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Week In Review / Week Ahead

Posted by Susan on May 3, 2009

I just got home from our Sunday morning hike . I am very happy to report that it has become a Sunday Morning ritual for us now , and I couldn’t be happier about it ! Today’s hike was totally different , but just as beautiful ! I will blog more about it tomorrow . We decided to skip breakfast out today and just eat at home . I was glad because I stress about what to order and at least at home I know what I am eating and how it is cooked . I like that control . Plus, I love what I eat for breakfast so it is not a big deal .

Looking back on the past week I feel good about it . I was active every day , between work ( I don’t work a desk job , I am on the move all day ) , my daily workouts , and on weekends a whole lot of active rest activities , as well as the extra cardio I added yesterday , and our hike this morning , I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot !

As far as food goes I pretty much have a routine . I do get hungry here and there but by the time I do , a meal is an hour or so away. I can honestly say I think I have my food down . I still get the munchies at night . But I am better able to push it aside and not give in . I try to stay busy all day, active , so that I am tired at night and ready for sleep . If I feel that urge to eat something , I go to bed , read for a bit (it takes my mind off the snacking and makes me sleepy ) and just go to sleep .

I think that I did well this week all in all . I think that even though the actual number on the scale doesn’t show it , I can see it . I have to also remember that my fat % and BMI has definately been going down and that is also a victory .

This coming week I plan on keeping up working up hard , keeping active , and eating well . We have a Mother’s Day thing next weekend that I am kind of stressing about , but I will figure out something out when it comes closer. I beleive in planning whenever possible . I know that there will be times when things will be out of my control , like eating out unexpectedly , or going to someone elses house for events . But when I can plan , I do . Since the Mother’s Day thing next week will be within my control , I will plan something out that works for me .

So off we go into another week ! They pass quickly ! I hope everyone has a good one !

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Weekly Weigh In :

Posted by Susan on May 2, 2009

I am trying so hard not to be disappointed this week , but it is soooooo hard ! I feel kind of pissed off to be honest ! I worked my butt off this week . I was literally active all week . My eating was perfect , I pushed myself during every single workout , and even on my Rest Day I was very active . But I still had only a 0.6 lb. loss !!! UGH!
Now there is the realistic side of me that knows this is normal . I am 8 lbs. away from my goal weight . I know that my body is going to hold on to these last few pounds for dear life ! I also know that a loss is still a loss, and I should be happy with it . I feel the difference in my body , I am definately losing inches , and at least I am moving (a little ) and not gaining !
I still can’t help feeling a little miffed ! What I know , and how I feel are definately NOT on the same page . Anyway, here are my progress stats for this week :
Weight : 149 .0 ( = 0.6 lb. Loss )
Fat % : 33.1 ( = 0.3 % Loss )
BMI : 22.2 ( = 0.1 Loss )
I need to snap out of this feeling of disappointment and just move forward , and I will …….. eventually ! I need to focus on how far I’ve come and remind myself that I still made progess , even if it was small .

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Look What I got !

Posted by Susan on April 30, 2009

I won a $25 gift card at work last week and I decided to do something fun with it ! I have been a huge fan of the Hungry Girl web site / newsletter and have wanted the cookbooks for the longest time. Since I had some unexpected “found ” money I decided to slurge !!!!
I bought them BOTH ! and love them . For me this book is perfect . Simple , easy , and most of the recipes are one portion . Since my husband likes absolutely nothing , when I cook I only cook for me . I decided I am going to try to make at least one recipe a week (sometimes two , like this week ) and pencil in notes about it , like how yummy it was ……… or not !
This week I am going to make Onion Rings , made with Fiber one cereal , and egg substitute . I love onion rings and haven’t had them in forever ! The picture looks incredible, and they are only 153 calories for a whole large
onion’s worth ! I am also making Peanut Butter Fudge . It is only 65 calories per piece , and super simple . It is made from a brownie mix , canned pumpkin puree and and reduced fat peanut butter . I am making these delicious treats on Saturday , so I will post with pictures and reviews on how they tasted .
On the workout front , this morning was so great ! It was a cardio day for me . I did 30 mins. of SS cardio on the elliptical . Then I decided to do 30 mins. of HIIT on the the spin bike. That was intense ! I’ve done it before , but not in a while . This time for the 1 min of alternating intense riding I did it super hard tension and stood while I rode. It was tough , but my mantra when I am doing intervals is ” I can do anything for 1 min ” . I made it through and I felt amazing afterward . Great workout ! I am thinking about adding an extra workout session on Saturday this week because I know the last 10 lbs. will be a bear to get off . Some extra cardio can’t hurt . I will do it first thing and get it over with ! I know I need to step it up . I figure the extra day of cardio, coupled with the Sunday morning hike and all the work I need to do around and outside of the house will be enough to move this weight loss along .

