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Random Tuesday

Posted by Susan on July 14, 2009

This Week’s Mini-Goal :

I mentioned last week that I wanted to phase out some of the processed foods I’ve been eating and replace them with more unprocessed foods. When I went food shopping on Friday night I stocked up on more fruits and vegetables and began on Saturday . So far , this is what I have noticed from this change:

– I have more energy

– I am fuller and stay satisfied longer from the meals and snacks I’ve replaced

– I do not miss the processed foods I’ve replaced

– my skin feels better (more hydrated)

– My body seems to be in shock sort of……….I am not used to this much fiber !

– To my surprise , buying more produce did NOT make my grocery bill higher, it actually made it lower

– I am motivated by this overall good feeling to phase out even more processed foods

Now this is not to say I will phase out processed foods all together, because frankly, I enjoy a 100 calorie pack of cookies now and then ……… but I can definitely see myself eating them less. I am striving to balance the 2 things, because for me personally, I could never commit to saying I will NEVER eat anything ! But if I can keep my meals during the week on the lesser side, and allow myself some flexibility on the weekends , that would be just fine with me. I am done with doing anything to the extreme as far as eating goes. But it is great to know that I enjoy the healthy stuff just as much as the “could be healthier ” stuff ! I am really excited to have both Incorporated in my new lifestyle !

7 Weeks !

It will be 7 weeks this Saturday that I have successfully maintained my goal weight ! Wow ! I was so scared at the beginning, paranoid actually ! But as each weeks progress I am little by little getting the hang of it. I am getting to know my body better and better. I am able to relax a little while still keeping myself mindful of what and how much I am eating. This maintenance is in spite of a few family gatherings that included food I don’t normally eat. I feel that I can handle these situations, I plan ahead for them and I make up for them afterward.

My ultimate goal is to be able to say at 12:00 midnight Jan. 1, 2010, that losing weight is NOT one of my New Years Resolutions ! That would be the first time it wasn’t on the top of my list of resolutions since I was old enough to know what a resolution actually was !!!!!!

Over all I think that the life I am leading right now is absolutely sustainable. I can live like this forever and not feel like I am missing out. I still track portions and calories and I don’t know when that will end. For me, it is like a security blanket. It makes me feel more in control of my eating. I may not do it forever , but I don’t mind keeping it up for as long as I have to in order to feel comfortable enough to go without it.

I am excited right now with how my new healthy lifestyle is progressing. I feel confident that I will not slide back into my unhealthy and destructive behaviors of the past. I may slip here and there , but I will NOT slide ! And I have an 8″x 10″ of my before and after picture posted on the fridge door to remind me where I’ve been and how far I’ve come !

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Vegetables…………… found love?

Posted by Susan on May 27, 2009

All of my life , I’ve hated vegeatables . I would do an iceburg lettuce salad , but that was about the extent of it. In the last few years I’ve branched out a little . I stated eating Spring Mix , cucumber salads a few years ago , and again ….. for a long time that was it !

Lately I have been “trying” new things. Guess what ? So far , what I’ve tried has been pretty good ! I now eat raw spinach as my salad veggie instead of lettuce. I’ve tried and loved butternut and spaghetti squash. I now love peppers and onions in my turkley meatloaf , anf this week the plan it to try sugar snap peas !

It is exciting to try things and find that I actually like them . I am proud of myself for staying open minded to them. I am noticing that I feel better because of eating them. What a difference I see in myself when I put “good food ” into it !

I hope that year from now , I be eating even more of them !

I am also proud of myself for trying new recipes. I never bothered to even try before. Now I try to fins a new on to try (and incorporate veggies in them) every week. I love the Hungry Girl recipes the best because I am able to take my fattening favs, and making them low cal and healthier !

This week I am so out of wack ! The weekend of erratic sleeping and totally being off schedual has left me feeling sluggish, and energy depleted . I am once agian going to bed early tonight in hopes to catch up a bit and feel better !

Getting enough sleep has been a huge part of my weight loss program. I like to go to bed early and wake up early, even on weekends. This weekend I was unable to stick to that , and in return , I feel like crap now ! Either that or I am just so anxious to be on vacation, that I just have can’t function ! Only 2 more work days ! That’s it !!!!!!

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