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Saturday Weigh In

Posted by Susan on August 1, 2009

I got up this morning , and weighed in. 143.6. Not what I wanted to see, but I am not surprised. This week has been rough. With the arrival of TOM, I ate some crap, when I usually don’t eat any, and I ate it at night, even worse.

I am bloated and feel gross in general so I am not going to go crazy about it. I went downstairs right after I weighed in and did my workout. Business as usual. Although I was planning pizza for dinner tonight and I’ve nixed that. I need to eat lighter today.

So the plan today is the beach for a few hours with my niece Katelynn. Yes I have house work to do, and laundry (that I’ve already started). Plus some cooking for the week. But I figure the summer is almost over, and I may as well enjoy it while I can. There is always tomorrow to catch up on things. One way or another it will get done.

I am thinking of doing the 30 day Shred for the month of September. I have a house sitting job for the month. That means I need to go let the dogs I am sitting for out before and after work. I will need to get in the workouts and get the most out I can get out of a workout in the shortest amount of time. The 30 Day Shred is tough, but only 20 minutes a day. It may be the perfect solution to the problem of fitting everything in that month.

I am off to put some clothes in the dryer and get my gear packed up for the beach. Enjoy your Saturday !

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Lazy Saturday Morning

Posted by Susan on July 11, 2009

I live for mornings like this ! It was so beautiful outside I had to share it ! I was up before it was light out this morning, to take care of the dogs I am house sitting for this weekend. By the time I left there , everything was beginning to wake up. After almost 2 months of mostly rain and dreary grey skies, I appreciate the sun all the more !

I weighed myself this morning and was not surprised with what I found. 141.4 lbs. I am still within my maintenance range ( 138 low/142 high), and after last night’s stupidity, I think my weigh in was pretty good ! Sweets before bed are not exactly a brilliant idea !

Today I have no formal plans . I have weekly laundry to get done, and some light cleaning. I would like to get the cooking done for the week, and experiment with a new recipe I found on a blog. I’ve also deemed today an official “Rest Day” since I haven’t taken one since the week before Father’s Day. I think my body needs it. I’ve over trained in the past. A part of finding balance is also giving my body the rest it needs. I am honestly not sure I can do it. My workouts have become a really important part of my life. I miss it when I don’t do them ! I know, it sounds nuts. It has become a sort of security blanket to me. But one day off will do me good I think. And it is not like I will be laying on the couch eating bonbons all day ……. I have plenty of active rest things to do.

So right now I think I will have breakfast out on the deck, a nice cup of tea, and wait for the Hubs to wake up.

I have an idea for tomorrow morning that was inspired by Syl. I will blog all about it tomorrow ! Have a great Saturday !

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Weekly Weigh In : One Month of Sucessful Maintenance !

Posted by Susan on June 27, 2009

I’ve done it ! Inspite of a few meltdowns , a few indulgences, and continued determination to not be one of the millions of dieters who reach goal weight and gain it all back , I’ve done it ! I think that I’ve finally found the formula that works for me , and feel more relaxed and confident that I can do this for the long term.
I’ve continued workout 6 days a week , plus an active rest day. I am eating no more than 1800 calories a day, and as it turns out, it is plenty of food. I am allowing for indulgences here and there but planning it out and lightening up calories the next day or two to make up for it. All in all I am feeling like maintenance is something I will be able to manage.
Whew ! What a relief ! I was really worried about it, as you can tell by all of my prior desperate posts. This is a tough transition, but I’ve learned a lot this month, and I think I’ve gained some knowledge about my body and what works best for it. Such foreign territory ! But it is all good. I am doing it, and slowly but surely becoming more confident with it.
But no matter what , the one thing I will never do is stop being mindful , stop paying attenetion, and stop planning ! I will also never stop working out and staying as active as I can during my days, get plenty of water, and get plenty of sleep. All healthy habit that I started when I began this journey, ones that I plan on keeping up for life. It is a choice.
I may have a little something exciting to report later……………I am not sure it will pan out today but I will keep you posted !

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Weekly Weigh In :

