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Today was the day !

Posted by Susan on May 22, 2009

I know this is going to sound completely insane , but I agonized much of last night about this whole Casual Friday thing at work, all night last night ! I mean I tried on clothes , tried them on again , and tried them on yet AGAIN before going to sleep ! Crazy right? I’d pretty much decided that I was not ready for my “big reveal” at work quite yet and I would wait on it for now.

This morning while I was on the treadmill doing my interval training I said to myself……Oh what the heck ! Just do it ! What is the worst that can happen?????? Well, I’d already had the worst happen……8 years ago I wore jeans to work and was told by one of my co-workers I looked alot bigger in jeans than she thought I would ! Nothing could compare to that horror show !

So I got dressed in my jeans (goal jeans that is), and wore a simple t-shirt, ( we were having a Memorial Day picnic today) and sneakers and just got in the car and went ! Ok well, I was sweating on the way, stomach in knots, almost afraid to get out of the car , but I did it anyway !

I walked in and one of the night nurses on duty said to me……wow you are skinny ! That set the tone for the entire day ! People noticed and complimented, congratulated, and some even asked me what I did to lose the weight. When you wear big baggy srcubs everyday, no one can really tell what your body looks like under them. It felt good to be able to say I worked really hard for it ! Because I did !

In my head I know that I don’t need any validation for the hard work I’ve done , but I won’t lie ! It felt great to have it anyway ! It may have been silly to be so nervous about showing off all my hard work and effort , but sometimes I wonder if my eyes really see what is there. I was so afraid that I didn’t look like I thought I did and that I would look foolish !

It was a nice day for me. It helps keep me motivated , and I think I may have helped inspire some people along the way. Some of my co-workers expressed an interest in getting into working out , watching portion sizes, and counting calories. That would be pretty neat to be able to make a difference in someone’s life , I think !

So, needless to say ,I accomplished one of my (silly) goals of finally wearing jeans to work on casual Friday ! And I faced a fear . As stupid as it may sound, I was really scared this morning ! I am glad I didn’t give in to it and took a risk !

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New Goal

Posted by Susan on May 2, 2009

Today my ( skinny ) sister gave me these really cute jeans . They are too big for her ( of course ). They are a size 7 but a teeny-tiny size 7 . I tried them on and I was able to get them on and zipped and buttoned , but they were skin tight ! I decided to make them my new goal pants . I love them , they are so cute !

I was so inspired by these that I pushed myself into doing 60 min. of extra cardio today ! I usually take Saturday as an active rest day , but these jeans changed that plan ! I did 30 mins. of SS cardio on the spin bike , and 30 min. of elliptical on one of the fat burning programs .

I realize that the best way to combat supposed hunger between meals ( you know , you just ate but are still hungry type of hunger ) is to do some cardio . I was not hungry anymore once I started moving .

Once I fit into these jeans I will wear them to Casual Day at work . I have avioded casual day for years because some thoughtless co-worker commented on how big I was once when I wore jeans . I never wore anything but scrubs ever since . When I fit into these well , I will wear them though ! The co-worker no longer works for our company , but I will still feel like I have accomplished something if I am able to wear jeans and finally look good in them !

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