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Weekly Weigh In :

Posted by Susan on April 11, 2009

As usual, today is my weekly weigh in. Becuase I have been up all night thinking about yesterday (bad day), I felt a little less excited about today. I got on the scale and what did I see ? Another 3.8 lb. loss ! Wow ! I am happy. I worked hard last week, and I am happy with my reward. Here are my weight loss stats for this week :

Weight : 152.8 ( 3.8 lb. loss)

Fat % : 34.7 % ( down 1.7 %)

BMI : 22.7 ( down 1.7 finally at a healthy BMI !!!)

Aside from the end of the week downer yesterday, this week was great in regards to diet and exercise. I ate what I should, worked out every morning, and drank all of my water. I felt great all week, and I am happy with my progress physically, mentally and emotionally.

I am planning to do a few things around the house today and if weather permits do some yard work. If not, it is expected to be nice tomorrow so I will definately get out there. If today turns into an indoor day, I will be cooking for the week, and cleaning , and of course Kate (my niece ) and I will be coloring Easter eggs.

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter ! Enjoy , and don’t let that evil Easter candy get you down !

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Awful Day

Posted by Susan on April 10, 2009

Today has been one of the worst (work) days I’ve had in a really long time. I am so glad to be home and safe. I am also glad I get a few days to get past it all and hopefully feel better about it all. Feeling totally helpless stinks in any situation. I guess I need to accept what is and move on. A good night’s sleep will help me gain some perspective.

The good new is that instead of eating away the frustration and pain, for some reason I feel the total opposite. My upset has caused my appetite to pretty much disappear. I ate dinner because my body needed it after a hard day, but not because I was actually hungry for it. I skipped my nightly sweet because I just don’t want it tonight. I was so antsy when I got home that I cleaned the house……………… less to do tomorrow. I am considering doing some cardio tomorrow morning just to constructively work soe of these feeling out of my body.

Wow ! A totally different reaction than I usually have. I would normally be out looking for the biggest , fugiest chocolate cake I could find to drown my sorrows in. I guess, things have shifted in the emotional eating department. That is good news at least.

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Early Morning Workout

Posted by Susan on April 6, 2009

For some weird reason I was looking forward to this morning’s workout. I am not sure if it was because of my new official weight (155 lbs. YAY!), or what. I didn’t even press snooze this morning for that extra 9 mins. I got right up and did my thing.

I have to admit, for the most part , I love my morning workout routine. I may not love the “idea” of it but I absolutely love how I feel when I am finished. Plus , I don’t work a desk job, I am pretty much on the run most of my 8 hour day, so the thought of working and then doing a workout is just not appealing to me. I am happy to get it done so I can come home from work and relax.

I am glad that Monday is behind me, the remainder of the week flys by once I’ve survived dreaded Monday ! I don’t exactly love my job. At this point I tolerate it as best I can, and just keep reminding myself that I am very lucky to still have one !

I realized something today. This is the first year ever, that I haven’t indulged in my favorite thing in the world. I LOVE Easter candy…..Cadbury eggs, Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs, Marshmellow Peeps, Jelly Beans…….I love it all, and usually find this time of year especially challenging. For whatever reason this year it hasn’t been bad at all. I haven’t had ANY! I even made up my niece’s Easter Basket last Friday night and didn’t even snitch a single jelly bean, or milk chocolate egg. Unbelieveable ! I still have 4 days until I can actually say I made it through the entire Easter Season, but I think I will be okay. Now that’s progress !

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Could I Be Any Happier ????

Posted by Susan on April 5, 2009

I am begining this new week with so much hope and happiness. I can’t believe that I am actually 10 lbs. away from my ultimate goal. It has been a long road. I haven’t felt this excited and empowered in a long time.