Posted by Susan on June 20, 2009

This morning I weighed in (as you can see) at 138.6 lbs. That marks 3 weeks of sucessfully maintaining my goal weight ! Yay!
I think that , after much agonizing ,I have finally come up with the “magic number” in terms of calorie intake. I think that I am best off keeping it to the 1800 calorie range. I can go higher and lower as I need to according to socail plans that come up, but higher being no higher than 2000 if at all possible.
Tomorrow I am going to my FIL’s for Father’s Day. I am not sure what will be served food-wise, but I plan on eating light and working out before we go so that I am able to be a little more flexible and not be the odd man out. This particular part of the family ( Matt’s dad and his stepmother) are not very tolerant of my dieting. They make a big deal when I say no to certain foods, do a lot of eye rolling, and make comments. They haven’t seen me since Christmas , and am at least 40 lbs. lighter since then. I am sure they are going to be even more relentless with comments and watching everything I put in my mouth. I plan on eating what is served in reasonalbe portions and not listen to what anyone has to say.
Does anyone one else get that? Family members know you are watching what you eat, dieting , or see that you have lost weight , and then eye ball everything you eat and drink, sometimes asking, “your not going to eat all that are you?”. It is like they feel they have the right to monitor you. I think for the most part they do it in the spirit of well meaning……. but I must be honest, it really burns me !
I try to ignore it. When I was restrictive dieting, and refused things that were served in the past , and my body never changed, I used to imagine that they were saying after I left….. “for all the dieting she does, she never gets any thinner !”
I am sure that I am going to hear what I have been hearing lately, the new comment……”don’t lose anymore ! Maybe your too skinny!”. I feel like I need to defend myself , to make an official announcement to all friends and family……. ” THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR CONCERN , BUT I AM AT THIS MOMENT AT A HEATHY WEIGHT FOR MY HEIGHT !!!!”
Anyway, I will just endure it. I know what’s what and I am keeping track myself , and don’t need their help thank you very much ! (ha! ha!)
Well, I just got done working out and I need to get started. I have a To Do List a mile long . I am also hoping to put up a progress pic this weekend. The last one I posted was 149 lbs. I never posted anything for my goal weight. So much to do in so little time !!!!!! Have a great day !

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Saturday Morning Weigh In :

Posted by Susan on May 23, 2009

Wow ! I am so close I can almost taste it !!!!!!! I am a little more than 2 pounds away from my goal weight !!!!! A part of me is estatic, another part of me is shocked, and still another part of me is scared to death of the hit or miss challenge of maintaining this weight loss long term !

I was hoping that I would be at goal wieght by my 2nd Wedding Anniversary , the first week of June. We are off that week and it would be nice to be in maintainance mode by then. I thought it was a long shot, but now I am not so sure ……. it may be a possibility. I guess we shall see.

I added extra exercise to my life the past few weeks in the form of both SS and HIIT. I do some form of HIIT every day , either on the spin bike or the treadmill for 30 min. I also added extra SS cardio on Saturday mornings and Hiking on Sundays. It seems to be helping the scale move toward my goal.

I also added some extra calories to my diet . That is the biggest fear I have about maintaining. Adding calories ! I have a really strong “diet” mind set and now I have to relax it a bit ( not too much though! ) . I know that as long as I keep working out I will be able to eat more, but the thought of adding calories is scarey. I read somewhere to add 200 calories every 2 weeks. I am supposed to need a little over 2000 calories to maintain 140 lbs. that seems like a lot but if you think about it it really isn’t , I guess. I am active and plan to keep up the activity indefinately . I have that ingrained in my head right now! Keeping up the wokouts is the price I have to pay to keep the weight off. One hour a day , that’s all. Everything in life comes with a price , and working out is my price. That’s all there is to it ! Here are my stats for this week :

Weight : 142.6 ( 2.4 lb. Loss )

Fat % : 30.7 (1. Loss )

BMI : 21.2 (o.4 Loss )

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Weekly Weigh In :

Posted by Susan on May 16, 2009

Today is a big day for me . It marks the lowest weight I have been in over 8 years of dieting and working out ! I could not believe the number my eyes were seeing this morning ! I am so happy , but I am also almost in shock ! I guess the extra cardio I’ve added on the weekends is definately paying off . I’ve also added about 100 calories to my diet and that seems to have made the scale start to move again .

I am offically 5lbs away from my goal weight of 140 lbs . I can’t believe that I will be at my goal (hopefully) by summer ! I am completely amazed ! I have wanted this for so long and here it is, 5 small pounds away !!!!!

Here are my stats for this week :

Weight : 145.0 lbs. ( 2.6 lb. Loss !!!! )
Fat % : 31.8 ( 0.7 Loss )
BMI : 21.6 (0.4 Loss )

I am definately feeling motivated ! Off to do my Saturday morning Cardio !!!!

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My very favorite day of the week ………… FRIDAY !

Posted by Susan on May 15, 2009

My favorite day of the week is finally upon me …. and I could not be happier ! It was a busy , hectic day at work , but coming home makes it all disappear ! I love Friday nights . I usually do some chores , take a nice hot shower and relax . tonight I decided to treat myself to a glass of wine out on the deck . It rained this morning here in Connecticut , but by mid-morning it was sunny and beautiful outside .

I have a lot on my “To Do List” this weekend , as always. I plan on working out tomorrow morning , doing the food shopping for the week , and I have a shade garden I need to get planted . Also the usual laundry and housework . I think we are also planning some kind of outing tomorrow to take my niece on if it is nice , but we haven’t decided just what we are doing as of yet .

Tomorrow is also my weekly weigh in . I am not sure why I am always so excited about it . Maybe because I never allow myself near the scale all week . Maybe because I am so close (6 1/2 lbs away ) from my goal weight . I also am going into it knowing that I worked my butt off all week !

