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Sunday : Relaxing Day !

Posted by Susan on August 23, 2009

Today was my idea of a perfect Sunday ! Since I got so much done yesterday, today was pretty easy. All I needed to do was workout, and get our lunches ready for tomorrow. I did all of that before lunch, and that left the rest of the day free !

I got to sleep in a little this morning, so when I got up I was starving. I decided to make something I’ve been wanting to try for a long time. I made an omelet with Laughing Cow Cheese filling ! It was sooooooo good ! I also found the secret to the perfect omelet……. I put the filling on the eggs and then stuck the whole frying pan under the broiler for a few minutes. ( I am sure more than a few people are saying DUH! , but I am new to this cooking thing and I was thrilled to figure this one out !)

The omelet was fluffy and perfect and the filling was perfect ! I will be making more omelets in the future ! I also had a toasted sandwich thin with a light smear of butter.

For snack before working out I had some yogurt and a 100 calorie granola bar.

Lunch rolled around and I was in the mood for a PBJ sandwich ! I made one on another sandwich thin , and had it with some lite pretzels and a peach.

About 3:30 I was dying for some chocolate ! I had 9 dark chocolate kisses (180 calories) and that hit the spot !

Dinner was not too inventive tonight ….. it was a repeat of last night. A 4oz. chicken breast, HG spinach bake, and some rosemary potatoes. I cook once a week, so for the most part my dinners are pretty repetitious. I know myself, and if I don’t have food ready to go at the end of a work day , I will end up eating junk instead of a balanced dinner. This works best for me, and as long as it is yummy, I don’t mind eating it a few times a week !

For dessert I had a piece of the FF pudding pie I made last night ! I added a dollop of lite whipped cream to it and it was awesome. Perfect sweet ending to my meal !
This week is going to be relatively painless. My boss is on vacation, and I only work 4 days this week. I have a four day weekend next week. I am off Fri. , Sat. , Sun. , and Mon. ! I always take a long weekend the last week of summer , because all of September i have a house sitting job. It is a last hurrah for me. I am really looking forward to it ! I am hoping for great weather because the plan is BEACH !
Have a great Monday !

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Mixing Up Cardio

Posted by Susan on August 3, 2009

Today was the first day of my 3 Meals A Day Challenge. I feel like I have been really over doing it on the snacks, and was wondering if maybe , since snacking seems like a trigger for me, what would happen if I just cut them out altogether. At least Mon. – Fri.

So today was day #1. I tried to up the calories for each meal to 500 calories including fruits and vegetables, and of course dessert at night with dinner. Being that I work during the day , it is not so hard. If I don’t pack it, I don’t eat it. But I realized that I wasn’t really hungry between meals, and that proves my theory that I may have been eating because it was time to eat, not because of actual hunger.

We’ll see how the rest of the week goes, but so far so good.

I also mentioned yesterday that I wanted to mix up my cardio workouts this week. I feel like I am doing the same things and I think my body is getting too used to it.

While in the shower last night I remembered something I’d read on another fitness blog . Cardio Cards! I have acquired a lot of cardio equipment over the years. I have a spin bike, a treadmill, and an elliptical trainer. I’ve also been wanting to incorporate some outdoor walks into my routine.

So I took some index cards and I wrote down all the different things I can do on all of my equipment, like spin class (I have tons of spin classes on DVD) HIIT on both treadmill and spin bike, walking on an incline on the treadmill. I like to do 60 mins. so I wrote down each exercise in 30 min. increments.

So on cardio days I will shuffle the cards up and pick out 2. Whatever the card says, I will do that day. This way I will have a different combination of exercise each day.

I am going to try it for a week. I do 3-4 cardo days every week. This will help keep my body guessing , and cut down on the boredom . I will try it for a week and see how it goes.