Yesterday my husband and I went through some old pictures from past vacations and family events. Many of them (well all of them) were from a time when I was overweight, unhappy with how I looked and was feeling that I was digging myself deeper and deeper into the fat hole and had no way out. I remember those times so well.

I was reminded of the times when people felt they had the right to make comments , some subtle, some not so much, about my weight gain. I was not overweight all my life. I was always tall and thin growing up and into my mid-tthirties, then something changed. I remember a time when I wore jeans to work for a casual day. (I wear shapeless scubs usually). A girl came up to me and said, “wow, you are alot heavier than I thought you were”. Needless to say, I never wore jeans to work again. Another time I was on vacation with my now mother in law, and my now husband. We were ina restraunt having dinner and my mother inlaw looked at me from across the table and said, “You eat a lot , huh?”. I was horrified. So many, many comments I could go on and on.

The old pictures brought up a lot of painful memeories. But the fact that I was looking at them in the past tense was weird. I guess it is time to let go of all that pain and all that frustration and move forward. I have decided to do this by working on putting together a series of before and after pics. It will be a good way to celebrate the changes and move to the next chapter.

I am not sure when this will be ready for actual post, I still have insecurities in doing it, but I am definately going to do it because I feel it is an important part of this tranformation. What I am finding, surprisingly enough, is that this whole weight loss thing is so much more than going from fat to skinny. It changes you emotionally, and it changes the person you thought you were. It is growth in every sense of the word.

I am looking forward to the week ahead. I start a new Turbulence Training workout. It is different from the ones I’ve been doing and I can’t wait to try it. I am also excited to be back on the treadmill again because I’ve really missed it. I have my food all ready and planned out, and I am ready to get going and really work hard this week. Saturday’s weight loss has really given me motivation.

So onward…………Have a great week !

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Weekly Weigh In: I am a very Happy Gal !!!!

Posted by Susan on April 4, 2009

I was super nervous this morning to weigh in. I got up early, and started the laundry (stalling). I finally made my way to the scale, and guess what? I am 155.4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am officially 10 lbs. away from my goal !!!!!!! I am filled with so many thoughts and emotions I can hardly express them ! I have not been this weight since some time in the mid 1990’s ! My original goal was 15o lbs. I decided to change it to 145lbs. Here are my official stats as of today;
Weight : 155.4 = ( – 3.4 lbs.)
Fat % : 35.5 = (- 1.5 %)
BMI : 23.1 = ( – .4 )
The most wonderful thing about this weight loss is that I am doing it without feeling totally deprived and unsatisfied. I track my calories, yes, but I eat things I like, I eat pretty much what I want, I just adjust portions. I look at the calories and and decided from there is the food is worth it in the taste and want department. I have been paying attention to what is hunger and what is actually something else. I spent the entire year last year trying to sustain what I call a ” bodybuilder diet”. Nothing but chicken breasts, sweet potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal, egg whites, and salad. I refused to eat anything “white”. Bread, sugar, reg. potatoes, pasta, OUT! Unfortunately for me it left me craving all the things I was not supposed to have. For me this lead to excellent food weekdays and crazy food fenzy on the weekend ! It was this crazy vicious circle and I was running around and around in circles getting nowhere fast !
I was also an exercise program junkie. I would here about one program , try it for a few weeks, then before I could see any real results I would jump to another, and another……again getting nowhere. I made the decision as part of my New Years Goals not to jump programs anymore. I had a few I was considering , and I decided to find one, commit to it, stick to it , and focus on it. I am so glad I found Turbulence Training and decided to make it my program of choice. It works perfectly in every way for me. It is simple (but hardly easy !), effective and time efficient. I also never get bored with this program because every 4 weeks it changes up and challenges you all over again. I am so happy I finally gave something a chance long enough to reap the benefits !!!!!
The light bulb moment for me this year was when I randomly found Prior Fat Girl’s blog. I found it from another person’s blog list. I stated reading her posts, her story, how she earned her sucess. Then I went back to her older posts and read those as well.
She made me look at exactly what I was trying to achieve. Did I want to be a figure competitor? No. Did I want to be a Trathelete? No. What exactly did I want? I wanted to be thin, healthy, I wanted to have muscle tone, I wanted to wear cute clothes again, I wanted to feel better, and I did not want to be deprived to the point that I felt compelled to binge.
That is when I decided revamp everything. I got a cute notebook and a pretty pen, a calculator, and a calorie count book. I looked online for a calorie deficit calculator, and I found out what range I needed to lose what I wanted to lose, and started tracking every single thing I put in my mouth, both how much I was eating and what the calories where. From there sucess was born. I was still eating egg whites and oatmeal for breakfast, but because I love it. I still try to keep my diet clean, eating whole grains, fruits and veggies, but I also allow myself a sweet here and there, or a crunchy snack once in a while. The thing that has changed is that horrible need to binge. Becuse I no longer deprive myself , I don’t feel that paniced ,”I’ll eat everything because I can never eat it again” mentality anymore. I am not expecting to never again binge, but the control I feel right now is empowering.
So these are somethings that brought me this far. I am so close to goal right now I can’t believe it ! It has been a long road, a bumpy road, and it still isn’t over. When I finally reach goal, I have to learn how to maintain it………I think that will be a major challenge !!!
For today I will be happy ! I am sooooooo close !!!!

