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Sunday Morning / Monday Mini-Goals

Posted by Susan on August 9, 2009

As I say every Sunday morning ………. I love them ! We slept in this morning , and it felt GREAT ! I really needed it ! I’ve been up late this weekend because I have become addicted to to Bejeweled 2 ! So the extra sleep was definitely welcome.

We went to a local diner for breakfast . I did some research and found that having 2 eggs over easy, Canadian Bacon, an English Muffin, and potatoes is less calories than my usual omelette’s. Plus it is a LOT of food ! I am full , but not in a gross bloated way. I forgot to bring my camera into the diner (duh !) so not pics of this yummy meal. But it was a perfect Sunday breakfast .

After we ate , we decided to get in a hike before it started to rain. We did about 1 and 1/2 miles in. Nothing big , but it was still nice. Plus I worked off some of my breakfast !

Right now I am relaxing with a cup of green tea, and planning out in my head what I will do for the remainder of the day.
I have most of the preparation for the week done, so I will be doing some “personal maintenance” , touch up my roots ( I need to do it myself between colors), give myself a facial, whiten my teeth, etc…… I also want to get in some easy SS cardio, make lunches for tomorrow, and finish a book I am reading.
If I don’t get to all of it ……. oh well ! It is Sunday ! They are made for relaxing !
Monday Mini-Goals:
  • Keep trying to maintain 3 meals a day : I did OK last week with it. A few times I had to break into my lunch and eat the fruit I’d packed for dessert, but all in all I did OK. At least I was eating because I was hungry , not just because it was time !
  • Drink 3 cups of Green Tea per day : I read an article in Oxygen Magazine about the benefits of green tea. Sounded good , so I figured I would give it a try. I already drink 2 cups a day so I will just add one more.
  • Get to bed on time !: Not doing to well with that lately ! I really need to get back to it. I will make an extra effort to do it this week.
  • Go back to one 24 hour fast a week : I did it twice a week when I was reducing. My weight has been all over the place lately. I am definitely fluctuating ! I am just going to try it one day a week again and see how it goes.
  • Get in all of my water : I do pretty well , I always get in at least 8-10 glasses, but I like to get in 24 glasses a day. My goal this week is to get in all 24, every day.

So on to another week ! I hate to see the weekend end …….. but another one is only 5 days away, and the way the weeks are flying it will pass in no time !!!!!

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The Last Day of a Wonderful Vacation !

Posted by Susan on June 7, 2009

Well I never made it down to the beach this weekend as planned. It was supposed to be another thing checked off my “When I Get Skinny List” but our hike ran longer than expected this morning (5 miles longer !!!!!!!!!!) and I got home so late that my sister ended up going to her own beach and I just sat on the deck for a while.

Just long enough to get a little color so I look like I’ve been on vacation ! I will shoot for a beach day next weekend, I guess.

Hiking this morning was fun. We bought a book this week of best hiking trails in Connecticut and decided to try as many as we can this summer. We chose a hike that is the second half of the first hike we tried back in March. This was located in Bridgewater, a neighboring town.
It was beautiful, perfect…….until we got lost. It seems that the trails have changed since the book was published, and the map in the book was way off. So we ended up getting lost ! Five miles later we finally finished the trail ! We are both wiped out ! It was fun though.
We learned a something ………..check the internet for an updated trail maps before starting out, and bring water !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, we will be seasoned hikers by the time this summer is over ! Here are a few things I saw on my hike this morning.

We did a lot of climbing up hills, and a whole lot of walking , so I think I got my workout in anyway !
Tomorrow I go back to work after the best week ever ! I wish we were rich and we could live like we did this week forever……but I guess then it would not feel like such a treat!

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Sunday’ s Hike : Pratt Center

Posted by Susan on May 18, 2009

We like to hike on Sunday mornings , but yesterday was rainy and cold in the morning . I was ready to scrap the hike altogether until next weekend and hit the treadmill . (I was NOT looking forward to that !) But the weather cleared and , although it was still cold out , we decided to go anyway , just not out of town like we had originally planned .