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Ready For A New Week

Posted by Susan on August 2, 2009

Monday Mini-Goals :

  • Eat 3 meals a day : I am trying something a little different this week. I have been doing the 3 meals/2 snacks thing for a while now. I feel like I am eating , not because I am hungry, but more like because I am supposed to ( I am used to the eating every 3 hour rule). I want to experiment this week and see if I can train my body to eat just 3 good meals and see if it works. I am afraid the snacking will end up being my undoing. It gets out of control very easily for me.
  • Get to bed on time : This is something that is very easy for me in the winter months, but summer, with it being warm and lighter out later, it has been more of a challenge. Especially on nice evenings. I need to be in bed at my usual time, no ifs, ands or buts this week.
  • Get in my water : I will say 3 out of 5 days at work I get it in, but if I am busy, the water suffers. I need to make a conscious effort to get it in every day this week.
  • Take a multi-vitamin every day : This is something I always did, but this lately I don’t even think about it ! I need to put the bottle on the table so when I have breakfast in the morning it is right in front of me , so I remember to take it !
  • Absolutely NO food after dinner: Big problem lately ! I just finish dinner and an hour later I am picking ! This week I will not pick after dinner. I am not even hungry. I do it out of boredom? I was really good about it when I was trying to reduce my weight, but now that I am maintaining I have this warped sense of it being OK. It is not OK, and it was one of the things that got me up to 210 lbs. in the first place ! This week I end the cycle before it gets out of control !
  • Work out every morning : Something I do anyway, but it doesn’t hurt to make it a goal. It is a something I need to continue for the rest of my life so I may as well include it !
  • Continue “On Program” mentality: Lately I have kind of slacked off on the “on program” way of thinking. I have sort of allowed myself to relax , which is a good thing in some ways, but I need to remind myself that there will never come a day when I can just be mindless when it comes to food. I am still on program and will always be ……. it is just not a weight loss program. If I want to keep this weight off , I need to adopt the same attitude toward eating as I have toward exercise. I will always have to keep things in moderation, I will never again be allowed to eat a whole box of “Little Debbie” snack cakes (or two) and have it be OK ! Yes I will over eat, but that has to be the exception NOT the rule !
  • Mix up cardio workouts: (Check out tomorrow’s blog post to see how I plan to do it!)

These are the points I am going to concentrate on this first week of August. I think writing them out and posting them will help keep in accountable. I also find that writing them down gets them out so I can see them and helps ingrain them into my mind ! I am one of those crazy people who writes out shopping lists and then leaves them home on the kitchen table when I go to the store. But I always find that just writing them down usually helps me remember everything (almost) I need !

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Saturday Weigh In

Posted by Susan on August 1, 2009

I got up this morning , and weighed in. 143.6. Not what I wanted to see, but I am not surprised. This week has been rough. With the arrival of TOM, I ate some crap, when I usually don’t eat any, and I ate it at night, even worse.

I am bloated and feel gross in general so I am not going to go crazy about it. I went downstairs right after I weighed in and did my workout. Business as usual. Although I was planning pizza for dinner tonight and I’ve nixed that. I need to eat lighter today.

So the plan today is the beach for a few hours with my niece Katelynn. Yes I have house work to do, and laundry (that I’ve already started). Plus some cooking for the week. But I figure the summer is almost over, and I may as well enjoy it while I can. There is always tomorrow to catch up on things. One way or another it will get done.

I am thinking of doing the 30 day Shred for the month of September. I have a house sitting job for the month. That means I need to go let the dogs I am sitting for out before and after work. I will need to get in the workouts and get the most out I can get out of a workout in the shortest amount of time. The 30 Day Shred is tough, but only 20 minutes a day. It may be the perfect solution to the problem of fitting everything in that month.

I am off to put some clothes in the dryer and get my gear packed up for the beach. Enjoy your Saturday !

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Why 3:00 in the morning ?

Posted by Susan on July 22, 2009

When I mention to people that I workout in the mornings before work , the inevitable next question is always …… “what time do you get up???” When I tell people I get up at 3:00 am (actually 2:45 am, but I sometimes press snooze until 3:00) they tell me one of two things…….. it is either “you’re really dedicated ! ” or ” you are really nuts !!”

There are many reasons for this insane hour :

  • I am a firm believer that the body can get used to anything
  • My body responds best to fasted AM workouts
  • Working out in the AM cuts out all possibility of excuses I would normally have later in the day
  • When I get out of work my motivation is NIL
  • I love the satisfaction of knowing that it is accomplished
  • It sets the tone for my day

In January of this year I thought long and hard about what I wanted out of the year ahead. I had been working on this weight thing for a long time and getting nowhere. How badly did I really want it if I wasn’t willing to do ALL the work that it entailed to get it ? I knew I had to commit to something.

The pressure of losing weight wasn’t coming from my Husband, he fell in love with me heavy and watched me get heavier , and he never really cared. He always told me that he didn’t fall in love with what I looked like, he fell in love with me. He also always told me that all he wanted was for me to be happy ……. and the truth of the matter was , that I wasn’t.