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I made it !

Posted by Susan on April 3, 2009

Well I made it through my first week back to work after a nice relaxing week long vacation! Thankfully it went reasonably fast and it wasn’t as awful as I expected it to be. Sometimes I wonder if taking a week off is worth it, when going back to work afterward is such a shock to the system. But, the good news is it is finally Friday !

I was able to do my 20 min. HIIT on the treadmill again this morning with no knee discomfort of swelling again and that was a bright spot as well. Next week I begin a new TT program, this one is a bit harder and totally different from what I’ve been doing so that is sort of exciting.

Tomorrow is my usual Satruday weigh in. I am feeling a little better about this week than I did the past week. My eating has been great, and I “feel” skinnier….I will have to wait and see. I am also preparing myself for the possibility that I may not lose anything, or what I lose may be small. I refuse to allow it to mess me up no matter what happens. I’ve come too far and worked way too hard to throw a wrench in it at this point.

The weekend will be filled with a LOT of housework, and yardwork. That should keep me busy and active enough not to worry about a formal workout. I am loooking forward to being outdoors again and working in my yard. Last year when I did I was suprisingly sore afterward, so it felt like a workout .

So, for tonight, some food shopping for the week (because my husband doesn’t feel like getting up early tomorrow morning to do it) and some TV, maybe a movie, and sleep ! I am looking forward to a relaxing night where I don’t have to rush around to get everything done so I can get to bed on time…..Friday nights I do what I please !

Have a good one !

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My Ultimate Goal

Posted by Susan on March 31, 2009

One of my ultimate goals for this blogging adventure is to post progress pictures. I have plenty of them, I’ve been documenting this weight loss journey now for a little over 2 years. I haven’t taken any recently, I was thinking of having my husband take some this weekend. I wonder if I will ever have the courage to do it. It will be like rehashing a time in my life that I was at my most vulnerable, when I flet the lowest. But it is also a reminder of a time when I made a choice. A time when I made an important decision to commit to something and focus on it. A time that I chose to do the work that was needed to achieve a goal.

I am not at my goal yet, but I am at this momentt the closest I have ever been. I think the last time I was at my currnet weight I was in my late 20’s. When I finally reach my goal I will be around the weight I was in my early 20’s.

The thought of laying it all out there is daunting. It is also honest. I worry about judgement, not only from others , but from myself. Usually when I look at the progress pictures I get frustrated because I really can’t see a whole heck of a lot of difference. My husband says he can, but sometimes I think he is seeing me with eyses of love instead of eyes of brutal honesty. I am unsure I could handle that kind of honesty anyway !

One day I hope to dig down deep inside myself and find the guts it takes to post pictures, and see my progress for what it is, and be proud of it. For now I think I will hold on to the pictures a little longer.

Anyway, today I did well. I feel a little PMSie in the mood and bloat department. Thankfully , my food has been fine, no crazy cravings or uncontrolable hunger. I did cardio today: 30 min. spin bike, and 30 min. elliptical.

I can’t beleve tomorrow is already mid-week ! This week is whizzing by !

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