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A Busy But Wonderful Weekend !

Posted by Susan on May 25, 2009

This was a busy weekend ! We started a yard project and today it really started coming together ! We worked all morning digging up rocks, came home and got to work ! We got half of the yard done and we are exhausted but very very happy ! I have a specific vision for how I want the front of the house to look , and it is FINALLY taking shape !!!! It is exciting and although it is a lot of hard work , it was definately worth the effort because I love how it came out ! It was a win/win day ! We made a dent in the yard work and I got to spend the day (the past 3 days actually) with my favorite person in

Last night I tried on my swimsuit. I tried it on when I was 160 lbs. and wasn’t too thrilled. Since I am now almost 140 lbs. and I really want to go to the beach while we are on vacation in 2 weeks, I decided last night to try it on again. I was ok with it ! Aside from being winter pale, it didn’t look too bad ! I could wear it and not feel like a fatty I think ! I will say I was satisfied with how it looked. I will maybe take a photo of myself in it when I finally have some color, we will see !

This is my last week of work before we begin our June vacation. We can’t wait ! the count down begins ………………… 4 days till we are free !!! As I’ve mentioned , this week off will be our 2 year Wedding Anniversary week, and we have a bunch of day trips planned . I can’t wait to spend time with my husband and be able to relax and enjoy time away from work !!!!!
Knowing there are only 4 days of work this week helps make going back to work after a long weekend off a lot less painful , for sure ! Have a great week all !

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Saturday : Out with the old to make way for the new !

Posted by Susan on April 26, 2009

Yesterday was a great day ! The weather in Connecticut was more like summer than spring ! I was able to open windows and let the fresh air in ! I got so much done it was crazy ! I was like a machine ! I ended up getting up at 5 :00 am , weighed myself , and blogged . After that I was off like a shot ! By the time my husband got up at 9:00 am, I’d straightened the house , (I’d cleaned the night before ) , made my turkey breast cutlets for the week , done more than half the laundry , and made a shopping list and got my coupons ready for food shopping . My husband was no sooner out of the bed , and I had it stripped and had clean sheets on it ! Then we did our food shopping for the week ( I got some good stuff this week , I’ll post on that later ! ) . Once we got home and got everthing put away and I finished the laundry and went outside to do yard work.

We decided this year that we are going to get rid of all the stuff the previous owners planted around our house , and start fresh. I spent most of the day digging things up ! I am so excited to change the landscaping around our home ! We are working had toward a ” clean slate ” and then more work begins , planting all the things we want in the yard . I have a definate vision of how I want it to look and it will be so much fun watching it all come together !

After the day in the yard , we showered and made dinner . We made burgers on the grill . I had a turkey burger , and it was great ! Just as good as a regular burger . I had it on a lite bun with a spinach salad . My husband mad some yummy french fries , and I had 2 fries . We got to eat on the deck for the first time this year . It was so nice to eat outside . The leaves on the trees have not filled in yet so we had a nice view of the lake . It was perfect !

After dinner I was still feeling ambitious so I decided to go through my summer clothes and see exactly what I could still wear this summer. The answer to my question was ……….. NOTHING ! I tried on everthing , and everything was huge ! Most of my pants, capris, and shorts were size 14 or 12. All of the tops were L and XL . I had things with tags on them that I bought at the end of the season on sale . I ended up packing up 3 big trash bags of clothes ( pics above ) , and that is just the summer stuff. I haven’t even looked at the winter clothes as of yet . At the end of the clean out I ended up with about 6 tops ……… That ‘s it !!!!! I still have 10 lbs. to go , so I am hoping to just hold off buying things until it is finally off . I am thinking I will just buy things as I need them or when I run into a good sales . It felt good to let go of the old me to make way for the new me . I want the clothes gone though ……… I never want to be that old me again !

This morning my husband and I are going for a hike at an old farm in our neighborhood . They turned half of it into a nature preserve with hiking trails through it . I can’t wait ! Then it is back to work in the yard for more pulling out the old to make way for the new ! I guess that is the theme of this weekend . It is both scarey and exciting ! I am enjoying it though !

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