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I Love Fridays !

Posted by Susan on August 8, 2009

I am the happiest human being on the face of the earth come Friday at 3:30 pm ! I came home from work and Matt and I went to BJ’s Whole Sale and did some shopping. We just got the membership so we were pretty much just feeling the place out, and seeing what they had. I found a ton of great stuff I will be buying in the future !

Then we went over to Big Lot’s where I made a killing on healthy breakfast options for CHEAP ! I bought Fiber One Cereal , Zoe’s Granola, Kashi Granola, all to add to my oatmeal. Cereal, especially healthy stuff is really expensive ! When I get it for $2.00 a box I feel like I’ve really made a major score. We didn’t make it home till almost 8:30 pm , and I finally had dinner just a few minutes ago.

I had an Annie’s Organic Burrito , my favorite Friday night treat. Right now I am stuffed and ready for a shower and to watch some of the shows I DVR’ed during the week, and catch up on some blog reading before hitting the sack !

Tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful day! ( that makes 3 days in a row !) The plan is regular food shopping in the morning , then out to breakfast. After that I am heading down to the beach again with my Favorite 8 yr. Old ! I have to fit in as much sun and lake time as I can before the summer is over.

The last week of the month I have a 4 day weekend scheduled. (Fri. , Sat. , Sun. , and Mon. ) By then all the kids in the neighborhood will be back at school. The kids in my town go back to school August 26th. I plan on ending the summer with a four day beach weekend , weather permitting that is !

For the first time in too many years to remember, I will be sad to see the summer come to an end. This is the first summer I didn’t have to walk around trying to cover up fat and stay cool. The first summer I felt confident enough to wear a bathing suit in public. The first summer that I didn’t have to agonize over what I would wear to social functions. It felt so liberating ! I hate having limits set on myself, and especially limits that I set on myself.

The summer has opened so many new doors for me !We began hiking again, I got a bike and we started doing that on weekends. I participated more socially than I ever have before. I really feel like I’ve broken out of a shell.

Weight loss is so much more than numbers slowly lowering on the scale. It gives you the satisfaction of knowing you can do whatever you set your mind to. It gives you a different outlook on who you are. It even gives you the freedom to accept yourself as you are , and make the most of what you have.

I can honestly say this has been one of the best summers of my life, as far as personal satisfaction goes. I feel like I am ready to make more changes in my life, set new goals for myself, to try new things , take a few more risks, and just enjoy with out that self conscious feeling that comes with being unhappy with what you look like.

So although this summer may be ending , there are so many wonderful new things ahead, I am excited to see what is next !

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A Day At The Beach

Posted by Susan on August 2, 2009

Yesterday was one of the very few true summer days here in Connecticut. Sunny, gorgeous summer days have been few and far between this year and I wanted to forget about housework and laundry for once and celebrate the perfect day!

I packed a cooler with lunches and healthy snacks and cold drinks and brought my niece to the beach for a day together. We lounged in the sun and swam in the lake, and had lunch. We talked about things 8 year old’s like to talk about . We had a blast together !

The beach in our neighborhood , on Candlewood lake.

Kate , showing off her swimming skills !