We decided to visit The Pratt Center in New Milford , Connecticut . It is a 193 acre nature preserve and enviormental center. The East Aspetuck River runs through the property. It has mountains and meadows, woods, wetlands , gardens and a farm. There is also a climb up MT. Tom where there is a breath taking view of Litchfield County .

The hike was amazing inspite of the overcast skies . We climbed to the top of MT. Tom first. It was beautiful up there. The sun even came peeked through the clouds a few times . The climb was challenging , but felt great ! (At least to me … Hubby not so much !) It was definately better than a treadmill session !

I have a fascination of these twisty tangles of tree branches . To me , it looks magical , like something out of a fairy tale or something . I take pictures of them whenever I come across them.

These woods were the home and hunting ground of many of the area’s Native Americans , and to us, this tree looks like the profile of a Native American Indian Chief . I am not sure if it really see it in the photo.

I never realized before I started hiking agian how attracted I am to all the natural textures in the woods . I loved this bark for some reason, and half of the photos I took yesterday were of the intricate textures in nature . I guess I am weird…….I just love the whole woods thing . When I was a kid I would spend all day in the woods with the neighborhood kids making forts , or playing hide and seek . Hiking reminds me of childhood.

We ended up hiking 4 miles yesterday and it was awsome in so many ways . For one thing , between all the climbing and all the different terrain , we got an incredible workout ! I am also glad we decided to wait until noon to do and and didn’t scrap the idea all together . I find it a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors, appreciate nature, and spend quality time with my husband . I find peace when I hike , and I know I say this after eevery hiking post , but I will say it again ! I am so glad I got back into this ! I missed it more than I realized . I love exploring new trails and seeing such beauty that I usually am too busy running around living life to notice !

When we got home we both showered before we got dinner started . We both brought back little souvenirs from The Pratt Center . Matt ended up with a little tic on his leg . When I got out of the shower I found a tic on my arm ! I kind of freaked out (Matt will say I TOTALLY freaked out but that is an exaggeration ! ) Oh well ! Something to be expected I guess !

It was an excellent Sunday for me ! I got in my outdoor workout , and had fun with my husband ! It helped me begin the week refreshed and ready to get back to the old grind !

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Sunday Hiking

Posted by Susan on April 27, 2009

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful outside so my husband and I decided to go for a hike at a local farm turned nature preserve a few miles down the road from our home .

I’ve always loved hiking. A few years ago I put together a little hiking club with some girls I worked with . Since that time I’ve had the hiking bug , but could never get anyone to go with me ( I am afraid to hike alone for some reason ). When I first met my husband we used to go hiking every Sunday morning and then we would go out to breakfast afterward . I always tease him about the fact that once we moved in together, the hiking ended and I always said that he just pretended to love hiking ot impress me , that he never really liked it . (Not really true , we got engaged a few months later , and once that happend I became consumed with wedding planning and hiking was not even a thought ! )
I was thrilled when he suggested a hike yesterday ! We had such a great time we decided to hike every Sunday from now on , trying different trails each time . After we decided to treat ourselves to breakfast out ! I am so happy about this ! It is a nice way to reconnect after a long work week , great exercise , and I love being outdoors !
We did about 3 miles and it was so beautiful ! Half the trail is in open fields, the other half was in the woods . There were bird watching stands here and there to look at birds without disturbing them . There was also a butterfly meadow ! I love butterflies , and will be coming back to this trail as soon as the meadow blooms later in the season . We took a ton of pictures . It was a perfect day as far as I am concerned ! I definately have the hiking bug again ! Big time !
Next weekend we are planning to visit another local trail called Lover’s Leap. I can hardly wait ! I even dug out my hiking boots ! Next time we are taking the pedometer so we can see how many miles we actually traveled .

This weekend was awaome ! I got so much done on Saturday , and Sunday I was reunited with a long lost love ! Hiking ! Going back to work this morning was tough. But I have next Sunday to look forward to !

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