So I had to decide if I was ready and willing to do this for myself. To make it my priority. To do whatever it took to get where I wanted to be and stay there. I had 2 choices. Either accept myself as I was, and stop beating myself up over it. Or I could just buckle down and do the work.

I decided to do the work. That is where 3 am came into play. I had to figure out a way to do this that would fit into my life. I had to find a strategy that worked for me.

The first few months were hard. But , as I knew would happen, it little by little became easier. And at this point, halfway through the year it has become a habit. It’s become ingrained in my head. I don’t think about it anymore ……. I am like a robot. I just get up and do it.

The more progress I made the more excited I got. That excitement turned my motivation into overdrive. I wanted my goal more than ever. It was also great to know that although I’d made this goal my priority, it wasn’t something the completely took over my life. I was doing it at a time where nothing was going on in any sane person’s life anyway!

I’ve made peace with the fact that these early workouts need to be a life long thing. It’s either that , or I will gain the weight back. It is that cut and dry, that ridiculously simple ! I DO NOT ever want to gain this weight back. I never want to be the fat me again. So that is now what keeps me going.

So these days, the reason for 3:00 in the morning is not about dedication or my questionable sanity. It is about FEAR !!!!!!!!!! To let something slip through my fingers that I wanted so badly and worked so hard for it was worth sacrificing sleep to accomplish ,is a horrific thought to me !To risk losing the new found confidence and strength I’ve gained from this experience is unthinkable ! To lose the feeling that I can do anything I set my mind to is intolerable !

I do what I do because it is more important to me than anything in the world. It is how I care for myself. It is my insurance policy for the future. It is my little one hour challenge that I prove to myself every day I can overcome.

You know that movie “He’s Just Not That Into You….” ? If you are not familiar with the premise of this movie, it is pretty much saying that if I guy is really into you, he will move heaven and earth to be with you no matter how crazy busy his life is, not matter what stresses he is under at work or at home. The same holds true with the whole healthy lifestyle thing………….if it means that much to you, if you want it that badly ……. you will find time, no matter what you have to do (even if it means working out at 3 am !) to have what you want !!!!!! And in my case now, what I want to keep !

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Mission Aborted : Lesson Learned

Posted by Susan on July 18, 2009

We haven’t hiked in over 3 weeks because of an over flow of social obligations. Since this weekend, yet again we have plans, we decided to get up early and get in a hike before the mad rush began.

It stormed all night , but this morning I was up at 5:30 am, ate breakfast, threw in a load of wash, packed some snacks and water, and woke the Hubs. We were on the road by 7 am. I was so excited ! We were headed to White Memorial Park in Litchfield, CT. I have been dying to check this place out for a while now. It has over 300 acres of trails, a museum (that wasn’t open yet when we went) and we had planned a trail that had a boardwalk a like long right in the center of a marsh.

It started out great ! Absolutely beautiful ! I was really looking forward to our 4.7 mile trek through the woods. We got on to the trail and were immediately attacked ! ( I am not bring dramatic here, I swear we were literally attacked !) All sorts of deer flys , tons of mosquitoes, like clouds of them ! I stopped at one point to take a picture of a beautiful ruby red mushroom and literally had 3 mosquitoes biting my face !

After about a half mile into the trail it was getting to the point where were not enjoying the beauty anymore ! We were swatting and yelping, and smacking each other on the back and in the head ! It was crazy ! Unfortunately I couldn’t take it anymore ! We turned and went back to the car !!!!!!

I am so disappointed ! I hate quitting, and I hate being a baby about things, but this was horrible ! ( am still scratching and swatting invisible, non existing bugs as we speak !) I was pretty bummed out about our aborted mission.

Lesson leaned: If we are going to do this on a regular basis, we need to be prepared. I plan on packing up a backpack that we will take turns carrying from now on. It will contain bug repellent, a first aide kit, hats, water, snacks, rain ponchos, and anything else I can think to make out hikes safer and more comfortable ! I don’t ever again want to waste a beautiful morning like this .

I was using our hike as my workout for the day, but since we only got in about one and a half miles, I don’t think that really cuts it ! We are taking my niece bike riding later tonight at a school down the road, and I am planning a circuit workout at the play ground while we are there. I also have an entire house to clean so that will be some active rest thrown in as well.

At the moment I am sipping tea, and catching up on blogs, and scratching the bites I acquired on out ill fated attempt at hiking. Then it is to work I go !

