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Movie Wednesday !

Posted by Susan on August 20, 2009

OK, it’s way past my bed time, and I feel like total (excuse my french ) shit ! So this will be a quickie post !

As I mentioned last night , The plan for today was to eat light because I was going to the movies and wanted to have movie popcorn.

I got up this morning, did 30 min. of circuit training , 10 min. of Ab circuits and 30 min HIIT on the treadmill. I had my usual whole wheat toast with a smear of peanut butter before working out. When I say smear I mean just enough to taste it , but not a thick coating.

After workout and shower I had my version of an Egg McMuffin …….. 1 egg ( made in the microwave , so it is the perfect size to fit the English Muffin) a whole wheat English Muffin , and a sprinkle of reduced fat cheddar cheese. I also had an apple.

Snack mid-morning was another apple with 1 T. of peanut butter.

Late-morning snack , a peach ! It was so good, cool and sweet !

Lunch consisted of a veggie salad with some sunflower seeds and sesame sticks.

I had some more M&M’s from yesterday for dessert ….. I can’t wait for these to be gone !!! Too tempting for me !
I did something not so healthy and pretty stupid in hindsight. I skipped dinner all together so that I could indulge in my beloved movie popcorn !

We took my mother in-law to the 6:45 showing of Julie and Julia ….which I loved ! I found myself smiling through almost all of the Julia Child parts ……… What I loved most about her was her total acceptance of who she was. And her willingness to do what she wanted , without care of what others thought of her. I really admire people like that, because so often I am caught up in what others think of me, and I feel like it holds me back from doing things I really want to do.
Anyway I thought it was a great movie and would recommend it highly.

OK, about the popcorn ………. why is it that when I am really craving something, and then finally have it , it is never as wonderful as I remember it ?
My lips are chapped from the salt, I can not wash the gross butter smell off my hands not matter how many times I scrub them, (makes me wonder about the chemicals the “butter”!) and my stomach is literally turning from all the nasty fat I just ingested !
Sometimes I just have to torture myself in order to learn a lesson, I guess. Obviously my love affair with movie popcorn is OVER !
Note To Self : Next movie, bring portion controlled, healthy snacks and hide them in my purse. Feeling like I do right now is NOT pleasant or fun !
I can’t wait to sleep this stuff off and get back to normal food tomorrow ! How did I ever eat all the crap I used to eat and not feel sick every night ? I guess it is all about what you train your body to become used to.
Off to bed , because when 3 AM rolls around I am going to be crying the blues as it is ! Sleep well my friends !

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New Project

Posted by Susan on May 24, 2009

My husband Matt and I have a new project . For months now we have been looking for some sort of edging to go around our yard. We priced different kinds of stone blocks and everything was sooo expensive, and we need a LOT of it ! I came up with the bright idea of using natural stone but that was expensive too ! So we decided to hit everyone we know up for rocks ! Today we went on our first rock hunt on my sister-in-laws property. I’ve already exhausted every rock in my own yard !

We did pretty well with today’s haul. Tomorrow we are off to search my mother-in-laws property for more. It is kind of fun, and a pretty good workout too ! The stone looks good in the yard and we are not spending a ton of money, so now we can concentrate on what we want to put inside the edged off areas and don’t have to be as limited. I am thinking Boxwood shrubs, we will be looking into it.

We had a fun time rock hunting , but we need a lot more to finish the yard ! I am just happy we are getting it done. My goal was to have the yard in order by our July 4th Party ( we host the July 4th and Christmas Eve family get togethers every year ). I didn’t think we would make it but now I am thinking we just might , by the skin of our teeth……….

This morning we helped my brother and his family move into their new home before we went on our rock hunting expedition . I packed myself a drink and some snacks because I didn’t know when I would get home and I didn’t want to get stuck either not eating, or eating something I shouldn’t. We ended up home by 12:00 , so I was about to make lunch before we left the house again , when my husband suggested that we go to Mc Donalds to eat before the rock search. At first I said no, but I knew he would eat nothing if I said it, so I agreed . (I spent 15 min going over calorie counts and looking up what foods were ok for me to eat) I ended up having a burger, plain, and no fries. I fit it into my count for the day. I need to be able to be flexible with my eating, and we very rarely eat fast food so what does it hurt. I did have a few french fries from my husbands order ( 3 or 4), and I was satisfied ! The burger was good and because I did not stuff myself as I once would do, I wasn’t sick afterward. It felt good to eat “normal” and still not go nuts…….something I work on constantly and probably something I will have to be aware of for the rest of my life !

