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Some Days You Just Don’t Feel Like It ………….

Posted by Susan on June 5, 2009

This is what the spin bike I did HIIT on this (late) morning felt like ! Huge, heavy, and daunting ! I was just not in the mood to workout !
I love being on vacation because of the freedom. But sometimes freedom is a double edged sword. I have been completely off schedual this week because I don’t have the time constaints I have on a work week. I am constanly clock watching on week nights trying to get everything done so I can get to bed between 7-8. This week I have been putzing around, going out w/ hubby, and just relaxing. Suddenly I will look at the clock in shock ! How did it get to be 9 pm already !!!!!
Needless to say , I have not gotten to bed this week before 11 or 12 ! I still like to get up early to work out , because I like to get it out of the way. (not as early as work weeks, it is vacation after all !)
Yesterday out of nowhere TOM showed up ! When you get to be my age, it tends to be totally erratic ! Never comes when you expect it and sometimes does not come at all ! It has left me feeling really blah ! (no crazy chocolate cravings though ! that’s a plus !)
When I got up this morning I was shocked to see that it was 9am !!! I never , ever sleep that late ! It usually makes me feel yucky all day for one thing, and for another , I hate to waste a day sleeping. By the time I got myself together, and had breakfast ( I was afraid it I didn’t eat it then I would end up eating it for lunch) it was already 10am !
I knew I needed to get the workout in. I also knew that I just did NOT feel like it. As always excuses started running rampant through my head. I weighed myself this morning, I am a pound below 140lbs., what would it hurt ? It is just one day , right? I will eat less today to make up for it ! This TOM is wiping me out…….. I need a rest day !
I hate excuses. I especially hate them when I am the one making them ! I just got dressed, put on my sneakers and went down stairs to do it ! It wouldn’t kill me right? It may even help me feel a bit better.
I did my schedualed Friday circuit training, then I got on the bike for my 30 min. HIIT session. I cannot remember when the last time I had such an horrible session. It felt like the longest 30 min. of my life. It just never ended ! Ugh!
But I did it . I completed my hour of exercise because this is my life now. This is the payment I make on the ability to wear size 6 jeans. It has to be done, it is just that simple. Did I love it today ? Heck no ! But that is just tough ! Days like this come and go. There will always be times when I will have a great excuse. There will always be times when it is inconvienient. There will always be times when I am just plain sick of it too !
The trick is to look at where you are, and look at where you’ve been and make a choice. One hour of your life is all it takes to keep what you have right now. That is all I have to say to myself to get me into gear. Wether I feel like it ro NOT !

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Headache !

Posted by Susan on May 26, 2009

After a great weekend, I was draggin today! Too many early mornings and late nights and a lot of hard work out in the yard equals a really bad first day of the work week ! I had a blog post idea all set for today , but I just can’t concentrate. By 2:00 pm today I had a massive headache and I am seariously getting to bed soon ! (it is only 6:30 pm but I feel like crap! ) I will be back tomorrow with a clear head ! What I need right now is some good quality sleep !!!

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