I made the decision that I am not getting all stressed and crazy about this luncheon tomorrow. I put a ton of pressure on myself when we have people over. I want everything to be perfect because I feel it is a reflection on me. I also have this (embarrassing) secret desire to be the Martha Stewart of the family ! My mother used to entertain effortlessly, and everything was always simple and perfect. Many times she would go out in the backyard and pick up things she found growing around and create beautiful center pieces, and many times she used old place mats and napkins and mix and match them so that every time she set a table it looked different and unique.

For some strange reason I strive for that when I entertain. But today I have decided that while I will still strive for everything to look nice , I am not going to be crazy, drive my husband nuts over it, and be in a bad mood while I try to get it all done ! I always go into panic mode for some stupid reason, even though I always find time to get everything done ! Yes, I know, I am a little bit of a control freak, but at least I am aware of it and I am trying to work on it !

I will take pics of my play ground circuits tonight, I have a lot of things planned ! Have a great Saturday !

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Weekly Weigh In : One Month of Sucessful Maintenance !

Posted by Susan on June 27, 2009

I’ve done it ! Inspite of a few meltdowns , a few indulgences, and continued determination to not be one of the millions of dieters who reach goal weight and gain it all back , I’ve done it ! I think that I’ve finally found the formula that works for me , and feel more relaxed and confident that I can do this for the long term.
I’ve continued workout 6 days a week , plus an active rest day. I am eating no more than 1800 calories a day, and as it turns out, it is plenty of food. I am allowing for indulgences here and there but planning it out and lightening up calories the next day or two to make up for it. All in all I am feeling like maintenance is something I will be able to manage.
Whew ! What a relief ! I was really worried about it, as you can tell by all of my prior desperate posts. This is a tough transition, but I’ve learned a lot this month, and I think I’ve gained some knowledge about my body and what works best for it. Such foreign territory ! But it is all good. I am doing it, and slowly but surely becoming more confident with it.
But no matter what , the one thing I will never do is stop being mindful , stop paying attenetion, and stop planning ! I will also never stop working out and staying as active as I can during my days, get plenty of water, and get plenty of sleep. All healthy habit that I started when I began this journey, ones that I plan on keeping up for life. It is a choice.
I may have a little something exciting to report later……………I am not sure it will pan out today but I will keep you posted !

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The Mystery Of Maintainance

Posted by Susan on May 28, 2009

I have been scouring the internet looking for sites with information on maintaining weight loss. What I’ve found is there are millions of sites on how to lose the weight, but nothing about how to keep it off ! It is like some big mystery that no one wants to give you a clue about !

If I’ve learned anything during this half of my journey it is this ……………….. I need to do what works for me , and maybe this absence of information is a blessing in disguise for me , in a way . In the past I have been known to over-research things, and get utterly confused by all the advice . I would jump from this to that , and never really get anywhere at all. The way I lost the weight in the first place was sticking to the basics . No crazy programs or diets ( maybe because I tried them all and nothing worked !) , just IN vs OUT !

So I have decided to go at this alone using my own common sense and the knowledge I’ve gained during the losing phase of my journey. Here are the things I know work and I know I can live with :

– Keep balence in my life while maintaining, if I know I will eat heavy at a certain meal, (because of a holiday or special occasion) eat lighter at other meals .

– weigh myself regularly (maybe daily at first ) to keep track of how I am doing

– Keep calories between 1800 – 2000 per day , upping my calories (with healthy foods ) slowly , maybe 100-200 every 2 weeks , keeping track of my weight fluctuations

-Keep tracking calories and portions

– Plan whenever possible ! When it is not possible , keep portions under control and make the best choice possible

– Continue to try new healthy recipes

-Live life ! If birthday cake is being served , and I want a piece , eat it, just keep it a small piece, enjoy , but keep under control. If I go over board once in a while , or I eat something not so great , forget it and move on !

-Continue my current exercise routine. I love it and it works for me ! I understand that working out is a must if I want to maintain this weight loss and I am willing and committed to keeping a up .

– Continue to keep active as much as possible with hiking , biking and anything else I feel like trying !

So that is the plan for now . It is really important to me to keep this up and never slide back to my old habits. I never want to be in the binge cycle again , I never want to be up nights with reflux issues because I over stuffed myself at a meal, I never want to be crying in a dressing room because everything I try on makes me look as big as a house , I never want to be afraid to wear a swim suit in public, and I never want my over weight body to be an issue again.