Kate getting some sun !
It was the kind of day I’ve wanted since I moved here. I am so happy to be using the beach finally after 2 years ! It was the best day ever !
I am hoping to fill the remainder of this summer the same way ! There is not much left , and I will definitely making the most of the time left. I sometimes get really bogged down with all the house hold chores I have to get done. But, there are many more important things in life than the perfectly clean house ! One of the most important being spending quality time with the kid I love most in the world ! I am increasingly aware of how quickly time passes. Time you can never have back , so it is important to make the most of every minute !
When Kate went home, Matt and I ordered a pizza ( yes I ate PIZZA, without any stress or drama !) and watched some episodes of ” True Blood” . We even had some mint chocolate chip ice cream ! I had a little splurge night, but kept it all very moderate and didn’t end up over stuffed and feeling like crap afterward !
It was definitely a great way to spend a Saturday !
Today , a hike is planned, but I am not sure it will happen. The perfect summer day has turned gray, and threatening rain. (is it so much to ask for 2 nice days in a row ?) I’d originally planned to go to the beach after hiking but the weather kind of put a stop to those plans.
Instead, I will do some easy cardio this morning, and some cooking for the week, give the house a vacuum and the bathroom a scrub, and spend the afternoon continuing our ” True Blood” marathon !
Not such a horrible day ! All in all the weekend has been a great one ! I am so grateful for it. Just the recharge I needed before starting another work week.
My goal for this week is to eat as cleanly as possible, to get in my workouts and water each day, and put a halt to the new bad habit I thought I had licked, but apparently have NOT!
I’ve started snacking before bed again. And not good , healthy , snacking. More of a “grazing” type. A little of this , a little of that. such small amounts that in my mind I figure it is not enough to track …..but little bits add up quick, and the calories are not necessary ! I am going this after a good healthy dinner that includes dessert. So that needs to be worked on. I need to do what I used to do ……. brush my teeth and get in bed ! I need the sleep more than I need the extra calories !
I hope that the weekend was a good one and that everyone got to spend a little time with the people they love most and allowed themselves time to relax and enjoy the little things……it is just as important as workout schedules and calorie counting !

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Saturday Weigh In

Posted by Susan on August 1, 2009

I got up this morning , and weighed in. 143.6. Not what I wanted to see, but I am not surprised. This week has been rough. With the arrival of TOM, I ate some crap, when I usually don’t eat any, and I ate it at night, even worse.

I am bloated and feel gross in general so I am not going to go crazy about it. I went downstairs right after I weighed in and did my workout. Business as usual. Although I was planning pizza for dinner tonight and I’ve nixed that. I need to eat lighter today.

So the plan today is the beach for a few hours with my niece Katelynn. Yes I have house work to do, and laundry (that I’ve already started). Plus some cooking for the week. But I figure the summer is almost over, and I may as well enjoy it while I can. There is always tomorrow to catch up on things. One way or another it will get done.

I am thinking of doing the 30 day Shred for the month of September. I have a house sitting job for the month. That means I need to go let the dogs I am sitting for out before and after work. I will need to get in the workouts and get the most out I can get out of a workout in the shortest amount of time. The 30 Day Shred is tough, but only 20 minutes a day. It may be the perfect solution to the problem of fitting everything in that month.

I am off to put some clothes in the dryer and get my gear packed up for the beach. Enjoy your Saturday !

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Weekly Weigh in: STELLAR !!!!

Posted by Susan on February 28, 2009

Today was my weekly weigh in. I am so happy ! I worked out all week, I ate well, and I feel excellent ! Here are my results for this week.
Wgt. : 164.4 = 4.4 lbs.
Fat % : 38.0 = .6
BMI: 24.5= 1.5
That makes a 9 pound loss for the month of February !!!!!!!
Yes ! A great week ! After the 3 lb. loss of last week I was not expecting anything this big this week. I realize that realisticly, the less you have to lose, the less you lose each week…….but it looks like I am still on a roll……and I am grateful, extremely grateful !!!!! I kept track of all of my food and even had a cheat meal last Sunday. ( I made sure to calculate the meal and still kept the portions in controll).
Needless to say the loss of this week will definately motivate me to keep myself in check this weekend (another challenge for me is weekend eating). Today will be a full day of house cleaning, laundry, and cooking for the week.
It feels so good to finally be making some progress. I have been stuck for so long……my own fault of course. I am so glad I woke up and decided to get serious. The summer will NOT sneek up on me this year ! I may even make it to the beach this year !!!! I have been here for 3 summers and have not been to the beach in my community once in a swim suit. Will this year be the year?????? Looks like there is a good chance !!!!

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