I was happy the I showed restraint , that I participated in a fun , spur of the moment treat, and I didn’t walk away feeling like I undid all the good I’ve been doing ! It felt great ! Mission Mickey D’s accomplished !

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I’m Back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Susan on April 1, 2009

Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got back on the the treadmill for the first time in 3 weeks! Ever since my knee injury I’ve been terrified of it ! (Although in the end I found that it only agrivated my knee………weighted lunges turned out to be the reason for the injusry). Today I decided after my TT circuits I would do my 20 min. HIIT on the treadmill. No pain, no swelling, no nothing ! I am sooooooo happy ! I feel so much better now knowing I am fine and can continue my treadmill training.

The next half of this post is a bit of a rant ….so be forewarned !

Sometimes at work patients and their families give us goodies as a thank you for getting them back on their feet ( work in a Rehabilitation Center). Today someone gave us a beautiful tray of brownies as thanks for our help. We are all sitting at the lunch table and one of the girls brings out the tray and puts it in the middle of the table. A few minutes later one of my co-workers comes in and sits down, then gets right back up , picks up the tray and starts walking out of the room. Someone said, Hey where are you going with those? The co-worker continues walking out of the room telling us all that the brownies are a trigger for her and she can’t have them in her sight, and how inconsiderate we all are for putting them out like that when we all know she is dieting to get into her wedding dress. I think my mouth hit the table! I was in shock ! Yes ,I have taken MYSELF out of situations where tempation was too great for me, but I’ve never ever considered it anyone else’s responsibility but my own !

This is the same woman who spent a ton of money on these sneaker that are supposed to exercise her legs, who eats hot sause on everything (including KFC) because it is supposed to burn fat, who downs energy drinks constantly, and takes every fat burner ever made like they are tic tacs ! ANYTHING to get out of doing the work !

I know I should feel sorry for her, because I know what it takes to get weight off, and I know that she is living in delusion-ville…..but in a way I feel almost insulted by it………..I feel like it diminishes the hard work I’ve put in, the sacrifices I’ve made, the struggles I’ve had and continue to have.

I kept my mouth shut today, even though I was dying to tell her off. I guess all I can do is feel thankful that I am ready, willing and able to get this job done and to keep it that way forever !

Ok, rant over……….sorry, I just had to let it out! Tomorrow will be a cardio day. I would love to do an outdoor walk after work but it looks like the weather isn’t going to cooperate…so it will be a session in the basement for me !

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Looking Ahead To A New Week

Posted by Susan on February 22, 2009

I am so excited about the coming week. The weight loss of the past week has really motivated me and I am ready to face a new week with confidence and determination. I have no early work days this week so I am right back into my normal routine and for me that is good. I plan on doing my usual 2 IF days, and doing a 6 day workout week, Saturdays being my rest day…..but it is never really resting completely because I always have things around the house to do.

I did really well foodwise yesterday. I tracked all of my eats. I even made room for a special snack…….I had my sister and my niece over last night for a slumber party. We had popcorn (140 cal. lite popcorn), and a movie. It was fun. I also had a small family get together to attend , with the usual fatty snacks served… was hard but I resisted. Only one thing….my mother in law was serving some cheesey thing…it was only a tiny square of it, I have no idea what was in it, all I know is it was cheesey and bready, and greasey. Well, witout even thinking I accepted a piece when she was passing it around. It was so automatic, I wasn’t thinking……once I had it I felt rude saying no, it was small , bite sized, so I just ate it. But I was so pissed at myself. It is so easy to not pay attention and , totally on auto-pilot, revert to old habits. Oh well, I tried very hard to just isolate it and forget it.

This morning my husband was making breakfast for us, the slumber party crew, and I told him that I wanted to make my own breakfast, my usual, oatmeal and egg whites. I love it and I don’t mind passing up the eggs, sausage and homefries. He kind of gave me a hard time, and I was surprised. He is always very supportive of my weight loss efforts. He said that it wouldn’t kill me to eat a special breakfast…….but to me , that is where it starts….the one indulgence that ends up throwing my entire weekend in the trash can. I stuck to my guns and ate my regualr meal, and he didn’t mention it again. Sometimes people don’t understand. It doesn’t mean they don’t love you, or that they are trying to sabotage your efforts, they just don’t get it. That is when being clear in your intentions and focused on your goals comes in. It is all about what is important to you. There are always choices.

Next week I plan to push it, and work as hard as I can to get at least a 2 lb. loss by my next weigh in. I am really happy that I have broken out of the 170’s. I have been stuck there for soooooo long. Since before Dec. I plan to reach my goal of 166lbs. by this time next week…wish me luck !

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