I want to make this maintainance thing my life. I want to live by this indefinately ! So that means it has to be sustainable . It has to be something that I can live with. I read a lot of blogs written by “former fat chicks ” and they have learned to balence life with healthy eating and I am determined to do that too ! ( with a little chocolate thrown in ! )

I guess what I need to do is to throw the same amount of work and focus into this phase of the diet game as I did the first phase ! To decide and commit to it . Yes I can be more flexible ( not at first, but once I get the hang of it ) , but I also need to keep mindful of where I want to spend calories. What is worth it and what is not. I will get the hang of it eventually.

Having a little plan in my head makes the prospect of maintaining a little less scarey, and a little less mysterious. Whatever doesn’t work I will just tweek until it does. There is always a solution if I think it through and I will find the solution to this as well !!!

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Saturday Morning Weigh In :

Posted by Susan on May 23, 2009

Wow ! I am so close I can almost taste it !!!!!!! I am a little more than 2 pounds away from my goal weight !!!!! A part of me is estatic, another part of me is shocked, and still another part of me is scared to death of the hit or miss challenge of maintaining this weight loss long term !

I was hoping that I would be at goal wieght by my 2nd Wedding Anniversary , the first week of June. We are off that week and it would be nice to be in maintainance mode by then. I thought it was a long shot, but now I am not so sure ……. it may be a possibility. I guess we shall see.

I added extra exercise to my life the past few weeks in the form of both SS and HIIT. I do some form of HIIT every day , either on the spin bike or the treadmill for 30 min. I also added extra SS cardio on Saturday mornings and Hiking on Sundays. It seems to be helping the scale move toward my goal.

I also added some extra calories to my diet . That is the biggest fear I have about maintaining. Adding calories ! I have a really strong “diet” mind set and now I have to relax it a bit ( not too much though! ) . I know that as long as I keep working out I will be able to eat more, but the thought of adding calories is scarey. I read somewhere to add 200 calories every 2 weeks. I am supposed to need a little over 2000 calories to maintain 140 lbs. that seems like a lot but if you think about it it really isn’t , I guess. I am active and plan to keep up the activity indefinately . I have that ingrained in my head right now! Keeping up the wokouts is the price I have to pay to keep the weight off. One hour a day , that’s all. Everything in life comes with a price , and working out is my price. That’s all there is to it ! Here are my stats for this week :

Weight : 142.6 ( 2.4 lb. Loss )

Fat % : 30.7 (1. Loss )

BMI : 21.2 (o.4 Loss )

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Don’t Over Think It !

Posted by Susan on May 6, 2009

I’ve been thinking a lot about motivation when it comes to working out . In many of the blogs I read , people find daily exercise routines a struggle . It is understandable when you consider the reality of it all . In order to keep up the body you are and have been working so hard to get , you have to commit to this lifestyle for life ! That sounds so daunting sometimes .
I have to honestly say that I do not love working out , but I do love how it makes me feel and what it does for my body and how it makes my body look . I think that my actual workout program that keeps me excited . I do a program called Turbulence Training and I love it ! It is fast paced , and time efficient and has totally changed the way I think about exercise . ( I plan a blog post on it tomorrow )
I also am in the habit of working out first thing in the morning . For me , it gets me in and out and done . I don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the day . I have my alarm on the other side of my bedroom so I have to get up in order to turn it off. Then I go straight into the bathroom where I have my clothes set out and waiting for me . I brush my teeth , get dressed and go straight downstairs to my exercise room and get to it . I am very fortunate to have a little mini gym in my basement. If I had to drap myself to the gym I am not sure how I would do it !
I have accumulated a lot of equipment over the years . I have a decent sized room downstairs that houses the equipment and my TV / DVD player . I workout while watching VH1 reality show crap , and it is one of my favorite times of the day . Of course at first I am a little sleepy , but after about 15 mins. I am warmed up and feel great .
I think the most important thing about working out is not to over think it . If your anything like me at all, you can think of enough excuses to not workout at all given enough time to do so. If I do it first thing , I don’t have time to think. At this point I feel like working out is just a habit. I wuldn’t start the day without brushing my teeth, I wouldn’t think of just skipping work for a few weeks , and I workout in one way or another everyday .
To me , this is a small price to pay . It is my insurance policy . I never , ever want to be a fat chick again . THAT is what I hated ! I will continue to do it for that reason alone !

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