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This Weeks Food Finds

Posted by Susan on April 28, 2009

1. Kombucha Citrus Tea

2. Hershey 60 calorie Chocolate Sticks

3. Special K Crackers : Original and Tomato Basil Flavor

I found a few new things while food shopping this week . I am was getting tired of the “same old thing ” and decided to try a few new things .

The first thing is Kumbucha Tea . I read about it in the book ” Naturally Thin ” by Bethany Frankle . She said she drinks a bottle every day . It is a hand made tea that originated in China , there is literally has some sort of fungus growing in it , I suppose that’s what makes it so special. It has been called the ” Fountain of Youth ” by some and I am all for jumping on that bandwagon ! It has a whole list of supposed benefits including aiding in weight loss and appetitie control . I got a citrus flavor. It had a strong taste , smells almost like apple beer . It tastes (to me )a little like Red Bull . I drank some over the weekend , but I am sad to say it made me feel really hungry all day ! I did find a green tea infused with Kumbucha . It is a LOT less expensive than the drink I tried (16 oz. bottle for $3.69 ) . I will see how that effects my appetite .

Next, I was in the local Dollar Store and found Hershey ‘s Chocolate sticks. I got each package for $1.00 ! Each stick is 60 calories . I NEED a sweet at the end of the day ! This is a great option for dessert or even a snack when I am craving chocolate ! They are portion controled , and they taste great ! I felt like I really scored with those . ( I do keep them downstairs in our store room , because I don’t think keeping them in easy reach would be safe !I love chocolate way too much ! )

Lastly, I decided to try Special K Crackers . They were on sale so I figured now was the time to see how they are . The serving size and calorie count can’t be beat ! 17 crackers for only 90 calories , or 24 crackers for 120 calories . They are really good ! Perfect for when you want something salty and crunchy. They are snacky and sometimes I need something like that to get me through between meals . I like the tomato basil flavor , but prefer the original .

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