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Turbulence Training :

Posted by Susan on May 7, 2009

Since January 1st , 2009 I have been doing a program called Turbulence Training . This program has totally changed the way I look at working out and in turn completely changed my body , as well as my life ! In the past 3 , going on 4 months lost 25 lbs. I’ve gone from a fat % of 39.7 to a fat % of 33.1 , and a BMI of 26.0 to a BMI of 22.2 ! To me this is amazing !

I have been working on this weight loss thing seriously for 2 years now . I did Body for Life and it did nothing for me personally. If anything it just frustrated me ! I was also bored to tears with the wieght training . When the new year started I decided what I really needed to do was lose fat . So I started doing my research , reading people’s blogs to see what worked for them , reading reviews of different programs. I stumbled upon TT completely by accident . After reading about it I decided to give it a try . It was a little pricey , but it came with a whole lot of workouts for the price and I felt the creator of the program seemed down to earth and credible after doing some research on him as well .

Craig Ballantyne is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist as well as the author of many articles for Men’s Health , Oxygen , and Muscle and Fitess Hers magazines . His program is a combination of Supersets performed in a circuit , and HIIT 3 days a week . the exercises themselves are simple , nothing I hadn’t done before , but performed the way he lays them out , you can feel your heart rate going up , and you can definately tell these “simple ” exercises are anything but easy . He wants you to do the circuits 3x a week followed by 20 min. of HIIT . Craig believes that steady state cardio is a waste of time , and it is a proven fact that HIIT has a longer afterburn effect , something SS cardio does not offer. On the other 3 days a he suggest doing at least 30 min. of acivity……hiking, biking, walking your dog , whatever . I personally do SS cardio on those days because I enjoy it , I do a spin class sometimes , sometimes I even throw in an extra HIIT session.

This program has totally solved my boredom issues . I would get sick and tired of the same old things and sometimes that would lead to no exercise at all for weeks at a time . This program changes every 4 week for the circuits. I also love HIIT because , for me HIIT goes a lot quicker than the hours and hours of SS cardio.

I would love to workout for hours given the time , but I have work, and family, and life to contend with . I needed something that would give me the maximum results , in the shortst amount of time . That is exactly what TT offers .

After working so hard for so long and getting no results , this program was the best thing that ever happened to me. I had been trying to fit into a size 12 jeans I had in my closet now for 2 years ! I started this program in Jan. , by March I was wearing the 12 and by April I was into a size 8 .

I am finally losing enough fat to actually see some Ab muscles peaking through , and some definition in my arms as well ! I have wanted this for so long and now I’ve finally found something that works for me ! It fits into my life , I am always challenged and never bored, and I am feeling stronger than ever before . I do not think after seeing what circuits and HIIT can do to my body , I could ever go back to the way I used to workout .

I know this sounds likd some sort of advertisement, but honestly this is how I feel about this program . It has definately given me the results I was looking for , and seeing the changes only motivates me more to stick to it and push harder .

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