we went on our rock hunting expedition . I packed myself a drink and some snacks because I didn’t know when I would get home and I didn’t want to get stuck either not eating, or eating something I shouldn’t. We ended up home by 12:00 , so I was about to make lunch before we left the house again , when my husband suggested that we go to Mc Donalds to eat before the rock search. At first I said no, but I knew he would eat nothing if I said it, so I agreed . (I spent 15 min going over calorie counts and looking up what foods were ok for me to eat) I ended up having a burger, plain, and no fries. I fit it into my count for the day. I need to be able to be flexible with my eating, and we very rarely eat fast food so what does it hurt. I did have a few french fries from my husbands order ( 3 or 4), and I was satisfied ! The burger was good and because I did not stuff myself as I once would do, I wasn’t sick afterward. It felt good to eat “normal” and still not go nuts…….something I work on constantly and probably something I will have to be aware of for the rest of my life !

I was happy the I showed restraint , that I participated in a fun , spur of the moment treat, and I didn’t walk away feeling like I undid all the good I’ve been doing ! It felt great ! Mission Mickey D’s accomplished !

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