The weather report for Sunday is iffy , but we are planning a hike for Sunday at a trail we have never been to , so that is exciting too .

I am looking forward to a night of catching up on blog reading, watching a movie maybe , and just relaxing , with the knowledge that the alarm clock will not be going off at 3am tomorrow morning ! But ……… when I do get up , the first thing I will do is get my cardio session out of the way !!!!!

Happy Friday Everyone !!!!!!!!

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Weekly Weigh In :

Posted by Susan on May 9, 2009

I am happy with today’s weigh in . I lost 1.4 lbs. !!! That makes me 6.6 lbs away from my Ultimate Goal Weight !!!! I have never ever been this close to my goal weight ever . I am excited . I have a full day planned , but I am going to squeeze some extra cardio into today somehow . I am really motivated now .

I upped my calories this week by alittle this week with the hopes it would make the scale move , I am not sure if that is what helped this week’s weigh in . I also did an extra day of cardio . Maybe it was the combination of the two , or maybe it just happened . Whatever the reason I am happy with it ! I was hoping to be maintaining by the first week in June when my husband and I are off for the week . I am not sure that will happen , but I am sure it will be soon after . The thought of maintaining my weight loss scares me to death ! I am sure it is about balence , smart eating , and planning . I think ( hope ) I am up for it !

This weekend is a busy one , as always . So many things I want to get done ! Hopefully I will get to it all !

Here are my stats for this week :

Weight : 147.6 ( 1.4 lb. loss ! )

Fat % : 32.5 (0.6 loss )

BMI : 22.0 ( 0.2 loss )

*** I did an extra 60 min. of cardio this morning ! Got it out of the way !

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Weekly Weigh In :

Posted by Susan on May 2, 2009

I am trying so hard not to be disappointed this week , but it is soooooo hard ! I feel kind of pissed off to be honest ! I worked my butt off this week . I was literally active all week . My eating was perfect , I pushed myself during every single workout , and even on my Rest Day I was very active . But I still had only a 0.6 lb. loss !!! UGH!
Now there is the realistic side of me that knows this is normal . I am 8 lbs. away from my goal weight . I know that my body is going to hold on to these last few pounds for dear life ! I also know that a loss is still a loss, and I should be happy with it . I feel the difference in my body , I am definately losing inches , and at least I am moving (a little ) and not gaining !
I still can’t help feeling a little miffed ! What I know , and how I feel are definately NOT on the same page . Anyway, here are my progress stats for this week :
Weight : 149 .0 ( = 0.6 lb. Loss )
Fat % : 33.1 ( = 0.3 % Loss )
BMI : 22.2 ( = 0.1 Loss )
I need to snap out of this feeling of disappointment and just move forward , and I will …….. eventually ! I need to focus on how far I’ve come and remind myself that I still made progess , even if it was small .

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Weekly Weigh In : Entered the 140 ‘s

Posted by Susan on April 25, 2009

I knew this would happen sooner or later . I’ve been trying to mentally prepare myself for it for weeks now . I have been so spoiled with ” big ” losses in weight . I’ve been dropping 2-3 lbs. a week now steadily , But I knew that the last 10 lbs would go much slower , and I was correct ! This week I lost 1 lb. I am not disappointed in the loss , I understand the last 10 lbs. are the toughest always so I am happy I lost anything at all .
The good news is that my Fat % and BMI have dropped pretty significantly , most probably due to the extra HIIT I did this week . I replaced some of my SS cardio with HIIT and I lost fat , and that makes me very happy ! Here are my sats for this week :
Weight : 149.6 (- 1 lb. )
Fat % : 33.4 ( – 0.5 % )
BMI : 22.3 ( – 0.1 )
All and all I am satisfied with this week ‘s progress . I am a size 8, a size I haven’t been since I was in my teens , and I am in the 140’s , ( just barely , but still ! ). I would call this a sucessful week and definately something to be proud of . I don’t care how long it takes for me to lose this last 10 lbs. as long as it comes off !!!
Today , is supposed to be sunny and in the mid 80’s here in Connecticut , so I cleaned the house last night , started laundry at 5 am this morning and I am planning on spending the day cleaning the yard and getting things transplanted . We have a lot of plans for the yard this year and it is time to prepare for them . Yard work always leaves me sore and tired so I count it as a workout !
Later today I plan on posting my progess pics that span from the very begining of this journey , to now. I am nervous about it , but feel it is time to put it all out there and look at where I’ve been , and how far I’ve come ! I am excited about it , but at the same time I am not . It is hard to show people your lowest of low times and feel comfortable with it. It’s ok though , it is time to break out of the comfort zone, it helps in putting things in perspective . Sometimes when I look at myself I still see the ” Fat Me ” . My husband always tells me that I look at myself with my Fat Goggles on. I am hoping this progress posting will help me see more clearly .
Have a Happy Saturday everyone !

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