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Out Of Order :(

Posted by Susan on August 10, 2009

Well, it all started with a hand full of popcorn Saturday night. I should have known better , this has happened before. As much as I love the stuff, it definitely does not love me !

It always irritates my teeth ! Those pesky little kernel things almost always make me regret eating it. So today, I suffered through a major toothache, and that lead to a major headache ! I had no Advil with me today, and of course I never thought to bring any Listerine. ( my two sure fire cures)

It doesn’t help that I got very little sleep last night , due to my usual Sunday night anxiety. I have a really hard time sleeping Sunday night, even as a kid. I guess it is the knowledge that Monday is only a few short hours away !

Anyway, my tooth feels better, but the headache still remains and I feel like total crap. I plan on going to bed really soon ! I hope to be in better form tomorrow.

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